Our Numbered Days



From the beginning, death has been on my heels, relentlessly pursuing me from my birth. At some point, it seemed to have disappeared, but now I know it has been lurking somewhere waiting to strike. It’s only a matter of time.

🌹Death is as slippery as a newborn entering the world. With the breach of the womb, it follows the living as a shadow growing in stature and strength just as we do, but then, we plateau…and death begins to take hold. Unlike us, it never declines. No! It has a need to conquer the great and the small, rich and poor. Not one escapes its lethal grasp.

🌹Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden, because the seed of sin was fertilized within them. From their sin sprouted the rest of iniquity and for every sinful work, death springs in the form of illnesses. For the wages of sin is death.

🌹If time is the currency of life, what matters most should be how we spend it. Should we invest ours to sow and reap love, joy, and the fruit of the Kingdom, or should we gamble with our lives and take unwise chances? Once we spend our currency, the wages of our sin tip the scale. Our sin outweighs our time and with each passing it seems Death enjoys further victory.

🌹But this world has it backwards, advising us to use our lives on earth to glorify the mortal (dying) flesh. Moreover, “if both the Kingdom of Heaven and the prison of Hell exist, we can cross that bridge when we get there,” says the world. “Until then, drink, be merry, make every mistake you desire. “Regret nothing; Repent not.” Oh it’s backwards, indeed, and many waste the currency of their time, withering away until their final sleep before they awaken somewhere else —somewhere hideous and lonely, though densely populated (the gate of the prison for souls). “Teach us to number our days Oh Lord, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

🌹For what is life but a lit candle with a short wick whose flame ceases to exist when the wick is consumed? And what is wisdom if not the application of knowledge…(that which we know)?

🌹Do we not know that God created the Heavens and the earth? Do we not know that the Creator always has dominion over the created? Do we not know that God set rules for righteous living; rules for our own good (because He loves us)…and wants to save us from the penalty of the law which all have broken?

🌹The penalty for our sins is separation from Him…but those who love Him draw nearer to the LORD. Those who love Him fear the LORD. They understand He is the perfect standard and the pinnacle of all wisdom, righteousness, and power. His countenance and presence are both beautiful and terrible simultaneously. Even death obeys Him…and what is Death other than the creature that leads lovers of righteousness into the open arms of our Father God, and lovers of sins, to the eternal prison where they can corrupt no more.

🌹For the faithful, to be absent from the body is to be present with God. The body goes to the ground decomposing perfectly with the earth from which God formed us. The spirit returns to God who gave it. Jesus beheld the dead little girl and said…”She is only asleep”. For what man imagines Death to be is nothing more and nothing less…than sleep, from which we Christians are woken to behold the Eternal Glory of our Almighty God! Thus, blessed are those who have their trust in Him. Death will not have its seal of ownership upon them. “For Christ is the resurrection and the Life. Those who believe in Him shall live, although their flesh shall die.”

🌹May her loved ones open their eyes to see God’s Eternal Light shining upon her.

Miguel Aleman Valembrun, Jr.
On the death of Ghislaine Dorcely,
Daughter of the late
Yvette Valembrun Dorcely


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  1. Excellent! I wished I had a link that would allow to share these thoughts with my contacts.Let The Lord continue to inspire and use you!Love always mum!

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