Witchcraft… What is it? Our culture is inundated with it, overshadowed by it, and we are still largely oblivious to it. Many people think witchcraft looks like Harry Potter, or even like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. It may, perhaps, but witchcraft can be more subtle… and crafty. Pardon the pun, though you’ll see why I used it shortly.

Witchcraft… What is it? Isn’t it synonymous with sorcery, black magic, white magic, and the occult? Yes. Still keep in mind, however, that synonyms are related and carry similar yet not necessarily identical meanings, and witchcraft is quite simply the craft or skill of a witch. The word “craft” means “skill” at making something or skill at deceiving someone.

“The serpent was more subtle and crafty than any of the wild beasts the Lord had made.” -Genesis 3:1

His craft was clever wordplay and manipulation through speech; and witches still use incantations (a.k.a speech) to cast spells on people.

The Lord God created the Heavens, the earth, and the host of them by His Word (speech). A lie does not have the power to undo His word, but a lie that is believed manifests as though it does have power to undo (to the person who believes said lie). What is witch craft? It is any skill that a witch employs to accomplish a supernatural end and what is supernatural, if not an event, quality, condition, or even a being that has mastery or superiority over nature?

One aspect of a real (biological) man’s nature (for one who identifies as such) is to be attracted to a woman. A woman who skillfully and intentionally seduces real men who are not her husband by speaking things into their ears to cause submission to her powers of seduction performs witchcraft. Make no mistake, she is not solely responsible for their weakness (they are also at fault), but she “charms” men with words. They are “enchanted” to meet her. They are “spellbound” and “captivated” by her beauty.

The witchcraft behind seduction is enhanced by perfumes, makeup, articles of clothing, or lack thereof, background music, the batting of the eyes, the aphrodisiacs, the mood set, etc. All these can manipulate the nature of men, causing them to fall into her trap.

What’s the point? My point is that witchcraft is any skillful means by which the nature of a person is mastered by one who understands that very nature and skillfully exploits it with charming, seductive words, wordplay (including innuendos), lies, deceit, imagery, etc. to elicit a natural response, whether it’s emotional or a physical response (such as an event or physical action).

How much more frightening is it to speak out against things when you are made to feel #1) hopelessly outnumbered #2) ridiculed #3) considered fearful and paranoid?

Many of us are under layers of spells. Many of us have been subject to high-level witchcraft that we don’t suspect because we’re looking for wands and flying broomsticks. Fear is a sign of witchcraft also. When false expectations appear real, we ought to question the sources of the illusions. Intimidation can be a form of witchcraft. When someone says the right words to cast spells of fear and doubt and victims cannot find the strength and courage to overcome their fear, those victims have allowed their nature to become subordinate to the intimidating factor(s). Thus, the factor(s) become(s) super-natural (superior to the nature of those overcome by fear).

Consider well how those who speak out against certain deviations from the normal and natural are consistently called “phobic.” Is it really a phobia for those who speak out? We’re not afraid of the spirits behind those things. We’re concerned about their effects. Those who are silent are indeed the fearful who have not found the courage to stand strong. We must remain strong, albeit empathetic, and compassionate. We must remain truthful. It is only by remaining full of truth that others will see consistency within the wavering and volatile thought patterns of our day.

Some things are steadfast, like God’s word and other things are ever changing. Do not let witchcraft blind you to what is true and what is righteous. Witchcraft is the craft of those who oppose God. It is their word and deceptive practices against His truth. The truth remains firm.

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