Psalm 91 …The Dark Inverse

Psalm 91 is a powerful and elaborate covenant which King David under the power of the Holy Spirit explains to believers in the one and only God of Creation. We know how it can encourage the believer, but what about the unbeliever. Let’s consider the inverse implication of Psalm 91 and how it would sound as a warning to the wicked.

The soul who dwells in the lustful eye of a wicked world shall find terror under the wrathful shadow of the Almighty. They say of the Lord. He is so wrathful and he is unfair our God in him they don’t trust. Surely he shall deliver them to the snare of their desires and to perilous disease. He shall expose them and their families, and from the shadow of his wings shall they flee, His truth shall be their bane and their undoing. They shall be in constant fear of the terrors of the night, the arrow by day, of the disease that lurks in darkness and the calamity that lays waste at midday. When someone falls at their right side and even others at their left side, danger is upon them. Only with their eyes will they look and see the difference among the righteous… because they have not made the Lord who is our refuge even the Most High their dwelling place, all evil shall conquer them. They shall wonder why they can’t catch a break. Why their “luck” is so bad. For he shall deprive them of the angelic forces that keep His servants in all their ways. They shall wash their hands of them… lest their pure hands be soiled by darkness. The wicked shall be devoured by that raging lion who was also a serpent; yes that devouring lion and dragon shall deceive and destroy them. “Because they have set their hate upon Me therefore I will denounce them. I will cast them down as profane things because they have dishonored my name. They shall choose their idols and I will remember it. There will be no escape from torment I will judge them and humble them. With eternal death will I punish them and show them all my judgments.”

Scary huh? Thankfully, God’s plans for us are to prosper and not harm us. He wants to love us. He wants us to love Him back, but we get to choose…and He respects our choices. Just remember though…God is love, He always has been but He sent Jesus to die once for all. He did this so we could be free from His wrath. He has been patient with humanity and He’s been pleading with us through the true prophets. The next time He comes, it will not be to die again, but to judge all souls. Trust in the LORD. Fear Him only. Love Him because He is good to us and He first loved us. Give your life over to Him amd let the God of the universe love you the way no one else can. He is love, but He is also perfect justice and righteousness…and He will return to save those who trusted in Him and punish those who chose the pleasures of sin.

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