I have a family member who was also the product of rape and I love that family member dearly. I am so grateful that this desensitized, nearsighted, and morally compromised way of thinking did not deny her the chance to live. Her mom could have done something to “fix” the short-term “problem” had she seen it that way, instead, my family member’s mom chose to view the child as a blessing that came out of something unfortunate. Children always start as blessings. I don’t care what anyone else tries to say. Now that I have two of my own, in matters related to children, I listen to those who have kids over those who don’t. With respect to raising them well, I’ll take the advice of parents who’ve succeeded in that area over the suggestions of those who raised brats. (Only take offense if you’re a brat and or raising one.)

On a side note, it’s not to say I don’t listen to everyone who has something to share with me, but I weigh my sources and their credibility. Anyway, when I see the sanctity of life was preserved even by someone who had EVERY excuse to not spare the life, yet made absolutely no excuse or occasion to do so; and when I observe a mother loving a child who bears partial resemblance to the man who hurt her, I’m reminded of the overwhelming strength it takes to forgive. If everyone were willing to do the hard things like stand up for what’s right and stand against what’s wrong regardless of the risk of losing friends, employment, what year it is, etc., we’d have a world full of truth and the unwavering love of it.

With that said, I understand why people can be pro-choice. I also understand it’s a difficult subject to discuss…and a subject that can result in cancelation in this sad culture of ours. I understand I’m not a woman, but from a human perspective, beautiful humans overcome challenges, and make the most of situations, without compromising their integrity. It can’t be terrible to murder except if someone is less than four months, or maybe three, or two, or one, or whenever we decide to play God with souls.

We cannot see the spirit and yet we’ve determined when it enters the body. How? This is absurd! In any case, I am among those who love truth. I am among those who want to experience greater depths of agape love; and I want my heart broken for everything that breaks the heart of God because maybe if I’m bothered by lying, cheating, stealing, slander, envy, pride, greed, hate, murder, fear, intimidation, etc., I’ll be among the small lights in this world who can make a big difference in the fight against the prevailing yet only temporary darkness that looms over the earth.

Human beings could never have reproduced and proliferated if they were always so self-destructive. In the beginning, we were blessed by God to be prolific…that is to be fruitful and multiply. For that to happen, Pro-Life is the natural option

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