The island of Truth

This morning I was contemplating the benefits of finding the truth and loving it wholeheartedly. I say “the truth” because there are so many so-called truths and most of them are subjective, based on individual caprice, and may be diluted with lies.

There’s much peace in the objective absolute. There is also rejoicing because the truth sets people free (spiritually before their physical release). As all things physical were brought forth from a spiritual plane of existence, so is spiritual freedom that will lead to the physical equivalent. This is not metaphysics or teaching from other religions that carry partial truths. This is from Hebrew scripture.  “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.” -Hebrews 11:3

Joy doesn’t come from physically smiling although our enjoyment of smiling (physically) can lead us to find sources of joy that fill our spirits with gladness. From there, we might laugh and smile all the more; but joy starts from the spirit first. Discovering the truth releases us from the burden and bondage of living with lies. As a result, joy, peace, and relief ensue.

I’m not with the masses, nor going with the flow. I’ve come to realize that the flow leads to the ugliest waterfall of all,—a deadly drop where the droplets are people and the bottom is eternal death by fire! This is the penalty for foolish, rebellious, stubborn, and arrogant hearts. This is the price they pay by willfully ignoring ALL of God’s warnings to change course.

This is not heartless to say (as some might make it seem); for anyone with a heart to speak this truthfully is trying to warn the lost, but most will not listen! They cancel the truth, laugh at it, and mock it! It makes them uncomfortable because it goes against everything that they are accustomed to (and therefore comfortable with). We who live in the truth understand this and so we persist despite the opposition.

Those who are ready to receive the truth, find that after the initial dissonance, it’s like being in the eye of a storm. I like practicing self-awareness (whoch is truthful to one’s self about the self), and at this point, I can quite frankly admit that I’m not at the center of the eye; not yet, though I’d love to be there. I have, however, breached the wall that separates the island of truth (if you will) from the world of deception; and I refuse to go back to that world!

Out there lies darkness and haze and a whirlwind of lies and deceit which constantly bombard those who live there. Out there, those who’ve learned to dodge the big, obvious lies, still walk around the truth as in a wilderness like the place called Gilgal where the signs that lead to the eye of the storm (wherein the island of truth can be found) seem alien to them. They’ve never learned to recognize those signs and hearken to their directions. They only know how to scoff at them and stubbornly continue along their path. They fall for the less obvious lies, not realizing that the enemy of their souls “prowls like a roaring lion seeking whom he might devour.” -1 Peter 5:8

The earth shook beneath them and they said “let us build homes and offices that can help us ignore what the earth is trying to convey.” Lightning flashed angrily and the thunders roared louder. They said “Let us ignore these signs and wonders in the skies. This is how it has always been, and if we can explain the forces at work, then there is nothing more to fear nor glean.” The earth is warming up and we thought alternative energy was our answer but it did not help. We’re in a closed system that God created! We thought we might prepare to escape from it, but NO ONE is going anywhere outside of “Earth.” No one will live on the moon or Mars. It’s not my prediction. It’s God’s declaration, and according to more truthful scientists (than the ones who suggest we can visit different planets), we cannot travel past low earth orbit! Therefore, as Jesus prophetically warned, let us ‘NOT be deceived…’

I’d rather be on the island, yet I cannot stand by and see those caught in the world of deception continue toward the edge of the waterfall; not without warning them somehow at least. When all truth (that can impede dark agendas) becomes cancellable, we must shine brighter. Christ is the light of the world and when He is in us, we also become beacons. Everyone on the island must shine. We must do it for God’s glory; we must do it for our family, our friends, our neighbors, and strangers. It is the right thing to do; for we were all made in God’s image originally. Therefore, we should all be children of the light.

We are all welcome to step into the light, but we must first admit that we were in darkness and that we have sinned against a perfect God. This confession isn’t necessary simply because God wants His ego stroked. Regardless of our confession, He is perfect. Therefore, whether we admit this or not, all creation declares it round about us. How foolish you’d be to think you’re “confirming” anything to God (as though He didn’t know, wasn’t sure, or felt insecure).

Rather, when you practice confessing your shortcomings (to God) and His Supreme righteousness, you begin to vibe with the truth and the truth will resonate well within you. When you confess that your heart and mind are naturally sinful, you’ll begin to understand you cannot be “good” by yourself. Sure anyone can imitate goodness, by imitating God or the followers of Christ and God. Yet this doesn’t save anyone from the penalty we deserve for rebelling against God and this doesn’t allow God to dwell in us; for impure thoughts and dark fantasies and impulses are conceived in our minds daily. Meanwhile, God is always good, merciful, kind, and above all, Holy and just. Therefore, he does not want to punish, but he has to because it’s who He is. When we repent of our sinful nature, it shows God we’re truly sorry and want Him to help us break free of our sinful nature. It shows Him we want to be “born again,” first in spirit (then physically someday).

The God of creation isn’t a piece of wood, gold, or any other created thing we make in our image or after the likeness of other created beings. He is not a God who bends to our will or operates following our imaginings (as the so-called “gods” and “Higher powers” of this world do).

God is perfect. We are flawed. He is to be praised. We are not to be… God is consistent. We are capricious. God is unchanging and uncompromising, unwavering in dignity, honor, and morality. He doesn’t follow groupthink and He is not the cause of this world’s problems. Our rebellion is our downfall. We each are a tree in the forest that we call “society” and each of us has caused problems in our own little spaces. Thus as a whole, the forest (society) has issues. Thus our sins become compounded.

Even so, re are the benefits of loving the truth:

Those who do have joy. Their lives are generally more peaceful. They are increasingly emboldened (finding the audacity to speak on things) when all around them others are silent. They become ever more loving as telling the truth invites criticism and disdain, yet to continue in genuine truthfulness, one must care for the listener. Some people consider themselves “brutally honest,” but they don’t tell the truth genuinely. Their motive is solely to bruise with no concern for whether their victim ever heals or recovers from their attack. That’s not genuine honesty. That’s a form of abuse. At any rate, those who love the truth are humble and when they’re humble, they are okay with letting God be the authority in their lives.

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