Will There Be a Rapture?

Did you know the concept of the “rapture” the way pastors preach it in church is NOT found in the Bible? It’s better to hear the truth now so we who have to “endure until the end” don’t get disappointed.

To the saints (otherwise known as “born-again” believers), we ARE NOT going to “escape” troubling times on earth. The same way, countless saints across the world are tested even to the point of death for their faith, in the last days, all living Christians will be tested even with an implied threat of death and or loss of livelihood. No other religious group is persecuted on a scale anywhere near Christians in certain parts of the world and many so-called Christians who’ve been “leaning on the cross,” and not carrying theirs think they’re about to be rewarded with an escape? We will not escape this world, it’s troubles, and the hatred of the world! Christ says “they will hate you for my sake.”

We’re not called to run from the world. We’re called to face it. Though we’re outnumbered, the truth is bold. We’re not going to escape the tribulation. Mark those words because they aren’t mine. That’s Biblical doctrine. We must endure to the end. When all the things that have been declared and foretold come to pass, then we can look up for our redemption draws near. Before that, we’re staying in this earth. We must be light and salt in this world. We must show that we are in it, but not of it.

Anyone who thinks millionaires, billionaires, and adventurous people will get to escape and colonize Mars…think again. The Bible is clear that when Christ returns, every eye will see Him. Not one person will miss the event or happen to be on Mars without a telescope or a TV. The only thing we CAN escape, however, is God’s final judgement which is much worse than anything any human being or evil spirit could ever do to us!

The Bible says in Matthew 10:28 “do not be afraid of those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Therefore, by fearing God and walking in obedience to His ordinances, what we WILL escape is His final judgment
(for we do not neglect our great salvation).

Anything else Bishop, Deacon, Pastor, Apostle, Prophet, Doctor, or Father So-so says that contradicts God’s word on the matter is one example of the many false doctrines the Bible forewarned us of.

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