The AntiChrist

The AntiChrist is going to be a man of great power. For a time, he will be the visible “ruler of the world”; a ruler of peace (a false peace).

He will declare himself to be God. Just as God is our strong defender, he will appear to be a defender of mankind and will carry himself as “the son of God.”

He will have the ability to call fire, perhaps even lightning from heaven. Such miraculous events will win him lots of respect and admiration. Perhaps these incidents might occur during a time of desperation (such as war)…to make one wonder as the Bible says “Who can make war with Him?”

Recent news seems to suggest such events are happening in the world, but God will reveal this lawless one to the world. For now, I have my suspicions.

Remain vigilant, saints everywhere. This world under the religious leadership of demonic doctrines has redefined sainthood as being attainable by dead martyrs. The Bible, however, calls those who are truly born again, “Saints.” Therefore, you who believe, get ready to look up, for soon enough, our redemption will draw near.

Christ will return. End of discussion.

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