Does the Secular World Value Health or Mammon?

What’s on my mind? Funny you should ask…Not sure you want to know, but many people NEED TO know what kind of doctrines we strive against. They don’t care about cures, but pretend they care about life?

LORD I thank you that you’re unchanging in truth and goodness. I thank you that you expose our wickedness, our internal conflicts within and the conflicts with our fellow human beings that arise from our sinful natures. I sometimes lie and this confession comes from a man who endeavors to be honest and upright but is still imperfect like everyone else. How much more are we being lied to by people and institutions who don’t care about us, yet pretend to and certainly don’t care about morality but pretend to.

I was watching a video on a cure for cancer and it stirred me so deeply I began  to consider all the corrupt agencies that pretend to fight against disease and have really increased it. They’ve created endless treatments and withhold cures for love of money. To them, everything is business! It’s not enough that you’re taxed for income. It’s not enough that you pay to pass through certain areas (toll roads). As you pass through life, your milestones are taxed because the vampires need more.

The video showed how a system vehemently went after a doctor with baseless attacks simply because he cured his patients. He cared about life and they cared more about the disruption to their business. That is not to say business is bad, but when one values mammon more than life, there has been a significant moral compromise on their part.

Please note that hospitals aren’t bad. They are merely buildings. Neither is every doctor, nurse, or other human health care provider. However, the system has been corrupted by rulers

See this documentary here:

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