The Missing Link (Part 3)

There’s no coincidence that the increasing frequencies of earthquakes, severe storms, and other natural disasters, along with the wars and rumors of wars which we see today are EXACTLY what the Bible says will happen in the last days. Something sinister is going on, and I promise you, the Bible is the only sacred book that accurately predicted and exposed the significant events that occurred in our past, along with the notable (mostly dark) ones that will happen in the future. The Bible is the only book that has accurately predicted the rise and fall of many nations (showing that God has indeed declared the end from the beginning) and exposed the powers and principalities behind them.

We may know some trustworthy people, but everyone can change for better or worse. Under the right circumstances, people are capable of surprising acts of loyalty or betrayal, honesty or dishonesty, selflessness or selfishness, etc. But there is a standard by which all people will one day be judged. It was imprinted upon our consciences in the day we were born. Society has tried to change it, but deep down, we know the truth. Even when we’ve created a world of moral relativism, which is conditional, situational, and personal goodness, absolute goodness will always outrank it.

Whereas stealing is ALWAYS wrong, one who steals to feed a starving child might be perceived by society as a hero, having done something noble. Whereas lying is ALWAYS wrong, if one lies to save a life, he or she might be perceived as having done something noble. It’s high time we shatter these deliberate misconstructions! Stealing is ALWAYS wrong even if it saves a life! Some things don’t change, no matter what year we are in. Perhaps a good result can be achieved through a wrong (or sinful) deed, but nothing can make the theft itself a righteous act…even in 2020. If the thief had appealed to the compassion of a willing and generous person and (in this manner) obtained food to feed the exemplified starving child, his action would indeed have been much more righteous. If someone spoke a truth that would have cost another person his life, but that same someone exchanged her life to save him (for instance) or exchanged something of value for mercy toward him, her actions would have been a million times more righteous than speaking a lie.

The bottom line is not that anyone is inherently better than others, or that I’ve never lied. Nobody was born “better” or “holier” than another. Some people do indeed become holier than others as they seek God and His righteousness, but none (by nature) is a better make or model than another. God doesn’t make incomplete or defective products the way we humans do, but He does create particular sets of challenges for each person. The “holier than thou” condescending retort is a statement that was specifically constructed and intended to disrupt and even disarm warriors of truth and righteousness. Holy means “set apart”…and though we are IN this world, we’re not supposed to be OF it, and no one can be holy without God, but being holy isn’t a bad thing.

The world is filled with immense beauty, but also soil and lies, and though we live in it. God wants us to see through its lies. He wants us to see past the distractions, stresses, routines, conspiracies, etc. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities.” He wants us to know that!

Moreover, as Christ/God has adopted some, others are possessed (or owned) by the forces of darkness. Most of these possessed souls are “sleeping hostages” who are unaware of the unseen battles between good and evil that are being waged around them. Most do not know that they are bound by greed (the lust of their eyes or more famously translated “the love of money”), which is indeed the root of ALL evil. Many of them consider themselves to be good, and others would agree but how good is good enough when God is the ultimate judge?

One day, all souls will face God’s final judgment without discrimination. He will not be bribed with the things He made. Money? Money is merely paper that comes from trees that grow from the very earth He created! To love money is really to love the material world. For before money was paper, it was gold, salt, rocks, seashells, flesh, and anything else that could be bartered or traded. What can God be bribed by? Exotic cars or jets? Are you kidding? Not only can He travel so much faster than those would allow, but they are made from metals resourced from the very earth that He created! Women? God created human beings (both male and female) after His likeness and beauty!

Whereas the world actively participates in varying scales of sexual immorality, for instance, (micro-economically or individual- level and even macro-economically whereby a growing market demanded a whole sex/sex trafficking industry be created to satisfy it), the beauty God gave to human beings is not supposed to be used to trap others in cycles of progressive destruction caused by unappeasable self-gratification. But we burn in our passions, our greed, and our lusts which lead to fornication, porn addictions, sex addictions, ruthless desires for riches at any cost, etc.). Many think it is okay to continue in the behaviors that lead to heartbreak, depression, divorce, family breakups, etc., but remember…

On judgment day, God will not be tempted nor bribed by anything! And when He judges, He will do so based on His perfect, timeless, and unchanging standard of righteousness, not our perceptions of how “good” we thought we were on earth.