What is a woman? What is a man? What’s the confusion?

I recently found out that boys can become “girls” for $70,000?!? The monetary cost was the discovery. I’m not bowing to this because the loving thing to do is NOT to be apathetic. Jesus would not be apathetic. He was moved with compassion on many occasions to help others get well and get right. He did things people got angry with. Ethically, people who aspire to be morally upstanding (instead of morally relativistic) have an obligation to society. What relativism has done to currency values, and stock prices etc. (with a floating exchange rate), it is now doing to social values as well.

Is it, therefore, surprising that our thought processes are as volatile as Wall Street? We no longer back our currency by a gold standard and resultantly, there is no longer a true, consistent value for the dollar. It has become volatile. Likewise, we no longer back our values with a moral standard, now they’re volatile. We wonder why things are not getting better? It’s because we’re drifting to the point where even the word “truth” is becoming a hate word. It’s because everything has to be so fluid we are forgetting that all solid things that have ever been made were built upon strong foundations, supported by solid framework, beams, pillars, values, etc. A fluid house is a roof on a puddle.

We who stand up for right and wrong don’t stand up for people’s feelings. If, for instance, I were to stand up for a member of the transgender community who was being assaulted, I’d be standing up for them because the assault is wrong, not out of approval for their self-perceived identity! We who stand up for what is right and wrong, do so regardless of whether those in the wrong feel bad. One can seek to understand without adopting dangerous mindsets. It’s jarring that in this day and age such distracting conversations are just another blaze in the wildfire which now consumes the world.

So, what is a woman? Answer: An adult female human. What is a man: An adult human male. Why are we confused? Answer: We have strayed from the truth. The truth is God made humanity male and female after his image. They like all male and female life forms can (through sexual intercourse) reproduce according to their kind. However as the Bible foretold a long time ago, we would exchange the truth of God for a lie. The lie was accepted centuries ago when Charles Darwin popularized the Theory of evolution. He believed humans were related to apes by ancestry. It’s sad he could not see how life on earth was optimized to the point where some animals have arms and legs, while others have fins, tentacles, etc.

Similarity doesn’t necessitate evolution. Some animals might appear related to those who do not know better. Take for instance cows and horses, lizards and salamanders, butterflies and dragonflies. Nevertheless, they are all optimized. Just as a family sedan is related to SUVs and pick-up trucks; pick-up trucks are related to a semis, and land vehicles in general, to seacraft and aircraft, life on earth is replete with common but varied designs which were optimized for varied purposes. None “evolved” from a common ancestor, but were made by common designers. Cars did not roll into water and after millions of years become boats. Fossilized machines do not show any evidence of evolution anymore than living creatures. Therefore the missing links in fossil evidence is the result of the utter non-existence of transitional forms. Evolution, as I’ve stated time and again, is a LIE.

Our confusion is the result of disharmony between the lie and the truth, the reality we are persuaded to accept by the world, and the truth God reminds us of through creation and the Bible. It is the result of cognitive dissonnance of differing magnitudes.

2 thoughts on “What is a woman? What is a man? What’s the confusion?

  1. What a Divinely imparted Gift dear son!
    The Lord is using you as His Precious Vessel in such a time. Glad you’ve answered to His Unfailling Will and Love.


  2. I recently heard someone get “riggered”over the word “truth”! You’re exactly right, Miguel; truth has become a hate word.


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