Revelations 6…the 6 Seals

Is it possible that for generations, we’ve misinterpreted the seals of Revelations? What if by focusing on the recent past, taking our present into account, and anticipating the future, we’ve prevented ourselves from truly grasping the Revelation of Christ through John? Let’s take a deep, but concise dive into history.

For quite some time now, I’ve been seeking to reconcile the paradoxes and seeming inconsistencies of the Bible. Along the way, I learned to shift my thinking and my approach as slightly as a fraction of a degree before the Holy Spirit would reveal what was clear the whole time! Sometimes we are blinded by a distraction (one of our Adversary’s many “devices”). The distractions can be as subtle as a conditioned thought, though-process, or thought pattern which we have been afraid to release. We see this all the time with non-believers and even self-proclaimed ones who think the Genesis account of creation is allegorical and have clearly exchanged the truth of God for a lie (disguised as “theoretical science,” accepted as fact and taught as sound doctrine; and trust me, the only aspects of science that oppose the Bible are those related to the Big Bang Theory, and the Theory of Evolution).

At any rate, those who learn best aren’t afraid to pursue the truth even if it means they have to let go of a certain way of thinking. They aren’t afraid to discuss what could be while grounding themselves in what is. They understand that considering “what could be” also can become another pattern of thinking and they aren’t afraid to let go of that either if it turns out to be wrong. Finally, they understand the following fundamental ideas.

  • God is consistent
  • He does not lie
  • We can lie (even to ourselves). Therefore, we should trust God more than we trust ourselves.
  • We can learn to trust ourselves more when we learn to be humble lovers of truth

This is why if anyone has anything to contribute to my blogs whether it’s further clarification, or even Biblically sound correction, I am 100% open and receptive (because we do not know all, but know in part). Without further ado, let’s discuss the seals.

Is it a coincidence that there are 24 elders in the throne room of God and 24 hours in a day? There are seven days in everyone’s week (and society has forgotten they can thank the LORD for having created everything in seven days and established this recurrring measurement of time since the beginning). Think about it? Why couldn’t a week be four days long or ten? It could have been, but the world follows a seven day week and almost everyone in it somehoe knows the weekend (which begins around when God wrapped up the project we’ve come to know as His seven day creation). There are seven spirits of God (He is one God, but there are seven spirits that are His spirits lacking their own free will to become anything else [i.e. good, bad, proud, vengeful, etc.]) as ours can. Instead, those spirits are eternal ones 100% synchronized with God’s will. There are seven candle sticks and seven seals. There are also four beasts, four living creatures, four winds, corresponding to our four seasons. They are coincidences (for they councide with aspects of our observable reality, but they are deliberate ones).

Let’s focus on the seals. Why would there be seven seals? How do they relate to seven days? Did you know there are seven ages in world history separated by approximately 1,000 years? For a thousand years in God’s sight is as yesterday when it is passed according to Psalm 90:4. So I’m going to assume almost everyone reading this is fully convinced that the Bible is true or at least has begun to believe it. The times in which we live alone are a testament to its incredible accuracy! If you fully believe the Bible (and you’re not one those so-called, self-proclaimed believers who don’t even trust that Genesis is real history), then you know we live in a world that is much younger than theoretical science proposes. Though there are different estimates, the overall impression of the earth’s age is roughly 6,000 years. In other words, we live about 2,021 years after Christ’s birth. Therefore creation must have taken place somewhere around 4,000 B.C.

If every 1,000 year that has passed was as a day to God, This means that 4,000 B.C- 3,000 B.C. was day one, 3,000 B.C- 2,000 B.C. was day two, 2,000 B.C- 1,000 B.C. was day three, etc. Suffice it to say that we are now living during the evening of day six. Christ’s return will usher in the dawn of day 7…His 1,000 year reign on this earth before it is utterly destroyed and replaced with a perfect new earth. Hopefully you’re beginning to understand why there would be seven seals! They each correspond to a day.

For so long, we’ve been conditioned to think the book of Revelation is one that pertains solely to the last days. It is far more significant than that. It is a book that reveals what has been at play (behind the “veil” of our visible reality). The same way we have four seasons and four winds, there are four beasts and four living creatures. The same way we have 24 hours in a day, the throne room has 24 elders. The same way we have seven days in a week, this world will have seven ages and we have almost gone through six! What if each of the seven seals corresponds to one of the seven ages? Would this be why the seventh has not yet been opened? Let’s see…

Seal #1 The White Horse.

Day 1 (First age)  At “Sunrise,” (the dawn of the age), God creates the world. Roughly 1,000 years later, “the world that was,” ends with Noah’s flood. This was God’s 1st act of judgment upon the world. At some point, the first seal was broken.

The rider of the of the white horse set out. Nations and ethnicities began to form after the destruction of the tower of Babel. Once the seals have been broken, the riders set out, their terms will overlap, and the magnitude of their damage will increase as they joint effects increase. The sun set on day 1

Day 2: At “sunrise”, God remembers Noah and shows him a rainbow. Never again will he destroy the whole earth with a flood. By “sunset”, the cup of His wrath was full and He destroys Sodom and Gomorrah for their wickedness while saving the only righteous people who lived there. The second seal is broken also. The nations that will form will increasingly war with each other.

Day 3: At Sunrise, Abraham starts a family. He multiplies like the stars in the sky. God uses Moses to rescue the Israelites. 12 tribes become a nation. By sunset, David and his son Solomon had both been good kings (overall) with some notable failures. However, their descendents are mostly unrighteous. Israel is therefore torn and all but destroyed by Babylon. This is God’s third major judgment. At some point, the third seal was broken. International commerce would increase (along with the potential for scarcity?? “Touch not the oil and wine.”)

Day 4 : At sunrise, It took centuries for the Israelites to return to their homeland (after the Babylonian captivity. The Babylonians were to conquered by the Persians (first, second, and perhaps the third horsemen). By “sunset” Christ who was God, born into humanity has died on the cross for us all. God’s judgment was poured out upon one person who we know was truly Himself in flesh. Because our Father is consistent, never changes, and abides by His own word, He had to unleash His wrath. He chose to endure unimaginable humiliation and suffering for us!

Seal number four has been broken. The rider is called Death and Hell follows him. Side note: Christ has overcome both Death and Hell, but they still have power in the earth for one day we will say “Oh Death, where is your sting?” but that day has not yet come.

Day 5: At sunrise, Christ who was crucified, is resurrected. He has won the victory against sin, death, and hell. Centuries later, Emperor Constantine would start an empire that recognized Christ…except, it would quickly become corrupt at its core (Roman Catholicism). At sunset, the crusades occured. Interestingly enough, God’s judgment is often carried out by people and groups who do not even know they are being used by God. Nations are allowed to rise against others when one nation’s iniquity has reached a certain point.

(…just for reference). Way back in Genesis, God declared He would one day use Israel to destroy the Amorites. They would only be slaves to Pharaoh until the iniquity of the Amorites was “complete”…then they would be set free to carry out God’s judgment upon the evil doers of that land who had reached a hopeless level of spiritual wickedness. The Babylonians were used by God to temporarily defeat Israel after their repeated offense of idolatry. At any rate, during the sunset of the fifth day, we have the crusades. (Major, brutal, not-so-“Holy” war).Seal five was also broken. The souls of martyrs would begin crying out to the Lord saying “How long until you judge and avenge our blood?” After Christ would come persecution (from the Roman Catholic church, and the world that would grow to hate God, Christ, and His followers).

Day 6 : about 1025 A.D. – 2020 A.D. at sunrise, we see enlightenments, industrial revolutions, early rapid advances in technology, the printing press, modern weapons (i.e. guns, etc). By sunset, many nations have shut down. Hyper Inflation is happening. Talk of a “Great Reset” means we’re certainly entering a New World Order. We’re on the edges of our seats knowing that the Anti-Christ is somewhere in this world. He’s all grown up, getting ready to make his grand entrance. We’re in the greatest story ever told and the LORD God is indeed the author (and also the perfecter of our faith). The sixth seal has been broken, but we’re still waiting on the heavens to depart as a scroll.

Oh God please help our unbelief especially in these times, for you are the same God who time and time again has delivered those who love you and call upon your name. We’ve submitted to your ways seeing the devastation we have caused. We recognize that you are the only one who can fix our mess. Have your way. We ask for courage and hearts of warriors that will not fail us in such troubling times. In Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

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