Simplifying our Psycholgy – A Glimpse into our Self-destructive Tendencies

Psychology is a very complex field. Kudos to anyone who studies it, because human beings are quite complex and very perplexing. Nevertheless, our remarkable demonstration of a thermodynamic principle called entropy can be simplified to common denominator. As complicated as we can make human nature (as is our tendency to complicate just about everything), we can also tremendously simplify our fallen nature with the following axiom:

We’re spiritually self-destructive and we need an outlet.

Why do you think people still vape or smoke when we know it’s unhealthy and even deadly? Why do college students think it’s fun to get in-toxic-ated (poisoned with alcohol) to the point where they’re nearly puking their guts; or why this generation seems to love social media challenges that can kill them (like the new chicken and Nyquil challenge)?

Why do lovers cheat on each other with friends and strangers alike, jeopardizing not only their relationships, but their lives? Why do people think sex is all fun and games until they’ve contracted a few STI’s and STD’s?

Sin and lust go hand in hand. Through lust, sin gains strength and imprisons people in addictive cycles. Lust almost becomes the person until they can’t distinguish their spiritual identity (who God created them to be), from their idol (sex, porn, drugs, mammon, lucre, etc.). Suddenly their identity is tied to the god they exalt. If that “god” is their sexuality, then they assume a sexual identity. If it’s drugs, their identity becomes that of a drug addict (e.g “Hi, I’m Dennis and I AM a drug addict,” in other words, that’s my identity. If their god is who they wish they were like men who are so inspired to take up the causes of feminism and worship everything female to the point where they even wish they were female, they might even assume a female identity, etc.

Ultimately, we all have sinned by nature and by choice. We were born into it and enjoyed various kinds of sin. For all people, some form of sin has been their idol at least a time or two and broadly speaking, it is the self destructive habit all grassroots movements ignore. Collectively, our god has become a life of sin. It is the reason we can each say “I am a sinner, or I was a sinner,” the very same way people who lie are liars, those who steal are thieves, those who lust are adulterers, those who fornicate are fornicators… I’m sure you get the point.

With that said, is it any surprise the future of this world is more questionable than ever before? We’re not on a better track than we were ten years ago. Why would we be? Because technology has improved? Because we think we’re more eco-friendly? Because we toss around the word love like it’s a synonym for “accepting everything and never disagreeing or having boundaries and stable moral standards”? Because we think that the scripture that says “God is love” means he’s happy with sin?

The world is not better. We need to snap put of our addiction to our sinful lives! The first step on the road to recovery is acknowledging the problem. Sinfulness increases through positive reinforcement. We’re vulnerable to instant gratification.

The reason Christ is so famous, though He never pursued fame especially for the sake of fame itself is that He is the cure to our addiction to sin. He is also the only one who can restore our relationship with God. He is the son of God, “the lamb who took away the sins of the world.” I was a sinner, but my cure is Jesus, kinda like how a smoker can kick their habit with a patch.

Jesus is our patch. But interestingly enough the patch only works if you believe it does. Think about it! If someone got a patch to stop smoking but didn’t think it would work, they could technically wear it while they continued to smoke. A patch doesn’t make anyone to stop smoking. The person who slaps it on has to want to stop smoking and believe the patch can help.

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