Soldier in Christ: Log Entry 1 (A Prayer)

Cost of Following Christ

  • Love Jesus more than you love EVERYONE else in your life (father, mother, siblings, cousins, children, spouses…etc.)
  • Carry your cross and follow Christ

Heavenly Father we thank you for you goodness. Thank you for being the Father of mercies and God of all Comfort. Thank you for your abundant love for us.

Lord we bless your name because only you could declare the end from the beginning. We thank you that you were, you are, and you will be. Father God, you are the Alpha and the Omega. LORD you are the one true God and the maker of Heavens and the earth. Father teach us to acknowledge you in ALL of our ways. Let us be humbled by you. Teach us how to see the works of your hands and appreciate your might. Teach us to keep our eyes fixed on you and meditate on your goodness. In these last days, Let us not forget LORD and exchange the truth of you for a lie.

LORD your word predicts EXACTLY what would happen in these last days. It is the ONLY source that dares to do so and with such stunning accuracy! The Bible says in Romans Chapter 1 that in this age of increasing knowledge, we would exalt ourselves and profess ourselves to be wise, become fools, and exchange the truth of You for a lie! It predicted the false prophets would make Christianity look like a sham. It predicted the scoffers and mockers and those who would say that everything has been running the same way since day 1. Lord teach us to love your law! Teach us to meditate on you and delight in you.

Father we thank you that you bless us with food shelter and clothing. We ask that you continue to meet our needs. We ask that you bless our families…not just with material things, but with spiritual gifts. LORD teach us how to see beyond just the physical realm. Let us not see only the surface. Teach us to see beyond symptoms and understand the spiritual root of everything that occurs. LORD in your word, you often make references to fruit. Let us recognize good fruit and bad fruit and trace it back to either you or the enemy. If it is of you, let us crave more. If not let us stand against it with one accord.

We ask these things in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus, who is the Christ, now and forever!


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