On the Issue of Racism

Long ago…going about 10 years back, I went cold turkey on secular Hip Hop music. I’ll turn in my “black card” now to appease anyone who idolizes their “race,” or any race in general. Turning in my black card is long overdue since it has been losing its value to me, ever since I got hip to this dangerous and toxic mind game that is all things race-related.

You see, things are NOT black and white when it comes to the subject of race…pun intended. Don’t get me wrong. There is indeed a system in place and it feeds off our negative energies and the human tendency to hold a grudge. We never say a “yellow guy got shot by Popo” or “a red man was just hit by a car.” No. We only use colors for so-called black and white people! Ain’t that something; and why isn’t this black-and-white issue a BIGGER deal than it should be? By that, I don’t mean the issue of “systemic racism,” nor the teaching of critical race theories or whatever else we think might “fix” our society, but why aren’t we making the very existence of this vain concept a bigger deal?

Instead, what we have are proposals and arguments for reparations. Reparations are NOT coming! There isn’t enough printable money to fix inter-ethnic injustices. There aren’t nearly enough apologies to be made or accepted for past wrongs. The truth is WE DO NOT WANT TO LET GO!

Ok, look…I get the struggle. “Do you?!” someone might ask emphatically, not knowing that:

#1) I’ve experienced what we call racism and

#2) I can tell you racism is both real and imagined.

It IS real, but only because we’ve made it so, and it is imagined because it is part of a larger delusion based on unfounded ideas. Racists exist just as Luciferians exist and both have their truths built around lies. The idea that races exist is correct, but the notion it exists within humanity is false. Likewise, the idea that Lucifer exists is correct. However, the idea he’ll win the war between Good and Evil is false.

While it’s obvious we’re not black, nor white with colors in between, we don’t seem to act as if we get it. As wise as we can be, we choose more often to remain oblivious to this because the path of least resistance is seemingly the softest and “safest” road to walk on. To the disappointment of many, that path inevitably always returns to God and the truth of how we were created after His image and likeness, but have gone astray. Many don’t like it; a shame considering the positive implication that they’re immeasurably more precious than they’ve realized. So for those who hate the truth, don’t worry…it is not going anywhere. You can run and hide from it for now as if it’s chasing you ferociously; but someday you’ll come to your senses, and hopefully before it’s too late.

You’ll know you’re getting near the truth when it comes up now and then, as the elephant in the room that few dare talk about and many get offended by. You’ll notice it when you feel the need to abruptly end a conversation because someone has brought it up, or when you have to do mental gymnastics to try to ignore it even though it never threatened your life, health, or anything else except your oblivious perspective. I’m sure your mental gymnastics will be quite impressive.

Oh. You mean you never noticed the backflips you were doing to explain how God doesn’t exist, and how we supposedly evolved from ape-like ancestors? You never noticed those instinctive somersaults you performed when you found yourself offended that darker-skinned people have been compared to apes? Truly it was a somersault because, quite frankly, it’s only been easier to make such comparisons because WE collectively subscribe to the demonic THEORY of evolution and you valiantly defend it while also trying to defend some intrinsic value you think you should have! Why? What would be so special about us if we were a cosmic accident? You can’t have that cake and eat it too. So which one is it? Are black or white people more or less evolved? Or are all people equally evolved and full of worth? If all people are equal, who made it so? Who determined our value? Clearly it couldn’t have been us! We’re too busy tearing each other down and creating falsehoods surrounding our identities. And if people are not equal, well why are we complaining then; according to natural law, the fittest survive and thrive, right?

Here’s a dose of reality. Even the “whitest,” most pale person on earth might (at best) appear light pinkish gray in comparison to a sheet of white paper. He or she would simply be a lighter-skinned version of a more melanated person with different hair texture and perhaps different colored irises. Likewise, the darkest, most melanin-rich skin tone could never possibly be pitch black. So…what’s perpetuating these strong delusions of race?

The answer is multi-faceted, but one of the most subtle yet powerful factors is our vernacular, namely our choice of words and expressions. Words have the power to shape our perceived reality (for better or worse) and evidently, our vernacular consists of hidden implications encoded in our daily communication. How subtle and crafty is that? It is indeed evidence of the devil.

Even the self-proclaimed “woke” ones among us use terms that should remind us that everyone has been affected by the powerful delusion in some way or other, and most of us (self-included) have not fully awoken from it, though the truth sets us gradually free from each shackle.

When I mentioned the hidden implications in our language I meant for instance a deliberate effort to perpetuate the misuse of certain terms like “interracial” as in “interracial dating.” I know someone might want to say “What?!? …. ‘Interracial’? Bro of all the words. You’re trippin’. How is that even a misused term? The only people who should have an issue with the word interracial are racist ones!”

Yeah? well, that’s the thing. Such a seemingly harmless term used to describe two or more people of different ETHNIC backgrounds promotes RACIST ideologies because the idea of sub-races within the human race is false….remember? But if we continue to use that word we validate the ideology.

Let’s be clear. There is one human race and tons of animal races (which can be categorized visually by “kind,” or taxonomically by genus and species). Last time I checked, human beings were considered “Homo sapiens,” (derived from the Latin) “Homo” meaning “man” (as in mankind, which is inclusive of both sexes) and “Sapien” meaning “wise;” and with all our wisdom, we have yet to understand the consequences of idle speech. Anyone in a so-called interracial relationship with another human being is not in a relationship with something of another race such as an animal like a bird or a dog. Therefore, the relationship in question is more accurately an inter-ethnic one within the same human family!

Circling back to the reason for this post. I have no problem giving up my black card. I was never black. That’s a delusion I’ve been a part of for way too long and protecting that black card is like a gang member dying for a block that’s not even mine! Blackness isn’t my label. I’m a child of God and there is no value-changing, categorical separation between my neighbor and I. Therefore, I’m breaking free of that and encourage you to do the same. I’ve discussed before how sad it is to have identity crises and confusions.

Let’s not get this twisted. We’re not assuming false identities. We’re sacrificing them! I am not identifying as someone I am not. I’m accepting who I am. I am not a “white man,” a Chinese woman, or a duck who’s stuck in a human body. “The Universe” (which many falsely consider a god) did NOT make a mistake, neither did the perfect God of creation who made “the universe” and everything in it.

I am a man “of color” to put it poetically; a darker-skinned man relative to the average complexion you’d find in my country of origin, but I’m not black…unless I choose to either be hyperbolic which is merely figurative (in which case it’s okay), or unless I’m playing into a system that was buitlt to attack who God created me to be, through a value system that falsely suggests that skin color determines intrinsic value. I no longer want to lie about my identity by checking any boxes designed to perpetuate racism based on skin color. We’ve already established that there are no races in the human family… just ethnicities and shades.

So, bye bye black identity tag. I am a dark-skinned brotha who was labeled “black” the way a cow is either marked to produce milk or to be slaughtered and consumed. Our identities aren’t our labels. We’re not cereal boxes…and just to make sure I never again feed the system with negative energy, evil feelings, and all the dark matter that will empower the rising beast, I choose to ask God to fill me with His Spirit, His virtues, His righteousness, and His forgiveness so that I won’t hold any grudges! Bygones are bygones. Dear reader, please know that vengeance is the Lord’s, and nothing ever ends by it; except when it (vengeance) is delivered with 100% pure and unquestionable righteousness. Therefore, let God deliver His vengeance when it’s time… until then, let’s love each other and expose hate!

I started this blog by saying I went cold turkey on secular rap. The reason for this is that rap music in general promotes violence, hate, sin, lives full of dishonesty and crime, and even a racist mindset. Yes some of it can be used for motivation as the beats are surging with energy. The beats aren’t the issue. Music is music and God made it, but when the words are profane, the music becomes contaminated. Many melanated people listen to this music with the mindset that they can’t be racist against the oppressor, which makes no sense because anything the oppressor can do to his oppressed can be done to him by the oppressed. How silly would it be for an oppressed person to kidnap an oppressor and then when he’s caught, tell the judge, “we’ll I can’t kidnap the oppressor.”

One thought on “On the Issue of Racism

  1. Wow!
    So enlightening!
    Thank You Lord
    Blessed Be Your Holy Name
    Lord of Lords
    King of King,
    Emmanuel, Jesus Christ Forever!


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