In Every Moment


He was.

He is.

He is to come.

Calling Himself the “Alpha and Omega”, “the Beginning and the End” etcetera, the God of this universe has defined His existence in the best way we humans could ever imagine Him. Limitless, Eternal, and All Powerful. There is clearly overlap in words that best describe the very God who surrounds everything and around whom everything ultimately revolves.

Have you ever stopped to truly marvel at God? Have you really ever paused to marvel at the infinite? He existed forever ago as the same God He is today and always will be. The Bible says He never changes. That means He never grows old. If He got old, that would mean He was once young. If He was once young, that would He was born. God has no beginning of days nor end of days except in the man Christ Jesus (in whom His spirit dwelt). God never gets stronger or weaker. If He could it would mean His strength has a limit. It does not. God also doesn’t gain or lose weight, or get smarter and wiser.

Indeed a being worthy to be called God (not “a god”, or “the god of a particular blank”), He, being the single precursor and engineer of everything, would have to be all powerful. To, define and create everything, as well as establish the rules and limits within which they are bound, one must have authority that overrules everything else.

Every moment ticks on by with a regular, unchanging rhythm. There is not a single deviation in His clockwork. The only deviations are the free thinkers who forget Him, ignore Him, and celebrate their own self-development. After all, they insist God didn’t make them. They appeared and evolved. In some ways apes are smarter than they are, for apes haven’t exchanged the glaring truth for what they wish it were. LORD, have mercy on us. Once, I was blind, but now I see and what a blessing it is to finallt SEE!

I consider you in each moment, how you are there and were there before the moment ever existed. You were in the future once upon a time. You will be in the past when the future comes. And you are also in the present throughout time. You know all, you see all, you feel so many emotions at once that people misunderstand you because they cannot understand you…but who else can?

Who can fathom a God who warns us not to do the very thing, He knows we will or will not do? Who can fathom a God who knowing our decision before we make it still gives us the chance to choose? You who established boundaries and limits of all things gave us free will, the ability to define ourselves, our identities, character, and our future. It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to learn, yet You know our choices as well as if we didn’t have the freedom to choose.

LORD God, we determine what is possible and what can be done in our lives by making choices. We end the thought what could bes and what won’t bes through our determination. Etymology lesson DE (means completely) TERMINARE (means to end). In other words our choices become the end of one path and the beginning of another. If we fail to do something, for instance, we committed to not doing it. Therefore, it is impossible to undo the fact that we failed to do it then. If we succeed, then it means we took action to reach that end. I guess the best analogy for the subject of self-determination will always be a tree. Like the tree of knowledge, so are the branches of the trees of our decisions.

Oh LORD, the past You, having seen the future thought, “Let us make man after our image and likeness”. You said that the finished product that it was good. You made us knowing exactly what we would become capable of. Greed, violence, envy, lust, hatred, injustice, cowardice, dishonesty and more. You saw everything that would be in us and you provided salvation from the beginning. When the end of this world and age come, we will know as you already do that God errs not.

Future You speaks to earlier You and says “God You have already declared this and You were right! To Your glory and Mine forever, You speak truly! Our Word never returns to Us void. You know EVERYTHING. Who can know more than Us? Who can teach Us anything? Who can surprise Us with new information? Who can shock Us with something We had not already accounted for when You declared it? Who dares to think We can give free-will yet not know the outcome?” Note: If computer algorithms have gotten better at knowing what you’re going to do before you even know that you’re going to do it, how much better is the infinite knowledge of God?

And yet, God lives in every moment. We see this in the way He feels. He was pleased in the beginning, disappointed when we ate from the tree, regretful in the days of Noah, enraged when the Israelites, like the rest of the world, were practicing idol worship, delighted when King David danced before Him, dishonored when King David killed his own friend to get with his wife, compassionate when He saw the wretched state of the world, moved with love and mercy when He came as Christ, and finally austere, He will be austere when He returns as judge. We picture all of those emotions and traits when we personify God. We call it using anthropomorphisms. This is how we try to understand God by using concepts familiar to us. That’s alright to start, but to better understand God and ourselves, we need to perceive things through His eyes.

That’s quite daring, but we should try. Envision this, we will spend eternity learning how He operates and never quite get it. We are being conformed more to His image, so why not try to understand the mind we will never understand. We’ll never be more righteous, loving, or intelligent than God, but that doesn’t mean we should give up and commit to wickedness, hatred, and folly. Likewise to better understand ourselves, we ought to better understand God. We shouldn’t give up this pursuit either. In every moment, we need to recognize our opportunity to speak with God and connect with Him. He’sthe only being I know who can receive a letter you write today for 10 years ago. He saw it then before it was written, just as He knew He would one day give me enough understanding to finish this blog post.

It’squite fascinating how I now understand Christ’s death in a different way. While we were yet sinners, He died for us. When I pray yet again for forgiveness, I add another item to what Christ knew He was dying for. Future me prays to the omnipresent God who is my omnipresent help in future, present, and past, in every moment.

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