Changing Times…Unchanging God

The Bible is increasingly being banned from schools these days. That is no coincidence⁠—as the world is also becoming darker, more selfish, and colder. Contrary to the propaganda being promoted, the world doesn’t “love more” than it used to, although it has convinced itself that it knows “love” better than preceding generations. However, here’s a fact; these days, people are more likely to record someone getting robbed or beat up than to do something about it! The Bible has become a book full of what people with ever-softened-skin and ever-hardened-hearts regard as “hate speech,” not because it uses profane language, racist, or hateful speech, but because it draws a sharp line around what God (not man) determined to be good. Biblical teachings conflict directly with what our flesh wants us to call “good” and thus “ruffles the feathers of the over-sensitive.”

According to 1 John 4:8, “Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” Let it not be misquoted by those who do not know God but believe themselves to be loving. They love those who agree with them and, in a particular set of circumstances, would persecute those who strongly disagree with them. If we truly know love, however, we would know God and vice versa. We would live in love and therefore be in God.

Love is not supposed to see sin and accept it. Instead, it considers the person and says, “come as you are. I am patient. I will wait for you to come around. You don’t have to change though it would be for the best. You can choose whatever destiny you want, but I will not lie to you, smile in your face, join your side, and make you feel as though you are living the right way, just to be your friend. I want to help you. I will not compromise God’s standard of right and wrong because it’s the year 2020, or what have you. The year doesn’t change morality, but sin creeps in slowly, entices our flesh, and when we become its prey, we rationalize the good feelings sin brings us. If you’re living according to the ways of the world (the very same world which tries to tell everyone they are accidents though none is any such thing), then we are living in direct opposition to God.

Greek mythology, Buddhist philosophy, Hinduism, lukewarm semblances of Christianity, and all other “inclusive” and sin-friendly religions are acceptable in our day and age. We can talk about Zeus or Aphrodite without arousing anger, but the moment one mentions the name of Jesus (reverently), social atmospheres often become tense. No one takes anyone else’s name in vain more than they take the LORD God’s name, or that of His son Jesus the Christ and that’s accepted by the same unbelievers who find it detestable to worship Christ for being the Savior He is.

As the Bible predicted, unless a celebrity keeps Jesus “trendy” or “popular” (though He doesn’t care about mundane statuses), Christianity will increasingly become unpopular. It’s a shame that for all the love Jesus has for us, many reject Him to this day, if not explicitly, they do so through their deeds and lifestyles. Followers of Christ should not use profanity or find amusement in sin. They should not use His name in the same sentence as a profane word. I’m sure most of us have heard people gnash their teeth to say something along the lines of “Jesus F’in Christ!”. Any such person should never ever dare to call themselves a “born again believer”. Born again believers pray to become more like Christ and follow in His ways. They pray to be lights in a dark world.

True believers should (obviously) believe the Bible is the unchanging and infallible word of God. They should understand the character of God, and most importantly, He is perfectly righteous, without sin, and cannot lie, unlike human beings (who can and do lie). The Bible contains the most answers to questions related to our existence, the most history, and the most truth about God. It has preserved the most scientifically sound account of our origins with more detail and information than our century and a half’s worth of effort wasted speculating on Evolution and trying to find evidence that never existed! Don’t get me wrong, fossil evidence is not all false, but it should only supplement our understanding of history, not dictate it.

The farther we get from the true and living God, the more the knowledge of our extraordinary origins is stolen from us, and the eviler the world becomes. Scoffers and trolls may be drawn to this post to attack it because that is precisely how we’ve been conditioned to respond to and suppress truths that make us uncomfortable. But for those who will read and take heed, please do so. God is not who most people think He is. He is gentle and loving, yet OUR sin, rebellion, and APATHY are what kindles His wrath.

Though God loves every human being and is gentle by default, He is also a force not to be reckoned with. We will understand just how terrible His wrath can be in the fullness of time and why our (overall) stubborn and unrepenting nature increasingly angered our loving Creator. He was never wrong, but we were, and many remained unremorseful and unwilling to change. If we want to be saved, we must give ourselves over to Him so that He can show us His love before it’s too late! We belong to Him anyway, but He does not want to force us to love Him. That isn’t real love! Compelling the world to accept us isn’t real love. I sincerely hope that someone reading this will take a chance and experience how good our God truly is.