Identity Confusion and the Reprobate Mind

How is there little concern for people like this and so much enabling instead? I’m pretty sure it’s considered hate speech to talk about this topic. What a shame. While people are identifying as things they clearly ARE not and engaging in all kinds of sexual immorality, others are cheering them on and trying to pressure everyone to accept it. I can’t be too passionate about this and certainly can’t say this enough. The reason for this insanity is simple. The world still refuses to acknowledge God, glorify Him, love the truth, and change course! Instead, we invent new ways of doing evil.

If the world acknowledged God, people would never subscribe to the bizarre idea that the Universe assigned them to the wrong body. Reason with me for a second…the “Universe” is subject to the Creator of it and everything in it, and the Creator is perfect! With every new generation, however, we drift farther from the truth and accept more and more folly. Do we not see the correlation?

What’s the opposite of fornication, if not abstinence and sexual self-control outside of biblical marriage? Within marriage, indulgence is okay; and doesn’t adherence to this promote fidelity (a.k.a “faithfulness” and “loyalty”)? What’s the opposite of drunkeness, if not sober-mindedness? Doesn’t it give us mastery over our drinks instead of allowing our drinks to call the shots (pun fun). Doesn’t this self-control give us better environmental awareness?

How about truthfulness? It’s hard to always be honest, but isn’t it a virtue we should all aspire to have? Then how could it ever be “canceled” without trial? One doesn’t have to cancel lies. Give them time and they WILL get exposed by truth which never hides, nor wavers. Though it can be buried and overlooked, it can also be uncovered. Human beings are NOT animals. So-called sientists might suggest this, but human beings were created in the image and likeness of God (both male and female). There is an animal kingdom and though there may be similarities (i.e. eyes, nose, mouth, ears, bilateral symmetry, organs, emotions, etc.), it is absurd to identify as an animal.

Likewise, men are men, some may be effeminate, but none are women. Women are not men. Adults are not young children. Some may behave as such, but a 40 year old man should not imagine himself to be peers with a kindergardener. Grow up. Face the truth. Turn to God. Embrace wisdom. The fool says in his heart there is no God and as a result, God turns him over to a reprobate mind.

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