Happy Resurrection Sunday

Good morning and Happy Resurrection Sunday! I pray that we will use this day as a time for reflection on what Christ did for all sinners that we might be forgiven of all past misdeeds, set free, and saved by His grace and mercy. We are also to forgive others as Christ commanded us to do, for the merciful shall obtain mercy.

We all need Jesus. Accepting Him means accepting God the Father because Jesus was not merely a man. He was a man (granted), but He is also the son of God; and in (perhaps) the greatest paradox of all, He IS Almighty God… everlasting Father (c.f. Isaiah 9:6, John 1:1-17). Jesus is the very God who created the world.

Those who realize their need for Him choose to carry their cross of selflessness and follow Jesus. Those same people will see His Kingdom (c.f. Matt 5:3).

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