The Missing Link (Part 1)

Missing links exist for every animal said to have evolved. We will never find them. Since childhood, I had been fascinated by PBS specials on Nature and Biology as well as programs broadcast on the National Geographic channel. One day, however, I learned the following truth:

Answers to any origin-related question WILL ALWAYS be inconclusive as long as we look toward everything but God.

We all should mark those words before we waste a life-time, turning our backs on our Creator.

There are missing evolutionary links for every creature, and there is no excuse we can provide for our inability to have found a myriad by now except…they simply don’t exist. Creatures were already created as they were with the ability to adapt within reasonable limits. People who train  their bodies to lift weights tend to grow muscle. Their growth is an adaptive response to their bodies having to handle greater loads. If they train long enough, perhaps they may pass along genetic information that helps their children bulk up faster and more efficiently.

Generations of people who run a lot may pass along genes to help their offspring run more efficiently, which might give their descendants a slight edge in marathons or races. Even so, a human being will NEVER evolve to obtain the legs of an ostrich (which would seem like an excellent enhancement for pure speed…but is not within the adaptable constraints of our genetic coding).

Folks, the fossil record has RECORDED various eras and already proven that every animal discovered was already “locked” in its familiar form, and not something in transition. Why, then, do we waste our time following folly? Only unethical science experiments could create a chimera or other extreme aberration from God’s design.

God created everything to reproduce after its kind. This law was established from the very beginning. If you do not believe me, then ask yourself the following questions:

1.) When and by what intelligence or power did the descendants of the very first evolving cell stop dividing, and (instead) choose to become a vast array of male and female pairs?

2.) How did they coordinate a synchronous evolution towards sexual binarism whereby reproduction would be facilitated by “plugging” into one other? 😉 —if you get my drift.

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