When love is fake…

I wonder how many “loving” people will truly hate me for exposing the mere seemingness of their “love.” Ya know, the ones who will use 1 John 4:7-8 without understanding that truth and love go hand in hand. Ya know the ones who diss the Bible but still quote from it…sometimes without recognizing the source.

They hate objective truth and embrace falsehoods which they’ve turned into “their truths.” This is going to hurt because I know whether you’ve read the Bible or not, you’ve probably quoted or heard its elucidation for love and found it beautiful and insightful.

“Love is patient and kind;” yet many self-proclaimed “lovers” would snap and use profanities against those who would dare disagree with them. . . Interesting.
“Love doesn’t envy or boast;” yet they are proud, boastful, and often envy (so obviously) the gifts people enjoy when they do things God’s way (gifts that truly matter and endure).

“Love does not insist on its own way;” yet they do and they’ll cancel anyone who disagrees with their ideas!
“Love is not irritable or resentful;” yet they wouldn’t bat an eye or shed a tear if they destroyed another person’s livelihood… simply because that person had spoken out in truth against an idol of theirs (whether person, place, thing, or lifestyle).

“Love does not rejoice in wrong doing, but rejoices with the truth;” yet not only do they take pleasure in wrong doing, they encourage others to do the same and even to gang up against those who dissent! So (in error) they respect the person and show no love for the truth.
“Love bears all things” (including the initial scorn that comes after correcting or trying to correct another, and even the sincere criticism from others who correct us).

“Love believes and hopes all things” (including the fact that anyone CAN change for the better).
“Love endures all things and never ends;” yet you’ll notice when their semblance of love ends. The moment one of them is so offended by your opposing voice on an issue he or she promotes, they’ll cuss you out and avoid you like the plague.

With all this said, all of you who believe in love, please continue to endure all things and while the love of many is indeed waxing cold these days, never let your love be extinguished!

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