The Fountain of Life

Welcome to the Fountain of Life. God’s been calling some of your names and knocking on the door of your hearts. But many of you have yet to let Him in…”Why should you?” you may wonder whenever you think about it. You may think because everyone’s different and everyone experiences unique mixtures of struggle, pain, heartbreak, and deception that He doesn’t know yours but rest assured God knows everything about you. Now from personal experience, certain trigger words can cause people to shut the door of their hearts to God’s messages…and I don’t want you to do that. Be strong dear audience, sit tight, and stay tuned.

God comes bearing a gift that will change your life forever IF you receive it. It’s called “Salvation”…You’ve heard it so often it probably sounds like a joke, but if we could all be serious for a moment, what I’m about to share with you is so real. This world is in danger! You’re probably wondering, “…from what?”. To best understand it, we must understand the lies we’ve been told, and wake up to the truth of God. The best way for me to explain everything is by taking you back to the very beginning.

LORD God, all Glory be to you.

Genesis, the first book of the Bible, says, “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). If you’re not familiar with this, it’s probably because, in school, you were taught that everything kinda just made itself. If you’re wise, you’ll ask fair questions—such as “How did everything just come together like this?” After all, you’ve never seen a house build itself. Even the robots that are inspired by living things don’t assemble themselves.

An interesting fact of design is that created things are inferior to their creator. I don’t want you to feel put down by this statement. Instead, I want you to be significantly empowered. While God is superior to us (whether the world likes it or not, the Bible states we are fearfully and wonderfully made. The level of our complexity in design is UNRIVALLED by anything we can make or even imagine! We cannot surpass what God has done.

If you thought computers or robots were more advanced than you or were quickly getting to that point, you were sorely mistaken. They are FAR from it. The human brain is a supercomputer that doesn’t need to take up a large room but fits within a space more than half the size of a basketball. It is responsible for processing an insane amount of information both internally and externally. It is designed to function with minimal lag. If you think of something very “hardware intensive,” your heart most likely won’t even skip a beat. Your breathing will likely continue without a glitch. If you were walking, running, or just standing, while processing that thought, you probably wouldn’t even lose your balance.  In the meantime, your body is always maintaining it’s temperature, sensing the world around it through your eyes, ears, skin, etc. Assuming you’re functioning without defect, you don’t have to forget a childhood memory just to save a new one, and if you have a cut or bruise, you can rest assured that your body doesn’t have to pause its healing process so that you can think more clearly.

Machines may be stronger or more immediately durable than us (if they are made of tougher substances than flesh and bone). They may be able to calculate particular bits of information faster than the average person (if they are designed for pure calculation). They may be able to record a memory with more precision and fidelity. Still, no gizmo of ours even comes remotely close to being able to perform all of our abilities as well as we can.

At any rate, the Bible is the only book that has captured the magnificence of God’s creation and creative process, the unwavering, timeless moral standard of God, prophecies that only He could have revealed to man, complete ancient history, and the essential truth we need to live the lives our maker wants us to live. It is the only collection of books of its kind.

The Bible is not a Jewish book. It’s not “a white man’s” book or a book for “black folk.” It pertains to ALL people of the world. However, the Jews are the people who God initially chose to safeguard the authentic and historical accounts found within the sacred texts. Those texts were entrusted to Israel so that they would make it to the present day for such times as these. But Israel was one man who multiplied into twelve sons and two daughters. Those twelve sons continued to reproduce until Israel was no longer a man, but a nation.

Each of us is either a descendant of Israel or the “gentiles” (non-Israelites). Those who are native to the country called “Israel” are merely a remnant of the descendants of the original Israelites. I digress. No other document contains as extensive a record of human history or genealogies that lead up to the very Christ who we all pay homage to whether or not we know it! No other ancient documents have been so well preserved!

To say we live in the year 2020 acknowledges that we live roughly two thousand and twenty years after his birth! For those who haven’t given it much thought, this year is 2020 A.D. (that stands for the Latin “Anno Domini” meaning (the year of our LORD). Someone living in the year 925 A.D. knew that nine centuries earlier, Jesus Christ had walked the earth! This was as sure a fact as the Holocaust was to someone who even lived 30 years after it.

Sadly, the world allows itself to forget things and corrupt history to the point where some people believe real events like the Holocaust never happened. Likewise, many believe Jesus was a myth (even though every year we count should remind us otherwise). Somehow, this man became more influential than all others before Him and deservedly so. Not only was He wise, but He was known to perform supernatural miracles. It was as if He had authority over all things. What manner of being was He? Clearly, He was not just a human being, but a divine one also; the fullness of God and the fullness of man dwelling in one. Some prophecies spoke of His coming, the lineage through which He would come, how He would be born, the location, the way Jesus would live, and the way He would die and rise again (even before the method by which He was killed was even invented)! I’ll let you chew on that for a second.

Dear audience, I don’t want you to “eat” too quickly because then you might not be able to digest everything God wants you to know. So before I continue, I’d first like you to forget all that you’ve ever learned for a brief moment because the biggest obstacle to acquiring new knowledge is the perception that the new knowledge being presented isn’t factual. I can debate for hours with a stubborn non-believer to no avail, but with one who is wise, genuinely unbiased, and not looking always to be right, I may be able to show just how real God has forever been.

The truth of God will never change no matter how many people laugh at what true Christians believe or conspire to tell you differently. I say true Christians because MANY people pretend to be Christian for their gain. “You’ll know them by their fruits.” You can identify them by the material wealth they flaunt, often with an outward semblance of humility. While much of the world suffers and starves, they store up riches. While they seem to profess Christ, they worship objects, money, angels, Saints, foreign gods, sensations, etc. They violate the ten commandments. Some even attain great power and “religious authority.” Others falsely teach that human beings are gods, and to draw near to God requires us to find our divinity. Still, others chase highs. Their mouths utter foul language, lies, blasphemy, etc.

God is real. God is perfect, all-knowing, all-powerful, and everything the Bible says He is. Those who would laugh, mock, and scoff are the same ones who would pass up a treasure left behind by a great ancestor of theirs who told them through a journal that he had hidden a special treasure for them. He also mentioned that to find the treasure, they would have to put in some honest effort and believe the words of his journal. Sadly, they gave up after a few of their peers laughed at their gullibility and mocked them. They did not stand up for the truth but joined the unbelievers, so they could blend in and be “accepted.”

“Your ancestor was crazy! He was responsible for much bloodshed. People searching for this treasure are all insane, and they don’t care who they hurt to find it! Besides, the rules and requirements outlined in your ancestor’s journal don’t even make sense and are impossible to abide by!” said all the scoffers…and so they scoffed on and on. That was a parable. The Bible is the journal of our ancestors. It outlines the way to achieve fellowship with God. That is the treasure of immeasurable worth. Our ancestors spoke a completely different language than most people speak today. Language changes over time, but the ideas contained within the Bible have never changed. An unchanging God taught them to humanity. Some Bible versions are indeed subpar, but no other book has complete original copies with powerful modern tools for individual study as the Bible.

One does not have to know how to read Hebrew to understand the Bible, unlike its closest relative, the Quran, which requires its believers to be familiar with Arabic. That would not be very transparent. With the Bible, there are powerful study tools such as the Blue Letter Bible, which allow readers to research the original meanings of words. One does not have to deny PROVEN science to accept the Bible. The ONLY aspects of science that go against the Bible are THEORIES like the “Big Bang” and “Evolution.” One only has to question all paradigms FAIRLY to arrive at the truth of God, which means every other religion around the world that has lost its historicity, scientific accuracy, and unwavering moral authority, become nothing more than folk tales and myths. Additionally, all other religions that have not predicted the times we live in and countless other events as accurately as the Bible are not even close to the same caliber.

All other religions that cannot explain how flawed human beings somehow become “worthy” enough to obtain the hope of eternal life with the perfect Creator who made all things, rules over all things, and is scientifically verifiable (though not quantifiable), are false teachings and distractions. The truth is the willfully ignorant are in danger. If that was you,  then draw near to the fountain of life, Jesus Christ, also called Immanuel (God with Us), and He can change the trajectory of your life forever.

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