With Fear and Trembling

Make no mistake. These are indeed the last days. Pray for strength so that you and your family might endure. Pray for a spirit that can stand sound doctrine. Become a lover of the truth. Stay on your knees! Walk humbly before God. Let’s work out our salvation with fear and trembling!

Everyone loves to quote that “God is love,” but we often seem to forget (or even deliberately ignore) that He is also 100% perfect, 100% holy (in other words, “set apart”), and 100% righteous. Righteousness does NOT mean “fairness,” though we have a tendency to interchange such synonyms or equate them with each other. Fairness is subjective and while God seems fair to some (especially those who have accepted His salvation through Jesus), His righteousness simply means His actions are always morally right and JUSTIFIABLE!

That’s why a loving God can and will one day send people to eternal torment. Human beings were made in His image to love and be loved by Him. Hell was never intended for them yet God always knew most people would choose the fate He intended for the Satan. God took care of our every need, creating a world with plenty of room, resources, and sustenance. Sadly, we let the devil blind us and fill us with lust, selfishness, and greed. Our greed caused the disparities that put the world at odds with itself.

Even the most saintly people we know have sinned and made mistakes. Some have come out of terrible darkness into God’s marvelous light, but the point is we all have sinned. In spite of our sins, God is extending His mercy and grace (for a little while longer).

God is love and He will stop those who harmed His creation. His love is made evident by the very fact that His commandments lead to life literally, figuratively, and spiritually. Rebellion and deviation from His laws lead to literal, figurative, and spiritual death. Ultimately, His righteousness will prevail. He will be justified when He stops those who sided with the enemy.

He will prove His holiness when He judges all those who refused to walk in the ways that lead to true life and banishes them far from His presence. The stage is being set for what the Bible foretold long ago. Please take it seriously. A one world government is coming (under the guise of something beneficial to humanity) and it will appear to be so. Things WILL seem to get better, but make no mistake. If the nearness of our God is our good, then the distance the world is putting between itself and God will ultimately be detrimental.

“New normals” haven’t changed people’s hearts. Those who were greedy, selfish, lustful, dishonest, quick-tempered, hostile, arrogant, have most likely retained those attributes. If anything, recent events have made them worse.

This world has been so distracted that it misunderstood the prophecies in the Books of Daniel and Revelations. They were not all meant to be seen in one generation, and that’s caused massive misperception. You see, to a prophet, prophecy is in the future. To the intended recipient, it may be past, present, and or future. As specific prophecies unfolded, we were either not yet born, or obvious to them. For instance Israel became a nation in 1948 (as prophesied). That’s now our past, but it was a sign of the last days. World Wars occured (as prophesied). Wars and rumors of wars occured with propaganda during the World Wars (both 1 and 2) and rumors still spread in world news. We tend to overestimate how special our generation is. It is special, but not every prophecy was meant to unfold in the last twenty years, nor were they supposed to begin now. They have been in motion for some time now.

It’s why many scoff and mock as the Bible foretold they would (…and they say exactly what the scriptures foretold they would say). “Where is His promised return?” Folks…this isn’t a game. Everything is literally happening according to God’s word and it’s both sad and frightening to know that in time whether we try to hide the truth or hide from it, few will make it because few are taking it seriously.

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