Prayer for January 2021

Dear LORD, You are worthy of all praise. You are a faithful God who loves and shows mercy and compassion toward all, but You are also just, truthful, loving, righteous, and good. I know Your kingdom will be the best! No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no heart or mind has envisioned the amazing future you have prepared for those who love you and yearn for your kingdom and government here on earth. Father God, the spirit of Herod is upon this world, growing in power by the day. It is a spirit of anti-Christ which You will one day triumph over. Everything is unfolding as you have declared!

Our hope is in You. You alone are God and whether the world knows it or not, You are the medicine it needs. You are the remedy! Not more corrupt kings, queens, and politicians. But Father You have said that we ought to obey all governments for You’ve put them in power. You create the circumstances that lead to the rise of nations and empires. From there, its citizens decide the direction in which they will go. You are too mighty to fail and the benefits of putting my trust in You are too great to measure.

Lord this world has become biased against You and bigoted. The proverbial pots call the kettles black and vice versa. This hypocrisy is sickening! We have divided into factions and people who don’t agree are put down, despised, and ostracized. Neighbor distrusts and or hates neighbor and the love of many is indeed growing cold. We point our fingers of blame in every direction but ours for the problem everyone is equally responsible for (the problem of SIN)! Few confess their misdeeds to You! Few repent and humbly walk before you. Many say they believe in You and live as the blind and lost do, failing to see that EVERYTHING is spiritual.

Father, forgive us for the times when we (who know You) fall short. Forgive us for the times we forget that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but powers, principalities, and rulers of spiritual darkness in high places (including seats of government). Forgive us for our occasional pride, stubborness, selfishness, etc. Anything that is not of You, we pray that You will purge it from us.  Father God, please give us wisdom and strength. Help us to understand that common sense doesn’t always have to be right…merely popular. In this day and age, much common sense is flat out wrong and distorted.

Please teach us to NOT be respecters of persons, but lovers of truth. After all, people we like CAN be dishonest! People we prefer over others CAN be thieves and cheaters. We know this because we can be all those things when we disobey Your ordinances. Let not our emotions prevent us from practicing balanced righteousness. Teach us to love truth more than gain. Let us stop being tossed around by the violent waves of this world. Let us stop taking sides and joining factions that increase hate to spiritually distance ourselves from our neighbors. Instead, inspire us to ally ourselves with truth, to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly before our God.

If it is wrong to kill, let it be wrong whether it’s committed by and toward a so-called “black,” “white,” “yellow,” or “red,”  person, etc. Let us remember that absolute truths exist. “His,” “her,” and “their truths,” are absurd in light of the absolute for they change based on the day of the week or what’s trending. Let us understand what it truly means to be fair to everyone and also learn to see ourselves not in terms of color, though we come in different shades, class, though some are richer than others, or even based on what we think of ourselves. Instead, let us learn to see ourselves the way You see us. For we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the likeness of the God who first loved us. Your plans for us are perfect and you want us to prosper. LORD, I pray that you teach us to follow your ways so that we can prosper in every sense of the word and dwell in your Heavenly peace, provision, protection, and salvation in Jesus’ precious name.


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