You’re Spiritual?!?

One of the biggest lies told by the enemy of our souls is that we can be spiritual and not have to believe in God. Another major lie is that we can all have our own truths. Oh, how he twists and bends reason so that it devours itself like an ouroboros.

For anyone who claims to be spiritual, you must believe in the supernatural. You must believe that you are more than the sum of your parts and that your gray matter plus your bones, musculature, beating heart, and skin are not enough to cause you to be. You are way more than a physical body with a beating heart and gray matter. An intangible element dwells within. That’s your spirit! The awareness of our personal spirits makes it possible for us to begin to understand the spirits around us.

Being conscious of your own spirit is foundational to being spiritual. Furthermore, understanding that your spirit is one among billions is foundational to understanding the importance of this subject. Even more, by understanding that your spirit and every other pertaining to “the living” or “the dead” has an origin, you acknowledge a being that preceded all of them. The Creator. God.

Many myths and world religions speak of dark entities. Demons, trickster gods, mischievous gods, gods of monsters…etc. Those same sources speak of “good gods.” No religion works without that duality. Morality originates from a concept of good. But what is good? In a world of moral relativism, good deeds are noble ones. Other people can respect them because they show benevolence (wishing well).

What if good is not relative? What if it is as clear cut as yin would be if it were fully separated from yang? What if one belief system preserved God’s unwavering commandments? What if stealing is wrong even if it’s a loaf of bread to feed a starving toddler? Or if lying is wrong even if it saves a life? The thought processes behind those two exemplaric acts would be noble, but the deeds themselves are still morally wrong! Did the thief attempt to appeal to the humanity of the owner of the loaf of bread? Did he try to buy it (give something to get it)? What of the liar? Why didn’t he or she try to save a life by telling the truth even at the possible expense of his or her own well-being? I know it’s easier said than done, but the point is lying and stealing are wrong no matter how small and harmless they may seem. In fact, every infraction of any one of God’s law is wrong!

So you say you’re spiritual. But you don’t believe in a creator. Interesting. You say you’re good, but you’re morally relativistic, or believe in necessary evil. What standard do you use and if you don’t have one, how come? Don’t be spiritual to be cool, sound deep, or avoid God. Be spiritual for the right reason. I’m spiritual because I know I am a spirit operating within a mech suit! I am spiritual because I understand both the operator and the machine were created (those from the two general aspects of me). Be spiritual because our Heavenly Father and Creator is spirit and the only way to come to Him is to acknowledge that Jesus Christ (His son) was the operating spirit of God in human form. He came physically to reconcile us to Himself (we who were lost in the physical distraction called “reality”). We who have mastered our physical senses, but are blind to the unseen. Christ came to remind us that we (our [“human”] beings, states, and existences) are physical outwardly, but are essentially sand internally spiritual.

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