We seek to understand Him, but ultimately deny Him because He cannot be fathomed. How good can God be when there is so much suffering around us? Good enough to have sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ to die once for those who will dare to look upon the ugly truth that we human beings have been born broken since Adam’s fall. There is suffering in this world because of our choices, but God is so good to us. Even through suffering, God teaches the humble.

Desperate times don’t always call for desperate measures. While they can bring out the worst in human nature, they can also bring about such good qualities as strong faith, perseverance, and hope. In fact, no one would need those virtues if everything always went smoothly. Furthermore, no one would need them if God could not be found, or if there were no possibility of relief or respite from our troubles.

We don’t always get what we want in life. Some get bitter, others learn contentment and how to appreciate what they do have. It’s called counting one’s blessings. We often know how to say it (and sound wise), but the doing part is tough. Not always getting what we want is not the only frustrating thing about life. Sometimes we have to wait. We wait in lines, we get stuck in traffic, or we have to wait for circumstances to change. Some develop patience while others grumble and groan. Those who do the latter remain impatient.

The act of forgiveness is conceptually easier said than done. It takes strength, but one must be wronged first. Who wants to be wronged or trespassed against? Who wants to be hurt? It seems the worst situations are the best conditions to train up righteous warriors. For instance, it’s easy to tell the truth when there’s nothing at stake. It’s harder to be honest and bold when the stakes get higher. It’s hard to stand firm for one’s beliefs especially for those who believe in Christ when the world increasingly hates Him. The stakes are high. In some countries people lose their lives for preaching the gospel! No one alive today has seen Jesus and no one has ever seen God in His full glory. He has been invisible for the vast majority of our existence, but dead folk see Him and those who are alive when Christ returns will also see the LORD our God.

So back to His unfathomable goodness. He is so much better than anything this world could offer and yet, it’s easy to exchange our souls for money, fame, comfort…etc. He is infinitely great. We don’t deserve Him and yet, He wants to help us.

God is infinite in glory. He is incredibly powerful. To have formed the earth in 6 literal days while THEORETICAL scientists speculate that creation took billions of years. I wasn’t around to witness creation, not were they around billions of years ago, but one set of beliefs is right and the other only seems right to those who are not ready to face the truth. Throughout history, calendars have changed. The names of each day of our week has changed. Interestingly, there’s only one collection of books that explains why there are seven days to a week.

A week could have consisted of 3 days, 5, 8, or any other random number, but every major civilization that recorded time preserved 7? Why is that? No matter what they named those days, every civilization agreed with God’s established week. How strange. Just as strange is how they all agree on what days comprise the weekend and the start of each new week.

Don’t worry about me. I just enjoy writing and giving my audience food for thought. May the LORD God, the King of kings and Lord of lords bless you with a deeper relationship with Him as He continues to reveal Himself to you.

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