Pressure to Conform: Requiring Proof of Vaccinations

Why is it an issue for us to provide proof of vaccination? Most people todaygym u seem to think it’s no big deal. Oddly enough, most people said they would not get “the jab” early on but it seems they’ve since given in. Getting the vaccine or not isn’t a matter of one’s trust in science per se. It’s about whether or not they give in to fear or choose boldness instead. I trust real science,  but if you can’t recreate my immune system from scratch you sure can’t fix it with a rushed experiment especially one that’s already had major short-term side effects (and there may or may not be long-term ones).

Now, there are talks of requiring proof of vaccinations. The CDC is increasingly affecting our ability to live freely…because whether or not these vaccines are perceived as “forceful,” by the masses, there IS a gradual, almost serpentine constriction when it comes to this.

It’s an issue now because whether or not we’ve received the flu vaccine, Hep A, B, C,… or Z, our medical history has never affected our ability to travel. Our medical history was CONFIDENTIAL! Yes, we had to get certain vaccines to attend public schools, and college, but we’ve never had to do so to enjoy the benefits of entering a building, being a customer, keeping our jobs, getting to see our families without having to decide whether or not we could afford to quarantine 14 days after returning (for those in the workforce)…etc.

Are we lab rats? Are we Pavlovian experiments? Why must we be coerced into accepting rushed “science experiments” into OUR bodies to win lotto tickets, or free ice cream? Why must we be stripped of our unalienable birthrights only to be rewarded with them if we allow a foreign substance to be injected into us? Who gave us our “unalienable rights”, anyway? Was it man (other human beings) or were we created and born with them? Have we not fought for them?

I see how fear has been spreading; fear of what may or may not happen tomorrow and it saddens my soul. The Bible says not to be anxious or worried about tomorrow. Every day has enough troubles of its own. For tomorrow is not even promised.

I’ve never seen this many people so afraid to POSSIBLY die tomorrow, or the next year, or whenever, that they would rush to be injected with something that could harm them tomorrow, or next year, or anytime in the future! Have we forgotten that “scientists” aren’t always right? Have we forgotten that in the 1950’s smoking was perceived as a healthy practice recommended by 9 out of 10 doctors?

A wise person once told me, “go where you will, die where you must!” We shouldn’t live in constant fear of traveling and LIVING. For the world is ours, and everyone’s fate will always find them when time is up. Whoever takes this shot, doesn’t suddenly become immune to the other 48 million other ways to die.

Dear people, most respectfully and sincerely, if you’ve wondered why some people are making a big deal about it and not jumping on this bandwagon of fear, panic, xenophobia, and confusion, I hope that answers your question.

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