Quit Blaming God when YOU Lack Accountability!

Everyone needs accountability, and people who blame God need to stop. If there’s evil in the world, it’s because we all have taken part. I’m sure that crooked, greedy politicians, for instance, who agree to enact laws that benefit some (being damn sure not to exclude themselves from the list of beneficiaries) do NOT hope God will get between them and their prize.

I’m sure the carjacker wants to succeed in his crafty crime without uninvited intervention. The adulterer, likewise, wants to enjoy the pleasure of sexual novelty without losing his wife and family. He knows there’s a chance of getting caught, yet relishes in the excitement, hoping for the best outcome (which to him is preserving his faithful, good hubby image, while “messing around”). Nobody wants to get caught doing wrong. We all have our free will to choose and as much as most of us would like to be righteous, we don’t always make the right choices.

The volatility in this world is the direct result of drifting farther from God. Further, it’s the compounding of our collective wrong choices of various magnitudes, and the decreased rate of moral intervention which also plays a part in our current crises. The declining frequency of moral intervention is itself a result of the desensitization and the increase in moral compromise (which only leads to more lawlessness). You persecute those who follow Christ because some among them mess up, and the world gets crazier…simply because the extra (and frankly biased) effort you put into making an example out of the fallen “Christian” is really an effort you put into hiding the truth about sin and the consequences for sin regardless of what one identifies as. Everyone has fallen short of the glory of God, but as bad as Christians look when they fall (because the expectation is that they shouldn’t), there are less people inprisoned for crime among those who fear God and truly follow Christ than people who don’t, but that won’t stop our bigoted cancel culture.

Our moral code wasn’t something we came up with through logic. Less civilized people with less foresight are often and misguidedly given credit for having established an enduring code of morality that helped to shape a global civilization. Yet in modern times, supposedly “smarter,” less “barbaric” people are destroying our world! Do you not see the flaw in our reasoning? Then, there’s this convenient law of entropy which purports that order devolves into chaos. Well, if orderly things devolve into chaos, let’s figure out when this change from orderliness occurred. Was it in modern times; because it surely could not have happened immediately after Hammurabi’s code and similar moral codes, right? Wrong! Everything in this paragraph is wrong and that’s because it fits into this secular paradigm which is really the flawed majority vote on what it’s (subjective) truth should be. This is one of modern society’s “this is MY truth” claims.

Here is THE truth. The objective, forget-how-you,-and-all-your-blind-friends-feel truth that doesn’t bend just because someone pouts or wants to plug their ears. If entropy is truly something to be considered, it began the very moment our first parents sinned. People aren’t any more “morally upstanding” than they were thousands of years ago despite our increase in knowledge. The moral code, upon which all other laws were inspired, originated from God. Hammurabi’s code was no different, but dangerously flawed in MANY ways which could impede true justice. For instance, one law stated “If the owner of a lost or stolen item does not bring witnesses to identify the lost article, he is an evil-doer (…how…?), he has traduced, and shall be put to death.” Now, let’s take a look at a famous moral code that makes a whole lot more sense.

1. I AM THE LORD THY GOD: THOU SHALT NOT HAVE STRANGE GODS BEFORE ME. (Those who remember this do not get confused and follow other “gods and kings” in their errors)

2. THOU SHALL NOT TAKE THE NAME OF THE LORD THY GOD IN VAIN. (If you call Him God you better recognize He must be revered).

3. KEEP THE SABBATH HOLY. (We should do this to remember that He created everything in six days and rested on the seventh and that He is God. Paradigms that suggest anything other than that are theoretical and unprovable, but bear a semblance of truth thanks to the rhetoric and accolades of those who profess themselves as wise but are truly fools.

4. HONOUR THY FATHER AND THY MOTHER. (Being a good neighbor, friend, spouse, sibling, etc. begins with honouring those who brought us and our siblings [where applicable] into this world). We honor our parents by also honoring their parents, respecting their siblings, friends, etc. In such a world, everyone would see the Imago Dei in everyone else.

5. THOU SHALT NOT KILL. (Moreso in the context of murder. If someone accidentally kills another in self defense, that is different from intentional murder or even accidental murder that resulted from hostility and anger; for human life is precious.)

6. THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY. (It’s a betrayal of trust and can destroy families, self-esteem, and relationships.)

7. THOU SHALT NOT STEAL. (It causes loss of trust, strife, and promotes dishonest gain. If you didn’t earn it, you do not deserve it)!

8. THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST THY NEIGHBOR. (How can one love their neighbor and lie on him or her? How can one care about another and damage their reputation by being a false witness, spreading rumors…etc.?)

9. THOU SHALT NOT COVET THY NEIGHBOR’S WIFE. (She is not yours! If men hadn’t started this, women wouldn’t be coveting their neighbors spouses either!)

10. THOU SHALT NOT COVET THY NEIGHBOR’S GOODS. (Coveting often leads to envy, lying, cheating, stealing, and even murder!).

The world has strayed from God and we feel it SO important that everyone believes our identity is something other than what God designed; less about the spirit in human flesh and more about the sexual being (for instance) who must be recognized by our sexual identity. Or perhaps we’ve lied so much we re-identify ourselves as liars, or if we’ve stolen, we’re thieves. This is true, yet bad. We were designed to be fruitful, multiply, and enjoy the blessed dominion (which is to say “mastery”) that was given to us (over this earth we were made to inhabit). We were also created to be like God in the sense of bearing His image and bringing honor to Him as the ultimate pearent He is to us. This world isn’t messed up because of God. We have failed and cannot master this realm because sin masters us! Even “Mother nature” cannot be tamed because our dominion is not the same one God gave us when we were first created and that is OUR FAULT!

As for the return of our Lord, He hasn’t returned yet because things must get worse; and they will. You wait and see. I’m a prophet in this because the testimony of Christ is the Spirit of prophecy and if anyone testifies to everything God reveals either through the Bible or a vision, they cannot be wrong IF God spoke it…because He is NEVER wrong in His declarations. The Bible speaks of end times. Things are unraveling the way it was foretold. Unfortunately, as stubborn as we often are, we seldom understand how bad our decisions have been until we hit rock bottom; and so there IS still room for depravity. I haven’t lost hope, but look around! Times are getting darker and though no one fully understands the prophecies until they’ve come to pass, they have been bullseye after bullseye!

Every year our moral compass gets more compromised and inaccurate. We become more relativistic and think we’re good! Obviously we look like good people to ourselves when the comparative other is a serial killer in maximum security or someone we deem “worse” than ourselves! But if we’ve even told a lie, coveted something or someone who wasn’t ours to covet, or broke any of the ten commandments, by the Bible’s account which is the strict yet truest account, we have sinned. We are NOT good.

No one is perfect and real Christians do not act like they are. Phony ones might… We, however, aim for perfection knowing we are fallible as anyone else. Is it disappointing? Absolutely, but that’s part of the struggle (to be free from the power of sin)! Christ set us free from sin by intentionally giving his life up on the cross so that those who want freedom can have it. It’s unfortunate that many still live in their prisons not knowing they can open the door and get out! Hey reader! Yes…YOU… You’re free! Now go and live differently! God is not to blame for your condition. Rather, He is to be glorified for his salvation.

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