The Top Five Reasons to Believe in God

The Evidence

Every intricate system has a maker. God is the creator of this world. The universe did not create itself. Therefore, the Big Bang Theory does not have any part in Creation. If no one else will stand against this lie, then may the LORD give me strength to do so and reestablish the boundaries that ought to be. For He alone made all things and the evidence is all around us. A woman’s body can reproduce another human being after her likeness and that of her mate. Our existence is only made possible by this marvelous system which randomness could not have organized, nor billions of years allowed. Moreover, the collective intelligence of the world’s leading minds, combined with the help of advanced artificial intelligence could never produce a complex consciousness like myself from scratch. Yet miraculously, my parents reproduced me from their already prepared genetic material using a process programmed into their gametes–and by whom?

The language of DNA is found in every living creature. It is the programming language that the LORD God used for all life. He is the creator and coder of our reality. Therefore, He made our very existence possible.

The Logic

How can any reasoning mind refute the simple philosophy that anything in existence (besides an all powerful and infinite God) had to be have been made? We know that nothing pops into existence without rhyme, reason, or purpose. Therefore, in order to accept theories such as the Big Bang theory (emphasis on that very word), we have to make an exception to this fundamental principle. For when have we ever witnessed something appear out of nowhere let alone the tiniest—yet unfathomably intricate units of life, cells?

If God does not exist, then who created that famous first cell which appeared out of nowhere, somehow fully formed, programmed, and capable of reproducing during it’s short lifespan? Who made its food to fuel its existence? How did randomness determine the structure of the proteins contained in its food? Some might be tempted to say “the Universe” to mask the cognitive benightedness, but the simple truth is nothing makes itself. Perhaps some non-believers are apt to accredit the universe with creation because the universe does not care about sin. Therefore, they will have no accountability to the universe for the hearts they choose to break (through fornication). The universe will not judge man for his wickedness, greed, and egomania.

Many people want the Universe to be their God, but our feelings won’t change the fact that the God who made the Heavens and the earth is the only deity in existence. Our feelings do not change the fact that He is perfectly righteous, holy, and powerful. If we choose to believe in a cosmic bang that randomly brought a single cell into being, then who told its offspring to stop self dividing when they became larger creatures. Who helped them find mates of the same kind to have sex with in the vastness of this earth before they died? Who set the laws of reproduction such that only creatures of the same kind could interbreed? A chaotic universe should have allowed different kinds of creatures to intermingle. After all, if we give credence to the Theory of Evolution, we must believe that nature is still trying to optimize her designs …right? So why not allow humans to mate with fish? Perhaps before making space our final frontier, we would be able to colonize the seas.

Surely there is a God who ensured that there would always be a modicum of structure and order in this realm. He ensured that certain boundaries would exist no matter how much the mind of sinful man wished to abolish them. It is for this reason that same sex unions, for instance, are unfruitful. Partners in such unions who desire children must either adopt a child produced by the natural order or hack the natural order by obtaining a missing ingredient (a sperm or egg)/

It is very logical for God to exist because without sinful man, this world is orderly. Observe the seasons and the behaviors of animals throughout the year. Observe how the world is still sustained by the obedience of the ants, bees, birds,…etc. Though the earth travails on account of man’s presence and his sin, much of the original order has stood the test of time to reveal the hand of God.

World Suffering

It is man’s lusts, and his tendency to evade accountability which has debased the earth. It began with the lust of the forbidden fruit. Eve ate then Adam followed. When God confronted them, they both shirked away from responsibility.

“…the man said, “The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I ate.” And the Lord God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?” The woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.” – Genesis 3:1

Adam blamed both God and Eve. Eve blamed the serpent who had tricked her.

To this day, our lusts drive every evil behavior imaginable. We lust for money, clothing and accessories, cars, people, houses, the latest phones etc., and the quicker we can get them, the better for us. Often we’re willing to do this even at someone else’s expense. We are so besotted with sin that at best, we like to imagine our actions do not affect anyone. At worst, we don’t care.

Allow me to go off on a slight tangent and talk about an event that occurred a few days before I wrote this blog. I was working at my ‘day job’ in the rental car business and an unreasonably demanding client stopped by–you know, the type who says “I’m not trying to be difficult”, when everything they do contradicts what they said. She had reserved a minivan and though we could not guarantee makes, models, nor features, she insisted on getting one with heated seats. Granted as customers, we want the best value we can get for our buck, she did not seem to understand how to politely ask for what she wanted. She did not treat any member of my team with respect. Instead, she felt as though yelling at the very people who were trying their best to provide her with a good rental experience was the appropriate course of action in order for her to get what she wanted. Needless to say my team and I took great care of her, but it never ceases to amaze me how even grown-ups will still throw fits in order to get something which often, in the grand scheme of things, is insignificant.For many of us it doesn’t matter how we treat others as long as we get what we want. Sadly, the customer I told you about is a much milder example of how egocentric we can be.

We need Him

Life is better with Him. Though many may beg to differ, time will reveal how desperately the world needs the LORD. Mankind is becoming increasingly depraved as he continues to redraw boundaries that should not be crossed and redefines what should be considered ethical and moral. This, of course, is to his own detriment, for God already established what is moral and what is not. Any violation of God’s laws or even the entertainment of such a thought constitutes sin and the wages of sin is death. It is important to believe in God because through His son Jesus the Christ, we have our only hope of salvation from the infinite death that is due us, but God is not a LORD of oppression. He desires to free us from spiritual bondage. He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for us and overcome the grave so that we could have new life in Him. Many of us may not realize or want to confess how imprisoned we are by our sexual addictions, fornication, homosexuality, greed, or even the mindset that we may have if we were ever victimized. But God wants to free us from all of these and if ever we trespassed against another person, He also wants to free us from the guilt of our trespasses. If, however, we pretend we do not need Him, then we become like the man or woman who says he or she does not need the other. Such a person may be more likely to end up alone. Men and women were created for each other and human beings were created for God.

Excerpt from my second book. ;)


The Anatomy of a Soul

After Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil, sin and death spread like wildfire throughout their world. Every new human being who would enter into this world would be sinful and mortal. They would be unable to please the LORD through their own efforts; for the LORD is Holy. There is great potential for good in the human heart, but sin displeases our perfect Creator. It begins in our secret thoughts…the ones we feel guilty entertaining.

The origin of every evil deed is the very thought of it. After eating from the Knowledge Tree, human beings gained the ability to contemplate mischief and wickedness.  We learned to entertain terrible whims on a regular basis and act upon them. For instance, we often imagine retaliating against people who annoy us, entertain jealousy, lustful thoughts, greed…etc. Perhaps we might succeed at chasing those thoughts from our minds, but that often happens after we relished them (even briefly). Now consider people who actually act upon their impulses to lie, cheat, steal, or worse…kill. They are prime examples of how thought always precedes action. Before someone tells a lie, he or she first thinks of the lie and figures out how to deliver it. Likewise, whenever someone steals, their imagination always precedes the act.

Surely we have heard stories of people who “lost control” or “snapped”, and behaved disgracefully as a result. Their actions began as thoughts.

In a few moments, we will follow the account of Cain and Abel, Adam and Eve’s most well known sons. Before we get there, however, I would first like to explain the difference between the brain, the mind, the spirit, and the soul because it is very important that we understand what they are and how they interact with one another and with our world. Understanding those aspects of ourselves are fundamental to comprehending human beings as they were designed.

The Brain

The brain itself is the physical organ that transmits and translates information to the body and receives information from environmental stimuli. The average human brain processes about 400 billion bits of information per second! Although we know that our brains are powerful, somewhere deep down, we also know that we are not our brains. We do not consciously regulate our body temperatures, heartbeats, nor even the smallest automatic processes within our bodies. We (as in our consciousness, awareness, and identity) exist alongside the brain.

The Mind

The terms brain and mind are often used interchangeably but there is a big difference between them! Simply put, and for the purpose of this particular chapter, the mind is nonphysical: It encapsulates the entirety of thought, consciousness, personality, conscience, and identity. The mind is not the brain, but it is the brain’s computing power harnessed and combined with the awareness of the spirit. It is what the Bible often refers to when it describes the innermost desires of the “heart”; this heart is not the physical beating organ in our chests. Although the mind can influence it (as when a guilty conscience causes the heartbeat to accelerate), the heart as it is figuratively used, refers to the mind.

The Body

Our bodies are some of the most advanced machinery that have ever been designed! Though most often, people associate one’s identity with the body that they can see, just as we are not our brains, neither are we the body we occupy! We are instead, spirits dwelling within flesh. Thus our spirits are like the driver of a car who wills the vehicle to move by pressing the gas pedal.

The Spirit

The spirit of a person by itself is the innermost consciousness. It is the real you and just like everything else, it originated from God. It is highly influenced by the environment and activities that it is exposed to the most. For instance, if it is mostly exposed to evil, it tends to become evil; good, it will become good; wisdom, it will become wise; and if it is mostly exposed to confusion, it will be confused. This is why our spirits though they are from God, develop distinctly. A spirit that seeks God approaches Godliness. A spirit that seeks out sin, remains unapologetically sinful.

The will

Our will is the committed intention of our spirit. Our actions are the manifestation of the will executed by our bodies. Our spirit interacts with a physical world by first communicating with the brain. Recall that the brain and spirit interaction is what we refer to as the mind. The brain is merely a processing unit. If the will of our spirit  is to throw an object, the brain’s job is to calculate variables such as direction, trajectory, and environmental forces like wind. The mind (or spirit-brain) can then be considered as a single unit that desires or plans to throw an object. From there, the brain transmits electrochemical signals to the physical body to achieve it’s objective. The eyes see the intended target. If the target is moving, the brain continues to compute possible scenarios. The arm and hand that holds the object get ready for an impulse from the brain. Once the mind commits, the object will be thrown in accordance to one’s will to throw it.

The Soul

Now the soul is the combination of brain, mind, and spirit. It can –depending on context–include the body as one complete being, but the invisible qualities, the hidden desires, unspoken thoughts, habits, mannerisms, etc are what we often include in our idea of the soul. It is the byproduct of a bond between the breath of life (the spirit which is from God) and the flesh:

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the  breath of life; and man became a living soul.  – Gen 2:7

The soul consists of the intangible (and sometimes tangible) aspects of a creature.  It can grow and change with time and through each decision it makes.

Decisions are like tree branches that divide into infinite possibilities. As time passes by, we generally become more fixed in our ways, much like a grown tree which has become less movable. Each soul develops distinctly because of the different decisions that one can make as well as  the results that follow each choice.

As an analogy, when we identify a tree,  we can tell it apart from other trees (even of the same species) not only by the type of fruit it bears (if it is fruit-bearing) but also, by how it has developed. For instance, trees can grow to be different heights, different widths around their trunks, have different amounts of branches, leaf counts, fruits, etc. These distinctions are similar to the unique growth that each soul experiences.

Contrary to popular belief, the “soul” can be seen in it’s all encompassing context! It expresses bitterness, stress, sorrow, etc. as the countenance upon one’s face. The soul is also the ultimate decision maker. It either chooses to act upon the impulses of the brain or to override them. When I decide to do something, people see my body doing it. Deep down, they know that it is not just my body performing the action, neither is it merely a brain but an invisible consciousness (a spirit within me).

A common misconception of psychiatric approaches to human behavior, is that the brain makes our decisions. The brain is merely the sensory interaction center and processing unit. It computes, transmits, and receives information. Therefore, suggestions sent by the brain can be overridden by the greater consciousness. For instance the brain can tell me that I am hungry, but I can choose to fast; if I choose to fast, my soul, (my entire being) overrides the impulses of my brain that beg me to eat. My brain continues to remind me that my body is hungry, but my soul as the decision maker, decides when to act in order to satisfy my want for food. My soul takes into account the hunger signals sent by my brain, but make no mistake, the brain does not make us eat. Only the soul, the mix of flesh and spirit, can decide either by agreeing with the flesh, overruling the flesh, or submitting to it. In other words, both might agree that it is important to eat at a given time, one might overpower the other, or one might just get out of the way amd submit.

During decision-making, the brain transforms the soul’s will into physical action. Here, we can see that the soul (spirit-body duo) can communicate its will to the body (via the brain). If the desired outcome requires physical influence on the environment, then the brain will translate the will of the soul to the body and it will act appropriately. This is how an intangible spirit interacts with a tangible environment.

The brain is one big control module for transmitting and receiving information. The flesh which has a vast quantity of sensors (visual ones, auditory, olfactory, haptic, etc.), carries hundreds of billions of bits of information per second to the brain for processing. It computes and organizes light, shadow, colors, volume, bass, treble, pressure, weight, wind speed, humidity, and much more! When it has finished processing the data, the soul (or the entire consciousness in question) “sees”, “hears”, “feels”, etc.

Thus far, we have established that the soul not only transmits information to the brain, but also receives from it. In this manner, the brain is an intermediary between the spirit and the body.  To summarize, it is literally a central processing unit, within the flesh- covered machine.

The words “soul” and “spirit” have often been interchanged just as brain and mind often are,. but they are not the same. The spirit is the predecessor of the soul. Before God breathed His spirit into Adam, Adam was an inanimate sculpture. The breath of life was the final ingredient needed to bring the human being to life. This “breath” animated his body and caused the man to become a living soul (according to Genesis 2:7).

The word “animate” comes from the latin “animatus” the past participle of the verb “animare” which means “to fill with breath” or as we better understand it, “to fill with life”. Breath itself translates to “spiritus” in Latin, the root of words like “respire” (to breathe), or more obviously, “spirit”! Therefore, animating mankind involved God filling us with spirit!

The Bible tells us that the spirit is from God. It is the “breath” that returns to Him when people die (Ecclesiastes 12:7). Therefore, the spirit is akin to a conscious battery of some sort. After all, man did not come to life until the battery and its consciousness were installed. For the spirit contained the power needed to spark and sustain life.

The soul is complex. It is the same essense that we call the spirit of a creature, and yet it is also the creature’s entire form (depending on the context). The soul is the spirit that God specifically assigned to inhabit a fleshly body, while also being an interface of spirit and body. In other words, when God breathed into man’s nostrils, man became a living spirit inhabiting living flesh. Such a spirit dwelling in flesh is called a soul. Man in his entirety of body and spirit also became a living soul because man is not spirit alone. Therefore, the entirety of a human being’s essense also considered his soul because the human entity is not just a spirit, but also flesh, bone, and blood.

An excerpt from the sequel to “The Serpent’s Lie” by Miguel A. Valembrun Jr.

-Be blessed!

Spiritual Temperature Check

It’s time for a temperature check. Are you hot, cold, or lukewarm to the things of God?

#1) Do you fear Him?

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. The world (collectively) lacks it. Sorry world, but it’s true. While knowledge is everywhere and ever increasing, wisdom is declining. Wisdom is not something you find by consulting with the internet, nor is it something you find by living in the enticing ways of flesh. It can’t be found at the bottom of a bottle of booze. Wisdom is not something you find in the last hits of a blunt while engaging in pseudophilosophical babble.

True wisdom can’t be found in sin, only folly is found in it. Rather, wisdom comes when we stop feeding our flesh a buffet of assorted distractions and turn to the world of the spirit. In order to be close to our God, we must seek Him in spirit. We will never find Him by pursuing the vain and instantly-satisfying things of the flesh.

Wisdom comes to its seekers who after having wasted a part of their lives wallowing in the mire of their sin, reach the foot of God…and slowly but steadily raise their gaze to behold, for the first time, His realness, holiness, and sovereignty. God is not merely loving and forgiving, but perfectly righteous. He gives chances, but when time is up, it’s up. Too bad for the sleepers, the indolent, undisciplined, and forgetful lot. His mercies are refreshing as a droubt-ending shower, but His judgement is swift and inescapable as a lightning strike.

There is nothing that can separate us from Him for better or for worse. Those who submit to Him, He reconciles to His good grace and nature, but those who make themselves His enemies are doomed to future defeat; for the LORD is invincible. He created everything, therefore, He has power over all things. Were it not for His abundant mercies, His wrath would have already consumed this sinful world in a fraction of a moment.

#2) Do you compromise?

Lukewarm people don’t take stands. They are liberal in their approach to life. The term liberal may evoke political dispositions but here’s the definition of the word:


  1. to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.

Being liberal involvea the adoption of the “anything goes mentality” which currently plagues our society. It is as detrimental to spiritual growth and life as taking the completely cold stance of full-time sinfulness.

We live in a world that has been brainwashed into a concept called moral relativism. It may seem intelligent at first, but the term is truly absurd! Morality is not something that changes based on the times, circumstances, or individuals in question. Is lying wrong? Yes it always has been and always will be. Is stealing wrong? Yes it is wrong in every instance. Though a parent who steals a loaf of bread to feed his or her children is doing so for a noble cause, it is wrong! Were it not for the sake of business and commerce, food and other resources would belong to all, but stealing is still wrong. Were it not for greed and selfishness, starvation and hunger in the world would not exist, but stealing is still wrong…even when a situation may make it more excusable.

When we’re hot for whatever is Godly, we take a stand against that which is immoral. We set the right boundaries in accordance to God’s commandments. We did not establish morality, nor did an alleged ape-like ancestor. Morality was established by God from the beginning and God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Therefore, His commandments are everlasting. He is not an Old Testament God or a New Testament one. He is the unchanging steadfast God, El Olam.

To be hot for Him and the gospel doesn’t necessarily mean we’re all out on the streets declaring His future return. There is nothing wrong with that either for whoever is led in that direction, but it does mean that we as believers are not compromising our moral integrity for the approval of other human beings. Those who are on fire for the LORD, God Almighty will let others know unashamedly that they serve the LORD who is above all other lords, the King above every other king.

Revelations 3:16 So then because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.

…and there we have it. God likes frappuccinos and hot coffee but not the stale coffee from yesterday. It’s time for a temperature check.

The Year of Audacity

“Why did he do it?” I want to hear people say, “…He had some nerve!”. It will not be the most comfortable position to be in, when that happens, but it’s what we must endure when we choose to be audacious. Recently, I decided to step into my purpose. To many, this news sounds like my instant self-fulfillment, but it’s really not. Along my purpose filled path, I know I will have to dig deep and find strength and boldness to do what the LORD has appointed even when others don’t agree with it.

Will this year also be your year of audacity? Will you be also be bold and daring? If so, it will not be an easy journey for us. We will encounter resistance and criticism. We may even face mockery. When that happens, remember that criticism follows those who dare, and mockery follows an offense to pride and insecurity.

This year, pleasing the LORD should be our first objective even if it means losing personal relationships. After all, for God to be supreme in our lives, we cannot allow anyone else to fill His position. Nevertheless, let us be wise. We are called to be the lights and salt of the earth in these dark days. Our mission is to win souls for the Kingdom of the Lord. It is not to force anyone to accept anything against their free will. The LORD could force them, if He so decided, but He respects our freedom to choose.

Are you ready for “The Year of Audacity”? If so, this year we have to get out of our own way and boldly face the unknown. Fear should not stop us from achieving our dreams and more importantly changing times should not affect our moral integrity. I believe in keeping our peace, being situationally aware, and wise; but I also believe in being ready for honest conversations when they open up. We should not allow our values to change. They are our compass.

This year will be different. We have witnessed a steep moral decline since the turn of the century and it’s time to act! Times shouldn’t have dictated which moral boundaries we shifted. Moral integrity should have been unwavering, but sin is everywhere. Sadly without God, there are no morals. In fact, the moral decline of society directly correlates with the distance we place between ourselves and God.

I would like to see boldness return to the body of Christ. It’s high time we stop redrawing boundaries and giving up territories for the Enemy to capture. This does not imply that we hould become jerks per se. Offering unwelcome opinions just for the sake of doing so is mean. Even so, we must stand firm on our beliefs while showing love. Remember–God did not create us with a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and soundness of mind (1 Timothy 1:7). In other words, while we’re in this battle for souls, we ought to be courageous and powerful but still kind and loving, disciplined and calm, able to speak peace to chaos, and wisdom to folly.

The Armor of God – Ephesians 6:10-18

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

My Vision for 2019

  • To walk boldly in faith
  • To inspire others to seek God
  • To more actively reach out to others inside and outside of my church for mentorship and fellowship. (To be mentored and to mentor)…”Iron sharpens Iron”
  • To release a paperback version of “The Serpent’s Lie” by January 31st…it is currently available as an ebook on,, and the Google Play store. In order to make it a paperback, however, I will just need to acquire an ISBN.
  • To release the sequel to “The Serpent’s Lie” this summer (it’s already in progress and near completion)
  • To complete 3 faith inspired graphic novel issues for late 2019 early 2020 release.
  • Soul Haven shall make BIG moves in 2019, but I certainly cannot do it without God and you! I endeavor to become the beacon of light that our Heavenly Father has called me to be. You have also been called to shine your light. Let’s shine together everyone!

Please note this blog may be subject to change as milestones are reached or new ideas are developed.

My Prayer for the New Year!

Eternal God, Creator of space, matter, and time, you are AMAZING! Often times, your greatness compels us to find the most poetic words we can, but when we can’t find them, simple expressions of gratitude suffice. So we thank you Lord and bless your name. Somehow the little we do sincerely is enough in moments like these.

Father, you carried us safely from one year to the next, ensuring our victory over every circumstance we encountered. You loved us more than we could ever love you, and long ago you even paid a price we can never repay. Last year was tough, but you were faithful as always. Because of your grace, our hopes and dreams travel with us into a brand new year.

We believe that new blessings await us in 2019. Let your Holy Spirit dwell among those who yearn for it. Let this page help others find comfort and growth oh God. Lord, I pray that you do not suffer our feet to be moved, that you empower, and embolden us in 2019. Let us experience your goodness in a tremendous way in the mighty and precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Happy New Year Everyone!! 🙂

To a Dismembered Church

“Let there be no divisions among you” echoes hauntingly in my mind every time I see churches divided by denomination. Methodist, Baptist, 7th day Adventist, Pentecostal, and other types of churches abound. The list is quite long.

The identity that one assumes as a Christian is that of new discipleship with Christ. To be true disciples, we must believe that Jesus is the son of God, that He died for the sins of the world, He rose from the dead, and He will return for those who love Him back. We must also understand that He and the Father are one, that He is the image of the invisible God according to Colossians 1:15, and that He is God according to John 1:1. Last but certainly not least, we must accept Him as our personal LORD and Savior. No one can make that choice for us.

With that said, there is a division among churches which grieves the Holy Spirit of God. Jesus in human flesh was the human identity that God assumed when He embarked on His mission to save humankind. He was the body of God and as such, He walked in obedience to the Father.

After Christ accomplished His divine mission through His death and resurrection, He ascended to the Heavens to repossess His former glory as God. It left a void that He immediately filled, by sending the Holy Spirit, which empowers us and uplifts us. In this way, we have become the body of Christ. Consider this for a moment, because it is POWERFUL! Jesus was the body of God and we are now the body of Christ. Jesus walked in perfect obedience to “the Father” (His perfect righteousness as God). Now, we must walk in obedience to Christ who being called Immanuel (God with us), the Mighty God, the everlasting Father, and such titles that give away His true identity, showed us how to follow in His ways. Though we stumble, He paved the perfect illuminated path for us.

Unfortunately, we have divided ourselves and we can try to justify it as much as we want. We can say that God wants us to be set apart, and while that is true, He is the only one qualified to establish boundaries and set people apart. Often when people separate themselves based on something that God did not ordain, they do it wrong! Remember segregation? Do you see all of the negative effects that racism has had, or how “class” causes rifts between people? Do you see how women and men are at odds because of unequal pay for equal work? We often set ourselves apart in flawed ways.

The Body of Christ is not supposed to be divided. We should all believe in the Pentecost. We all should understand that faith and commitment to spiritual growth are individual decisions and that the day of the week that you go to church is not as important as whether or not you have a living relationship with God through Christ. Each of us should also acknowledge the deity of Jesus because the whole Bible points to Him. Biblical genealogies stopped once Jesus was born for that reason.

The Gospels are about Christ. The following chapters from the book of Acts onward are about the holy spirit which came down after Christ to prepare us for His return. So why do we continue to separate ourselves? Have we not realized that we have spiritually dismembered the body? Surely the Holy spirit (the Spirit of all spirits) is grieved because the rift is more than just physical. Every physical action has a spiritual component.

Body of Christ, it is high time we put aside the divisions that stifle our ability to win souls for the Kingdom. If we fail to do so, the Enemy will win more battles. We know the war of our souls has already been won. There is only one outcome; God triumphs. Nevertheless, the total number of casualties can be reduced if we put aside the differences and reach out to more people with the same message of love, forgiveness, and salvation. Christ died for our sins. He freed us from old sacrificial laws because works could not save us. This does not mean that we shouldn’t work out our salvation daily. It simply means that our works alone do not determine our future with Him.

Faith in Him, relationship with Him, and a pursuit of Him is what should unite us unto one body. Christ came with the same simple message for all. Some, however, have overthought this message. Those who follow the Lord occasionally stumble, but perseverance keeps His followers on the right path and followers of Christ do not need to be hammered with reminders of which faction they joined, what side they’ve taken. There should only be one side if you’re with Christ and another for those who have chosen darkness. We should all believe in the Pentecost. We should all believe that God wants our acceptance of Him to be voluntary, that babies do not need baptism…etc. We should all believe that we have not earned salvation. Therefore, the only reminder we need is that we belong to the Body of Christ.

Dear dismembered church. I wish we would do away with the denominations, but that would mean rebranding for a lot of us. I get it. It’s tough. However, we’re not on a mission to get more people in our churches with watered down, luke warm, and different messages from what Christ taught. There’s one side and there’s another. Those are the boundaries God established. We must be bold and united in our ministry and stick to His teachings.