How Awesome is the Creator?


Whether it took billions of years or six days, the complexity of our cosmos glorifies God and declares His infinite wisdom, knowledge, and power. If we could have been given trillions of years, we would never have figured out how to create anything with words, let alone the universe with tools. We could never even discover how to create light. If you’re thinking of how Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, you’re not catching my drift.

The light bulb was invented by man, but light (itself) was invented and created by God. The rules that govern it are yet unknown. What information sequence brought about its behavior and wave function? No one can answer this. What law limits its speed to an estimated 186,000 miles per second?

In the areas of applied science, we have only learned to play by God’s rules. We can produce light sources, but the media through which light travels already exist. Likewise, we didn’t think to create the air molecules necessary for sound to travel. Further, while we have designed many types of vehicles, we did not embed the coded laws of friction, momentum, thrust…etc. into our reality (the very ones which allow for movement). What did the first cell eat? Perhaps I’m asking too many questions at once. Questions no one could even begin to honestly answer. Those who try are most likely the same who look for every answer except “God.”

The silliness of the religions we have disguised as theoretical astrophysics and evolutionary biology becomes apparent once we realize they actually raise more questions in the mind that thinks critically than the Bible does in the mind that has been conditioned to process information in a biased manner. The secular paradigm vies for our faith every bit as much as the Biblical one does (if not more). The truth, is this—those who avoid God ARE DODGING THE TRUTH.

God is all powerful, all knowing, omnipresent, perfect, righteous, and everything the Bible says He is. But when we don’t want to admit we’re wrong, we are flawed, and we are all destroying the world along with ourselves in increasingly compounded ways, we find ourselves trying to remove Him from everything. We can only drift from truth. When we do, we begin to live out our lies. Too bad the lie we believe never becomes true.

The world has been trying to push God away, but it has only rejected its cure. Artificial Intelligence won’t save our souls. Going green won’t save us. God is, has always been, and will always be our resoluton.

The LORD God sent His only begotten son to die for us on a cross (a Roman form of torture to the death). His son, Jesus Christ is sealed in history, which could not deny Him even if it wanted to (sometimes I feel like modern historians want to “delete” Him). Historians aren’t the only ones looking to remove anything of God from our world. Some so-called scientists are also hard at work to make Nietzsche’s wish come true (by killing God). Most, don’t realize that among all the real science they have in their mental storage compartments, they’ve also downloaded some junk files by believing the pseudoscientific theories of universal origin.

The impossible random events that theoretical pseudoscience proposes is incompatible with the historically factual mission of Christ. Such order in our universe (as we can clearly see) could not have originated from a series of random, but highly convenient chaotic events, with only the mere illusion of underlying strategy, but no real motive or purpose.

To say that “it seems as though someone wanted us to exist” is a fear-inducing, curiosity-piquing, and bold admission of deductive reasoning. Moreover, it is an example of well-executed critical thought, for it is indeed critical that we consider the reasons for our existence; they are both significant and consequential. If the mind and plan of God has been reduced to a series of highly improbable (more like impossible) chaotic accidents, then can we not reduce our own brains to chaotic machines?

Microscopic sparks of seemingly random nature (seemingly at first glance) fire off in our heads constantly while we yet live. Imagine one of our cells trying to grasp the complexity of our brain. It would utterly fail to realize that the seemingly random electrical impulses and exchanges among neurons ultimately spark ideas and control a much larger and immensely more intelligent specimen which it serves unknowingly.

Even the pseudoscientific theories of universal origin obliviously point toward an ultimate intelligence. They maintain that the probability of any single milestone in the seemingly infinite chain of events that led to our existence is astronomically low. Yet conveniently (much like Hollywood movies), some absurdly low chance event saved the day, everyday for hundreds of billions of years! First, the Big Bang exploded with enough force to keep its own gravity from pulling its own burst back into itself (this alone was a chance in some outrageous number). Continuing along with the legend, the universe is believed to have initially been hot. Some daresay it was a mix of different ingredients kinda like …hmm let’s see…soup! Yeah, that’s it! They call it “primordial soup.”

Initially the cosmos was like a hellishly hot pot of cock-a-leekie. Then it began cooling enough for its gases to eventually solidify. Subsequently gravity began pulling large celestial bodies  into what seemed to be nearly perfect spheres (except they’re not quite spherical). You see, earth isn’t the only “oblate spheroid,” according to astronomists and astrophysicists. Those shapes are all around us because as planets and stars revolve and spin on their axes, their outermost sides expand (outward) a bit. Nevertheless, it’s still very interesting that these planets neatly put themselves together.

Some time afterward, the planets began to form atmospheres. Others took it a step further and began to create simple molecules, proteins, and random information. It was a chance in zillions, but by then, there were multiverses, and chaotic things were happening everywhere. One planet, in particular, became so incredibly and arbitrarily fortunate not just to have random molecules and proteins appearing out of nowhere, but cells as well! One day, a single fully formed cell successfully appeared after countless trials. That planet was earth send after this made-up, I mean unusual anomaly, nothing has ever appeared again without a cause.

It would be silly to think the universe succeeded at any one stage the first time; otherwise, it shouldn’t have taken billions of years of trial and error. Anyway, fast-forward and this full formed cell became everything, through reproduction, evolution, and…do you see how silly and laughable this all is? Since when does randomness have a intentional course? Such preposterous ideas require extraordinary evidence, for they are extraordinary claims. For the record, dinosaur fossils aren’t that kind of evidence. I’m talking objects appearing out of nowhere and assembling themselves because last time I checked, a theory that lifeless ingredients assembled themselves into functional systems cannot ever become a fact without thoroughly following the scientific method (which includes experimentation).

If one day I spill a box of cheerios and the spill unmistakably rearranges itself into a meaningful sentence by itself, I will be sure publically apologize for my folly. Until then, no matter how we spin it, the evidence is clear that everything was CREATED by a powerful intelligence from virtual nothingness to vast systematic complexity. The issue here is not the Biblical paradigm, but the secular one which has sought to oppose each of its foundations. The Bible is not opposed to science and history. In fact, it supports both and vice versa! It is also historically factual that our broad understanding of ancient history was not attained primarily from hieroglyphs, and other cultures, but from the Bible and the ancient manuscripts from which it derives.

Pseudoscience is incompatible with the Creator of heaven and earth. Furthermore, it fails to account for anything we can consider spiritual. Everything doesn’t operate like clockwork because chaos put it together, but because the God of order did. Our story of a random explosion leading to random cells appearing out of nowhere demonstrates our apparent love for stories where the hero saves the day just in time, every time. Realistically, however, all this allegedly purposeless randomness is one of the many distractions of this world.

It leads us to ignore the fact that we are a flawed human race on behalf of which a divine miracle worker had to intercede to save our souls from the consequences of sin. Jesus willingly laid down His life for humanity and this doesn’t mix well with evolution because Jesus was God with us (in mortal flesh). The Creator of heaven and earth stepped into history to show he’s real in this story. That just-in-the-nick-of-time “hero cell” that became life on earth is the imposter. How can one believe in a Big Bang, allege that he or she relies on observable evidence, yet disregard the FACT that nothing has ever been observed to randomly appear or assemble itself without some cause (if anything), and then shed light on the invisible realm of spirits. Where and how do these heavily flawed theories account for spirituality? Where would spirits fit into that pseudoscientific story arc? Why aren’t more mainstream scientists studying these entities? Even people who don’t believe in God often claim to be “spiritual.” Explain yourselves.

That’s all for now…

Be sure to tune in next time to see what else has been churning in my mind. Chao. Be blessed!

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