My Psalm…(because God deserves OUR praises…ALWAYS)

Heavenly Father, YOU alone are worthy of all praise. There is none like you, nor has there ever been, will ever be, or can ever be… I’m thankful for this fact.

You are righteous and holy and you do not waver, nor change…unlike us whose minds, thoughts, and emotions are unstable as water and shift like sand. Thank you that you are not man that you should lie and change your mind. You are consistent and trustworthy, and not backpedalling and deceptive as we are. Your authority is absolute and yet there is freedom in your ways.

The authority of man is finite yet he wants more. Men and women in power never have enough and those who serve mammon are insatiable and compromised! The powerful still hunger for more of it and oppress such that many are squeezed beyond their limits.

Like snakes, they seek their opportunities to prey upon the unsuspecting. They wrap themselves around their victims and constrict them. They seduce the masses with false promises and illusions. They frighten their prey with fangs when they sense the threat of exposure which to them is the knowledge that their darkness will one day be brought to the light. Those snakes even poison many with their venom resulting in hate and confusion.

How can anyone hate the truth? How can anyone hate the God who created them? How can we hate the God who warned us of ourselves and the evil within? And now we labor in vain, rushing to and fro to fix the damages we’ve caused by ignoring you and opposing you. We rush to learn new ways to perform evil. As the cracks spread along the glass walls of our fragmented world, we frantically hurry to patch them up. Our equations are not saving us. Didn’t you warn us to change our course? You did, but we naturally prefer darkness. Now you’re the lifeboat and while others seek alternatives (i.e. living in VR, escaping to the moon or Mars), I keep my eyes on you. For you have saved me. You have saved me from my own rebellion. You’ve let me taste and see that you are good. Your ways are higher, better, more fulfilling.

My help comes from you. My resilience is from you. My strength is from you. My breath is from you. My life is from you. My family is from you. My joys are from you, and you are my salvation! Who else is like you LORD? Who else can guarantee the safety of my family or at least, our eternal well-being? While the “powerful” acquire more power, their time is SHORT! While they seem to be winning through violence and deception, they shall be exposed and humbled! You are the Highest, and I’m grateful that you are good! You are consistent and you are NOT my last hope. You are my ONLY hope…because all real blessings come from you!!!!


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