What the World Needs Right Now

Jesus is the answer to all of our problems. It’s a paradox really that this world carries on wanting to have nothing to do with Christ. Many say they are Christian, but only when it’s convenient. I’ve done that before, so I cannot exalt myself above anyone who still does this. However, I can say this it’s wrong based on my growth in the knowledge of Christ and my self-reflection.

God has shown me that it’s not enough to believe in “a higher power” or in “a God.” When we say we believe in “a god,” it’s so we can be friends with everyone. Here’s wisdom for you: we can keep peace with people and even be peacemakers without trying to conform our idea of God to make it fit a worldwide collective and be “friends” with everyone. Therefore I believe in the one true God of this universe, and I’m in relentless pursuit of Him and His righteousness. There is only one God, and deep down, I believe everyone knows this, but for one reason or another, our emotions keep many in a state of denial.

Accepting the one true God is difficult for many because they detest the idea of a single Heavenly Father for many reasons. Among those reasons are “Daddy Issues,” issues with other men, or even problems with the pressure they felt being told to repent from lifestyles they liked. But I’ll let you know there is evidence of only one God, and one of those is that historically, everything converges into a singularity. The proof of this is all around us. For instance, would you believe that the 7.6 billion people on this earth were only 150-300 million people in the year 1 AD? That’s less than the current US population and 25 times fewer people than the current world population…and before that, there were fewer people until you get to the two specimens who began the human race. Same with animals. At some point, in the earth’s history, there were only two penguins, and they became the world’s population of penguins. Biology classes taught me that there is more evidence for the Big bang and evolution than for God, but it’s quite the opposite.

You see, we’ve been taught to accept evidence as proof. A single piece of evidence is not proof. It’s only a sign. Some animals look like others. Most animals have eyes, nose, mouths, and lungs. They’re related, but not because they all evolved from another, but because a single designer optimized them. A cheetah has longer legs and relatively bigger lungs than it’s other feline cousins. Likewise, an eagle has broader wings than a sparrow, and human beings have relatively shorter arms than apes because we’re not optimized for swinging from trees. A semi-truck has headlights, a windshield, a steering wheel, and some other standard features found on a pickup truck or even a family sedan. Still, it has 18 wheels instead of 4 because it is optimized by the manufacturer to carry more weight. I hope you get the point. Evidence isn’t proof.

To be fair, the optimization found throughout all of creation isn’t proof of God’s existence either, but evidence and critical thinking together can guide us to the knowledge of the truth. Just keep in mind we can’t be led to the understanding of truth if we keep allowing emotion to cloud our judgment. It doesn’t matter if your dad disappointed you. It doesn’t change facts. It doesn’t matter if you hate hearing about how everyone’s a sinner. It doesn’t change the facts.

So let’s get back to the facts. The human, animal, and plant populations you see now exist because of reproduction. We know these things, but we find every excuse not to conclude that God created all things, and made then to reproduce after their kind. Think about how one single cell became everything. It couldn’t! There are too many questions that critical thinkers can ask that would come back unanswered. One of the ones that mystify me is how one cell would have chosen to stop self dividing and decide to form two clusters, one male, one female that could mate and reproduce through a process that is quite pleasurable.

The amount of coordination that would be required for two blind clusters or blobs whose eyes hadn’t evolved yet to shapeshift into two nearly identical specimens with distinct yet functional sexual organs and gametes is impossible! Therefore, there is a God. There is a higher power, and He is the God of creation who existed before the “gods” of this world were born because they were all “born” (or more accurately “made”). So no, we can’t coexist because those thousand gods are lies. The God who made space, time, and matter could not have been created. He has no beginning of days nor end of days as the Bible says because it makes sense that as the creator of all, He would have dominion overall. Therefore God is omnipotent. Because He is all-powerful, He does not need help. Because He does not need help from gods of lightning and thunder, gods of the sea, gods of the hunt, gods of fertility, etcetera, those “lesser” false gods do not deserve our worship. I serve the one who made everything.

The problem with this world is that we reject this God because He gives us rules we don’t like. Well tough! So we practice a form of godliness, taking 95% of what we want and we play Jenga with it. “I’ll take this beam out and put it here. I’ll take this foundation out and put it there.” Not realizing that structure is what everything needs to exist. People have an “I’m good” mentality whether they’re just trying to be dismissive and live in denial of Jesus (“I’m good…I don’t need that”), or whether they believe they’re good people. I can tell you for sure that I’m not. Comparatively speaking I can see why people would think I am, but here’s the truth:

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. -Romans 3:23
None does good. Not even one. -Psalm 14:3

The root of our problems has never been racial tension brought about by slavery in America. The origin of our problems isn’t the disparity between rich and poor. The root of our problem isn’t chauvinism. It isn’t religious intolerance. It isn’t close-mindedness toward homosexuality or any sexuality. The origin of our problem is not agendas being forced on people, while those who disagree are silenced. These are valid issues, but the underlying issue of the world is SIN in people’s hearts! You’re disobedient to God because of sin. You think God doesn’t want you to fornicate because He hates sex? No, He made it. God just doesn’t want you to use people and be used and hurt. He wants you to be married first. So for that reason, some people hate Him, but the issue is really the sin in their hearts.

What makes a man disregard the fact that he’s not married yet want to lie down with a woman to have sex with her? Does he love her, or does he love the feeling he’ll get when she shares her body with him before he eventually leaves her? What makes a woman do the same? Lust. Lust is very natural, but if we don’t control it, we sin. One can lust to their heart’s desire when their passion is for the person they married. Otherwise, it is the same sin that creates pedophiles, leads to human trafficking, disease, murder, and sadly some people’s wealth at the expense of the well-being of others.

The issue with our world is not interracial tension. Racial tensions only exist because we do not love our neighbors as ourselves. The problem with our society isn’t the disparity between rich and poor. It is the lust for power and wealth at the expense of the others. It isn’t chauvinism. Men and women were both created in the image of God, but regrettably, many men are bullies. It isn’t religious intolerance but rather, the tolerance of everything else other than the God who created us after His divine likeness. The issue of our world has isn’t its close-mindedness toward sexuality. It is the cowardice to confront it. We were made male and female. Animals do not have identity crises. Pigeons don’t think they were supposed to be born pigs…and if they ever do, human beings are to blame for taking them out of their element.

Dear world, God loves us so tremendously that He sent His son to die for the genuine but elusive issue (of sin) that this world denies as fervently as it kept doing for racism. Do you not understand that WE murdered Jesus because WE didn’t like what He had to say?

“No, the Romans did that” “Oh no, the Jews did it!” We blame everyone but ourselves. “Oh, the Nazi’s did this” “Muslim extremists did that!” Come on! Do you not see it? WE are doing all of this! Anger is the same emotion that leads to murder when it is unrighteously expressed. A lustful person is the same kind who would rape another if the lust were significant enough amid weak self-restraint. A greedy person is the same as a thief who would steal if the opportunity presented itself. One who tells a white lie would deceive the world if he or she had a platform big enough. Sin is sin! Human beings are the problem, I was part of the problem, but we don’t fix it by continuing to fight each other. We fix ourselves and every confused notion we entertain by turning to the God who made us and by learning how to humble ourselves real quick because clearly…CLEARLY…, we do not know our way.

Jesus can change everyone who turns to Him and accepts Him. He will forgive all of our sins…ALL of it…if we sincerely seek Him and turn away from our sins. He will help us as we struggle to change our courses, but our efforts must be sincere, and He will give us the strength to overcome. God IS love, but we need to stop saying this while we pick the aspects of God we like.

If you’d like to support this ministry, please pray that God will always be glorified on this site, and His truth will never be compromised here. Also, feel free to not only enjoy the free content but also purchase your copy of “The Serpent’s Lie.” The sequel is aimed for a September 30th release. Thank you all for your support. Be lavishly blessed!

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