Preparing for Christ’s Return

Christian fam, don’t get too excited thinking we’re going to escape strife and hardship. No. Too many preachers like to please itching ears with their sweet syrupy sermons. If you’re preaching to me, I need full Bible passages and context, not cherry-picked portions. God wants to strengthen His people. How do people get stronger without challenges? How will good and faithful servants endure until the end if they get to escape without going through severe trials? Christ-followers are dying in other countries for the gospel! Meanwhile, most of us here in the U.S. have gotten to go to church on Sundays and live with one foot or both feet in the world throughout the rest of the week.

Many Christians worldwide willingly travel where the battle for souls is fiercest, knowing they may not return. I have not been audacious enough to knowingly travel to places from which I may not return. But when threats and persecution come to us (because they shall at some point or other), will we stand? Will we have disciplined ourselves enough through prayer, fasting, and fellowship with God to respond as Christ would? These aren’t just questions for you, but me too. It’s good to have a sense of accountability and understand that self-discipline and initiative are crucial in working out our salvation with fear and trembling. Apathy and laziness will lead to destruction, while God will reward the diligent.

It is not easy to be a follower of Christ. Receiving salvation is the easy part. Christ did the work, but following in His ways is difficult. For one, we all want to be merciful, forgiving, and kind. Those are ideals we strive toward, but it’s easier said than done when the people who need our mercy, forgiveness, and kindness are the ones who hurt, insult, disrespect, frustrate, betray, and irritate us. When we pray for the Lord to conform us to the image of Christ, we are praying to become more like Him and less like us. Becoming like Christ requires being tested or evaluated, realizing where we stand, and asking for help in our areas of opportunity.

So let’s be strengthened by trials and be grateful in ALL situations lest we find ourselves too weak to endure until the end. If persecution comes ten times stronger than it’s ever been, let’s remember we’re warriors fighting the good fight. We have state of the art, non-carnal, unstoppable, and mighty weapons of spiritual warfare!
As we’re approaching 2021, I have one last thing to say for now, and it’s this:

“Kingdom of Darkness, we got something for you! I know you think you’re winning, and it sure looks that way, but the coup de grace is en route for you. We’ve been wrestling with you and your spirits for millennia! In this final round, it seems you’ve stepped your game up big time, but it doesn’t matter. So that you know, nothing you do now will change your fate! You lose in the end because our fearless leader is the real terminator. He’ll be back! Until then, you might find me jammin’ to this song RAH HER!


Be lavishly blessed!

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