The Importance of Truth

Truth is of great importance yet of short supply these days. It is foundational to the proper perception of reality, to the maintenance of relationships, to the saving of precious time, and to the correction of less desirable habits.

Unfortunately these days, not too many of us can handle it, or know how to deliver it lovingly. We live in lies and find comfort in their natural inconsistencies. Those who are comfortable telling the uncandied truth are often sadistic in a way, boasting of their brutal honesty with which they pierce through the soft skin of their victims.

Nevertheless, truth is important. For without truth and a developed taste for it, masses are led astray. Without it, integrity eventually disappears. People become confused because the mind was designed to accurately record facts, and lies are harder to recall and keep track of. Ask a habitual liar what you clearly heard them say yesterday and it’ll be different today or tomorrow.

It took me working as a car salesman to realize how dishonest people can be. There’s a saying (unfortunately) in the world of car sales and sadly, it is alarmingly true. “Buyers are liars.” Certainly there are shady car sales representatives, but even when customers come across honest sales professionals, the majority will lie at least once and do so like the most highly skilled of liars. For anyone (even among the best and most successful) in the industry), hearing the sentence “I’ll be back,” in most cases prompts the thought “No you won’t,” because anyone who knows the business knows that most customers who say this do not come back.

So why do we lie? We often lie because we’re afraid, weak, and want to look good. The truth requires courage, strength, and sometimes humility. Is it easy to bear the disdain of others because you were honest? No; not even for a second (if you’re like most). Going back to my experience selling cars, I often have come across people who said what they think I wanted them to say because they wanted to seem nice. Their lies are far from kind.

In reality, they often caused me to waste precious time calling repeatedly to “follow-up,” or texting and emailing when they could have simply said “Miguel, I’m not interested.” As a salesman, I’ve also heard “so and so might be interested, or I’ll speak with my husband or wife…etc.” even when this was a blatant lie. The truth, however would have saved everyone time.

Obviously there are more important things to be honest about, but I brought up these examples because if one cannot be honest for a small thing such as one’s interest or lack thereof in buying something, how can one expect another to be truthful when so much more is at stake?

The future of this world is at stake. The truth delivered for its own sake (and not for harm, belittlement, subversion, etc.) is not violent, contrary to the perception of our more sensitive generations. Au contraire, LIES are violent. They destroy trust, cause confusion, and even spiritual blindness!

For instance, real science tells us men and women although equal (in God’s sight and in natural dignity), are biologically different. Fake science built on lies and the weaknesses of those who truly possess fragile egos suggests they are exactly the same. Meanwhile, politically motivated factions seek to disrupt and destabilize relations between the complementary sexes by suggesting that men who are macho and traditional in their values are “toxic.” This results in dangerous ideas and wild inconsistencies.

For instance, there is a feminist movement, but no masculinist one. There are people who would call nursing mothers “birthing parents,” but men cannot give birth, therefore, such a generality is meaningless and even insulting. Furthermore, even if technology could allow such an abomination to occur (such as a mutilated man to give birth), it’s not naturally possible!

Men who haven’t ever had a period can now claim to identify as and share in the “struggle and marginalization of women.” Where they do that at? Sadly, it’s happening here on earth, not in a nightmare, though it can seem like a bad dream at times. Likewise, women who have breasts, can be impregnated, lack male genitalia, and undergo truly female experiences can think they are men trapped in the wrong bodies. Please note that until a rabbit hops up to me and articulates to my alarm that it is really a human stuck in the wrong body; or at least if it writes this message intelligently in the dirt, I will not believe such an event is possible because the truth is nobody gets stuck in the wrong body.

There is no reincarnation, nor accidental mismatching of spirits and bodies.

The truth is if we discard the lies that things randomly happened when order overwhelmingly and unquestionably surrounds us despite our attempts to destroy all traces of it; if we reject the lie that God isn’t real and go back to understanding that patterns, and organized information such as that which comprises our genetic code are all evidences of a divine creator, we will have to come to terms with the fact that our main issue is really a matter of whether we accept the truth of who God is and who we are in relation to…

God IS the Creator. He is the truth. He is love. He is righteous.

We are created in His image. We are precious in His sight.

Yet, we are flawed, broken, self-deceiving, sinful, proud, dishonest…etc.

God can heal our brokenness and He will conpletely restore everything in due time, but He will only do so according to His will and ours (for we have free agency). Who wants to be healed? Let those who want healing seek it. Let those who seek it find it…and ultimately, those who find God will be those who sought the truth and learned to love it before it was too late.

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