The Truth: Short and Sweet

“Goodness” to God is based on adherence to His standard like how the straightness of a line is evaluated not by opinion, but by comparisons to a ruler, laser, or other straight standard. We may each derive or design our own personal truths and illusory “bubbles” but there still exist absolute truths which overrule our own. Consider a color blind person who may personally perceive purple grapes as blue because she cannot detect the red light wave reflected from the fruit. As a result, she may hold fast to her personal truth that the purple grapes are in fact blue. There is, however, an absolute truth that overrules her truth—if the color of the grape was observed with perfect vision, the grape would appear unquestionably purple! Therefore, just because a blind eye cannot see light or a particular frequency of it, does not mean it does not exist. Absolute truth is not subjective. Therefore, just because a blimd eye cannot see the truth doesn’t mean it’s not in front of them!

Remember that when you talk about “his truth,” “her truth,” and anything besides “THE TRUTH.” Be lovers of truth, and you will find God!