He’s Coming Soon!

Folks! The LORD Jesus Christ is coming soon! That word Soon doesn’t necessarily mean tomorrow, next week or next year. I can’t put a date on it, because it’s all up to God, but I promise you EVERYTHING you see happening is occurring EXACTLY as the Bible said it would.

Jesus warned His followers multiple times…”Do NOT be deceived.” Why? Because He knew the Satan (who is the god of this age) would deceive the world. God knew that this Satan…this adversary of ours “would blind the minds of unbelievers, so that they could not see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who IS the image of God.”

I lived in NY for much of my life. Then moved to NJ. Never in all my days have I seen such natural devastation on the North East as we saw in the wake of Hurricane Ida. Never in all my days have I seen disaster after disaster in such a relatively short span, but I’ve been expecting natures more frequent and ferocious outbursts not because the President said it but because God declared it. By the by, Biden did say to expect more storms and with increasing ferocity. He’s learning.

In light of all that’s happening on earth, and I mean all that’s happening from Covid to Afghanistan, the earthquakes in  Haiti (which were also felt in Jamaica and other parts of the Carribean), it should be clear there IS a problem. Sadly for most, it’s not. Although we’ve been witnessing the gradual decline of the world, we’ve become accustomed to the degradation. We reminisce on prior eras of music and television, not realizing that what we miss is a time when things weren’t as complicated and convoluted.

We’ve been desensitized by our media-shaped understanding of the world. And so Many of us ARE BLIND to the enemy (Ha-Satan…the Satan). Many of us are ignorant of his devices. you know, I find the language of the Bible quite fascinating! See, It’s wording is efficient, seemingly broad at times, yet purposefully so.

The enemy has devices. On the one hand, the word device can mean “plan, scheme, method, or purposeful trick.” That’s how most people understand 2 Corinthians 2:11. But what about the popular connotation of the word (outside of its Biblical use)? We have technological devices much of which have become idols in our lives and gateways into darkness; for instance, the internet which allows for the rapid exchange of information as well as knowledge of good and evil. One can use it to learn great skills. Another can use it to view pornographic content. Television also is another example.. It’s great for entertainment, but let’s face it. Most TV programs are not wholesome these days nor edifying for ages 1-92.

But what about people? Satan uses many people as his devices or tools even as God uses people for His glory and honor. The Satan uses people to spread deception and confusion. He even uses the willful ignorance of those who the world looks up to such as influential scientists. Most of them are no longer lovers of truth (collectively speaking), and certainly not believers in God and Christ. Instead, so called scientists these days choose to glorify human thought and understanding and whenever their equations and findings necessitate the existence or involvement of the invisible God of all creation, they prefer to scrap it all and start anew.

Thats why we’ve pigeon holed ourselves with the Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Evolution. They are unprovable, constantly shifting theories according to the nature and instability of the human mind when it deviates from truth and complicates it. So most of them keep spreading lies that have unintended consequences. For instance, while all animals are distinctly male or female, we human beings have increasingly been blurring lines and confusing ourselves. We’ve drifted from the obvious and simple truth that there are male and female. A male can be a boy or a man whether he acts more masculine and macho or feminine. A female can be a girl or a woman who acts feminine or masculine like a tomboy, but broadly and simply speaking there are only two and it’s evident at least 99% of the time. Moreover, only those TWO can NATURALLY produce offspring. Period. It’s the TRUTH.

Yet these days, such simple FACTS which are again easily visible to the naked eyes are being distorted and our younger generations are being taught to lie about what they see. These days, someone can identify as a dolphin, and expect other people to address him or her as such. These days, more than ever before, what started as seemingly innocent requests to be heard have become full frontal attacks on truth and traditional values. Don’t get me wrong people deserve to be heard, but the truth should never be compromised or get twisted.

We’re experiencing identity issues on a scale never before seen. There’s clearly a correlation between what this generation has been learning or not learning in school and what identities they assume.

I’m not against science. The fact that I always have to defend my stance on science is ridiculous. I grew up with people who knew I enjoy science, people who are less “science-minded than myself” but have suddenly become my science teachers in their minds because I believe in God. Well you haven’t given evolution a chance. Well you haven’t read enough other books beside the Bible. I have, but no matter how many books I could ever read if someone doesn’t want to believe in God. They will always resort to scoffing and mocking.

Being scientifically literate is a great thing. Being able to critically think in a balanced truly unbiased way is even better! God is a scientist! …and you kinda have to be a scientist if you know everything because the word science literally means knowledge. Therefore since God is all knowing, we like to say He has Omni … SCIENCE although it’s actually pronounced omniscience.

The enemy of our souls (the one we call the Devil) is also highly knowledgeable. In fact, he often uses science to lead us astray. “Well earthquakes have been around for quite some time. In fact Earth has experienced them for at least a few millenia. They’re caused by shifting tectonic plates.” Great Mr. Scientist! Now how do we stop one? We can’t. “Lightning is an electrical discharge caused by imbalances between storm clouds and the ground, or within the clouds themselves. Most lightning occurs within the clouds…blah blah” Great! Now if God wants to strike anyone of us with a lightning bolt, who can stop it? “Volcanic eruptions are caused by pressure built up by the exsolved gases in magma.” Awesome. Make it so that another volcano never erupts again. We can’t! People Don’t you get it?

We’re trying to master nature, but we’re at her mercy and she’s at the mercy of the God who made her. Imagine then how powerful He must be. Not everything that can be explained with science can be controlled. Climate change? It’s real and in a sense, we caused it but we can’t stop it anymore than we can stop am avalanche we’ve triggered.

I never believed for a moment we could change the course of what God declared would happen. It seems the world’s leaders are finally realizing that climate change cannot be averted. World leaders are also aware that the world is a lot more volatile in just about every other way. It’s really a macroscopic view of the volatility of human thought. We have a tendency to lie, and spread changing information. We waver in our thoughts and conclusions. We have a tendency to seek personal gain. Self included. But God is different and He can help us change if we humble ourselves. Only we’re not doing that as a whole and so our global issues are an accumulation of the individual issues we all have.

God is coming soon! The leaders of this world want to be the source of our peace but most of them are greedy and powerthirsty to the point where they want to control us. Isn’t that clear? Governments have the power to fear monger in subtle and crafty ways and then tell us when we can return to peaceful states of mind.

The motivation of much of this world’s evil is the love of money. I once spoke to someone who laughed and said “Money isn’t the root of all evil. Thinking this way keeps people poor.” …and this might be true, but he changed the scripture without even realizing it as many do. Money isn’t the root of all evil, but the love of material possessions…that is indeed the root of all evil. Human trafficking which fuels the sex industry (of which pornography is a subset) is driven by the love of money. The intentional sale of drugs both over the counter and illegally, highly addictive ones that result in spellbinding dependence is fueled by the love of money!

God is coming soon. Despite the greed, sexual immorality, lying, stealing, coveting, murder, etc God reigns. He is using all of humanity’s deeds to bring about His Kingdom and His judgment. Make no mistake. We might be able to explain the science behind these natural disasters, or the history behind our socio-economic and international climate but it doesn’t mean we’re in control. For if we were, at this point, we would display that we are indeed capable of fixing our mess. We clearly are incapable. Additionally our ability to explain things away certainly doesn’t invalidate the fact that God declared these things would happen!

As for the future, read the Bible! Everything is happening the way it must happen for Him to return. I am joyful in every new day He allows me to see and we who are in the LORD should be joyful because our God IS merciful and the very fact that He IS full of mercy is one of the qualities that make. Him. good. In addition to that, I know where my hope is and (no offense) it’s not in any of one of you and I would hope you never put your hope in me. Anyone who thinks they deserve the hope of others is arrogant. My hope is not in my friends or family members either, nor in doctors, politicians, scientists, pastors, priests, gurus, monks…nooooo…it’s not in any person, or group. My hope is not in society or the “natural goodness” of the human race as a whole or in this generation or that. My hope is in Christ alone because no one has been able to fix this world in over 6,000 years! Think about it.. That’s  a problem when you consider the self-help books, gurus, Yogis, psychiatrists, monks, etc…you would have expected the last few decades to have been better than ever. Not the case. We are worse off!

So, my hope is in the one being who makes no errors, and is not only able to destroy my body, but my immortal soul; the one who is not only able to destroy that soul, but also save it; and not just in the one who CAN save it but the one who already has. My hope is in Christ Jesus. God made manifest. If you don’t know Him, He wants to save you because this world is doomed. I promise you. and it’s nothing to be depressed about. A better world WILL come, but in the meantime, it doesn’t mean we should give up on this one.

There’s still work to be done. People who need to hear the gospel (the good news that God is real, He loves us all, and He made a way for us to be saved from the destruction we deserve). there’s nothing a flawed human being can do to fix this mess when the only consistent thing we’ve ever done is increase our problems, increase the number factions who never see the ultimate prize they fight for but only the carrot on a stick. There are feminists, afro american activists, supremicists, pro-life groups, anti-hunger groups, anti-war groups, conservative groups, extremists, terrorists, fascists, socialists, communists, capitalists…etc and it feels like every year we add 50 more. Don’t you want it to stop?

A better world IS coming…and my goal is to align myself with God’s will and spread the word about Him so that more people will look forward to HIS better world, His better ways, and His better plans for us. So I give thanks and aspire to remain sanctified, to deny myself and follow Him, to do good works, to be filled with His Spirit more than food, drink, or drugs, and to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with my God.

Living His way, you don’t have to worry nor fear. Don’t get me wrong. Life isn’t suddenly perfect as a believer. In fact, it’s tough, but Oh the joy you can experience! It’s wonderful…and when you sincerely trust in Him, and in who He says He is, and  in who He says you are, you can NEVER be confused by the world on the issues that matter! Moreover, you may not know tomorrow’s winning numbers, but you 100%  know the outcome of the war we’re in and who the winning team is. You know the future and I promise, good triumphs over evil…and God IS good!


I’m out!

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