Someone Should Tell the Pope

“You are NOT Christ”

“You certainly are NOT God”

“You don’t speak for God”

“Though He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, you change from time to time. Therefore we cannot trust you like we can trust our Creator.”

The Pope has had the audacity to tell Christians on several occasions that their mission is not to convert others. Well, allow me to clean this up for him (at least to the best of my ability). Real Christians cannot and do not convert anyone. Technically speaking, we do not do the work. Instead, the Holy Spirit causes someone to understand God’s goodness and mercy. Does the Pope preach the gospel? No. He practices a form of Godliness, but denies its power. He is not leading people to Christ, but to a pantheon of other characters among which are dead saints, angels, and demons. God is not mocked.

The pope has been recorded saying “We’re not in the time of the crusades.” Clearly we’re not…Let’s be glad he pointed that out. For if we were, everyone would understand that the Roman Catholic church was largely responsible for the Holy Wars and the bloodshed. The Gospel (which means “Good News”) of Jesus Christ is not about forceful conversion. It never was, but greed and ego enticed the Catholic church to engage in “Holy” warfare (if it can be called such a thing). The Gospel is about sharing the love of Christ and the message of hope that He brought to the world; but let’s revisit the Crusades for a moment.

When the Knights Templar (a Catholic military order), shed the blood of countless Muslims, many were delusional to think they were honoring Christ with their deeds. Since then, many false prophets and teachers have misled many (as God forewarned through the prophets in the Bible). The mission of the born again believer is to share the good news to all who will listen. Those who listen must choose to do so while God has extended His grace. Those who convert must also choose to open their hearts to Christ. It’s not about force or coercion.

Unlike ritualistic religious practices which often involve vain repetitions and idolatry, true followers of Christ enjoy a real relationship with Him. God is not impressed nor moved by mere rituals. He knows people’s hearts. Therefore, He doesn’t require anyone who shares the good news to carry weapons. Pope, you’re right. We’re not living in the time of the crusades, but even if we were, rest assured that true followers of Christ who dare to preach the gospel would most likely be martyred before becoming murderers.

Past popes have often tainted God’s message and character. They have blasphemed left and right, changing the ordinances of the Most High. He hasn’t changed, but they did and those who read the Bible for themselves and are filled with the Holy Spirit can see right through the act.

In fact, God warns against the doctrines of Catholicism. It is lukewarm at best, and downright rebellious at worst. Still, the danger of its doctrines lie in the subtleness of its deceptions. Crafty as the serpent in the garden it has sought to change times and laws such as the fourth commandment.

Someone should ask the Pope if he has truly has accepted Jesus as His Lord and Savior? For God says You will know them by their fruits. If he has accepted Christ, why would he try to keep such a vital and consequential testimony to himself? Does He not know that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life? Does he not recall that no one is worthy to come before the perfect God of creation without the only mediator Christ Jesus? If not, it isn’t too late to repent before the Lord returns. For as a “teacher,” who was allegedly called to share his knowledge of God, much is required of the Pope. To whom much is given, much is expected and required.

I would be afraid to face the living God on judgement day and hear Him say “Depart from me, you worker of iniquity. I never knew you.” Rituals and motions do not matter to Him. Do you love the LORD? If so, feed and care for his sheep. Stop telling people to do things that go against Christ’s teachings. Stop turning people away from the only shepherd who will never mislead them even accidentally.. Two thousand years ago, He died so that anyone who chooses to believe in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.

Well well. It looks like I just shared the gospel with someone without bloodshed. It looks like we’re not in the Catholic crusade, but our war is a spiritual one. It’s about opening people’s eyes to the nature of sin which is the ugly reflection the world doesn’t want to look at. Everything else is to blame except the darkness of the human heart. The sad part is that the Pope supports this while grinning in people’s faces.

Someone should tell the Pope, like all who have sinned and fallen short (that’s everyone on earth), he needs to humble himself quickly and repent.

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