Select, Choose, Vote, and Elect, God Will Use Whoever You Choose.

Every four years, registered citizens of America have an opportunity to vote. In the grand scheme of things, the country as a whole determines the direction it wants to take for the next four years. It’s fascinating how each person is like a cell that comprises a much larger organism. Each thought merges into a collective pool of thoughts.

Our free agency allows for individual decisions which form intricate growth possibilities (complex as the ramifications of a tree). Ultimately, the end of the road is a consolidated scrutiny of our choices by the eyes of the Most High. He who was, is, and shall always be ultimately judges people as individuals and or nations. His judgements may not always seem supernatural. Sometimes they may not always seem as though they are from God. Nevertheless, He sits on the Highest throne above any principality, power, or political authority.

Even when we choose our own path (whether that means ultimately putting our faith in God or the systems of the world), our actions will only exalt Him. Even the fool who has said in his heart there is no God will exalt Him when He discovers the reality of the Creator and pinnacle of power and righteousness. Every political authority is in place by His design although our fallen human nature allows for corruption and wickedness even within the highest seats of government.

Therefore, when I vote, as I did Tuesday, November 3rd, of the year 2020 A.D. (approximately 2,020 years from the Anno Domini), I do so knowing that God has already declared the end from the beginning. Although each of us indeed exercises free agency, God still knew what we would do. The argument of predetermined outcomes as a contradiction to free will is essentially silly when accounting for God’s omniscience. Master chess players can see several moves ahead although their opponents can choose their play. Yet, that’s not a contradiction. So imagine a being who knows all and can do anything. Can He learn? No.

A being who possesses all knowledge cannot be surprised with new knowledge. We cannot teach God or do anything He had not accounted for. Yet we decide. Instead of being in awe, some choose to perplex their minds with this unfathomable truth and subject their minds to cognitive dissonance. We learn because we do not know all. We grow in strength or lose it because we are not the source of it, but we’re mere humans. All power comes from God. He cannot grow or lose muscles because He is as infinitely powerful as He will ever be.

With that said, when I vote, I am choosing which vessel I want the LORD to use. All of creation will be used by God whether they like it or not. Their only choice is how God will use them. Will He use their rebellion to glorify Himself as the Supreme being and creator or will He use their obedience. If He uses the proud and disobedient, He will humble them in due time and still have His way. If He uses the humble and obedient, He will also reward them for willingly allowing Him to be God.

We can choose to reject God. We can even forbid Him from entering our lives (whoever would be so bold and foolish). He gives us this power and freedom to choose, but be careful. God may not force His love upon us or force us to love and accept Him, but in due time, He will judge every heart.

We may be able to choose who we want in political power, but God is using everyone. He already declared the end from the beginning! He knew! So let us pray for our nation’s leaders, but more importantly, let us especially those who believe in Christ, not be troubled by the outcome of the election.

When we pray the Lord’s prayer and get to “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done,” we should bear in mind that we’ve been asking for God’s kingdom to be established for almost two millenia. All empires come to an end due to human imperfection. The Kingdom of God is different..

God rules over His Kingdom in perfect righteousness, fairness, and love. He sets unchanging, unwavering, and clear principles, and ideals. No human ruler can compare to our perfect God. Every human empire has come to an end especially the ones that drifted from the knowledge of God. Believers, if the nation becomes volatile after the election, we know where our help, hope, and peace come from. We ought to be the most ‘chill’ people in the world because everything that has unfolded thus far was already prophesied in that powerful Holy-Spirit-inspired collection of books we call the Bible.

If you don’t currently believe in Jesus, but you’ve made it this far, it’s a decision you won’t regret (if you fully commit to Him). He loves you so much and demonstrated that love for you in that while you were still a sinner, He died for you. We’ve been counting for 2,000+ years since He began walking the earth. He is the only human being to have had such an impact because He was not an ordinary human being. He was the accurate fulfillment of hundreds of prophesies. Moreover the fulfillment of those prophesies can bewilder any statistician. Jesus Christ lived a perfect (sinfree) life and shed his blood to save our sinful souls. No one else ever did that for us, no one else can, has to, or ever will again.

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