The Missing Link

Missing links exist for every animal said to have evolved. We will never find them. Since childhood, I had been fascinated by PBS specials on Nature and Biology as well as programs broadcast on the National Geographic channel. One day, however, I learned the following truth:

Answers to any origin-related question WILL ALWAYS be inconclusive as long as we look toward everything but God.

We all should mark those words before we waste a life-time turning our backs on our Creator.

There are missing evolutionary links for every creature and there is no excuse we can provide for our inability to have found a myriad by now except…they simply don’t exist. Creatures were already created as they were (with the ability to adapt within reasonable limits. People who train  their bodies to lift weights, for instance, tend to grow muscle. Their growth is an adaptive response to their bodies having to handle greater loads. If they train long enough, perhaps they may pass along genetic information that helps their children bulk up faster and more efficiently.

Generations of people who run a lot may pass along genes to help their offspring run more efficiently, which might give their descendants a slight edge in marathons or races. Even so, a human being will NEVER evolve to obtain the legs of an ostrich (which would seem like an excellent enhancement for pure speed…but is not within the adaptable constraints of our genetic coding).

Folks, the fossil record has RECORDED various eras and already proven that every animal discovered was already “locked” in the form of that animal, and not something in transition. Why, then, do we waste our time following folly? Only unethical science experiments could create a chimera or other extreme abberation from God’s design.

God created everything to reproduce after its kind. This law was established from the very beginning. If you do not believe me, then ask yourself the following questions:

“When and by what intelligence or power did the descendants of the very first evolving cell stop dividing, and (instead) choose to become a vast array of male and female pairs? How did they coordinate a synchronous evolution towards sexually binarism whose reproduction would be facilitated by plugging into one other?” (…if you get my drift)

Would you not agree that it would take an impossible level of random wireless communication just to tell one cluster of evolving cells that they should become male with male-specific sexual organs while the other should be female with female parts that would complement and cooperate with male reproductive organs? Moreover, when did they decide that a bird would NEVER impregnate a cat, nor a dog impregnate a pig; but a tiger, lion, and leopard would be able to crossbreed? This sounds like the doing of a Creator god to me.

Again, the fossil record has no account of evolution (which would be fossil evidence showing the transition of animals). Therefore, where science will never obtain answers, we ought to look to God and LISTEN to the wisdom and recorded accounts of our ancestors. For those with ears to hear (while there is still time), there is no other book like the Bible. It is quite literally the most extensive historical source recorded by our ancestors. While on the surface, it may seem like another religion, the Bible is fundamentally different from EVERY other!

But the Bible is being banned from schools, these days. This is no coincidence as the world is also becoming darker, more selfish, and more cold. The world doesn’t “love more” than it used to although it promotes this propaganda. It has convinced itself that it knows “love” better than preceding generations. However, here’s a fact; these days, people are more likely to record someone getting robbed, or beat up, than to do something about it. The Bible has become a book full of what those with ever softened skin and ever hardened hearts regard as “hate speech”, not because it actually uses profane language, racist, or hateful speech, but because it draws a sharp line around what God (not man) determined to be good and its teachings conflict directly with what our flesh wants us to call “good”.

Greek mythology, Bhuddist philosophy, Hinduism, lukewarm semblences of Christianity, and all other “inclusive” and sin-friendly religions are welcome but real Christianity is rejected. It’s a shame that the book containing the most answers, the most history, and the most truth about God is increasily being rejected in our day and age. It has preserved the most scientifically sound account of our origins with more detail and information than our century and a half’s worth of effort wasted speculating on Evolution and trying to find evidence that never existed! Don’t get me wrong, fossil evidence is not all false, but it should only supplement our understanding of history, not dictate it.

The farther we get from the true and living God, the more the knowledge of our special origins is stolen from us and the more evil the world becomes. Scoffers and trolls may be drawn to this post to attack it because that is precisely how we’ve been conditioned to respond to and suppress truths that make us uncomfortable. But for those who will read and take heed, please do so. God is not who most people think He is. He is gentle and loving, yet OUR sin, rebellion, and APATHY are what kindles His wrath.

Though God loves every human being and is gentle by default, He is a force to reckon with. We will understand just how terrible His wrath can be in the fullness of time and why our patient Creator was increasingly angered by our (overall) stubborn and unepenting nature. He was never wrong. We were and many remained unremorseful and unwilling to change. If we want to be saved, we must give ourselves over to Him so that He can show us His love before it’s too late! We belong to Him anyway, but He does not want to force us to love Him. That isn’t real love. Forcing the world to accept us isn’t real love. I sincerely hope that someone reading this will take a chance and experience how good our God really is.

In other news, all around the world, animals are dying off. People too are dying and disappearing. Most of us don’t understand how serious this is because we’re so distracted by wild goose chases like “finding the missing link” and other tactical diversions. In fact, we have been drugged by those distractions and desensitized to the true suffering of the world and even to our own suffering. The Bible says the whole earth groans and travails because of our sin…not global warming, deforestation, etc. Don’t get me wrong. Our climate is changing, but we have been giving ourselves too much credit for these relatively recent changes.

Fossil fuels alone do not defile the earth. Greed, murder and bloodshed, and the aggregated iniquity of this world has brought and multiplied darkness in it. But saying this to a member of today’s generation or those who believe whatever year we’re in has some influence on our morality may view this as hate speech because it disagrees with how they want to live. Again, love doesn’t force people to accept it. Truth remains true regardless of who accepts it and needs not be forced on anyone. Nevertheless, there’s no coincidence that increasing frequency of earthquakes, severe storms, other natural disasters, wars and rumors of wars are EXACTLY what God said would happen in the last days.

Dear passerby, I implore you to obtain a Bible if you don’t already have one and read it to understand it (not to attack others)! Something sinister is going on and it is the only sacred book that exposes the dark events that have occured and will occur. Do not seek your own salvation apart from the LORD Jesus Christ. For whoever tries to save their lives will lose them, but those who give their lives to Christ the promised Messiah will save their souls!

We may know some trustworthy people, but people can change for better or worse. Under the right circumstances, people are capable of surprising acts of betrayal, dishonesty, selfishness, etc. God is the only sure bet when it comes to protecting our souls. He is the lover of our souls and does not want us to face His perfect judgement. Perfect judgement will not necessarily agree with our perception of how “good” we think we are. “Goodness” to God is based on obedience to Him and perfect judgement will be a righteous assessment based on a perfect standard the way the straightness of a line is evaluated not by opinion, but by an absolutely straight standard such as a ruler.

Even so, God knows we aren’t perfect, but He is! With His help, we can be much better versions of ourselves; but being the best version of one’s self has nothing to do with pride and self-exaltation. The Bible already keeps our egos in check by elevating us in the knowledge that we are fearfully and wonderfully made after the image and likeness of God Most High. Right there, it tells us we have a special and divine origin. However, contrary to the new age misinformation or quite frankly, deception, we are not gods. In some ways, we are as gods (especially “in knowing both good and evil things”), but let us not be deceived into thinking we can redefine what God has already defined. Additionally, the Bible says that every one has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).

What is good is not so much a “feeling” as it is what brings glory and honor to God. Genuine love is good. Loving your neighbor and looking out for him or her is good and makes God happy. Giving to the poor is good. Being humble glorifies God but boasting (even about our good deeds) is bad because we are bringing glory to ourselves and feeding our pride (which we can define as an unhealthy and unrighteous self-love) which is also a gateway to other self-seeking sins. Sex between a married couple is good because it glorifies God who created it to be enjoyed between a wife who was designed to receive and be pleased by what her husband has to offer and a husband who was designed to give and be pleased in the act of giving and sharing himself. Women are not satisfied in a romance when things aren’t provided and men aren’t satisfied when they don’t feel like adequate providers. Take it up with God…it’s how we’re made.

There is more to this dynamic. Women want to be respected as equals and yet they want real men who understand how to lead. While a wife should be encouraged to take leadership at times, there are manners in which her leadership should complement the leadership of her husband and vice versa in order to achieve and maintain harmony within the household. Women who have effeminate husbands and men who have controlling wives tend to not be satisfied with each other for long. Men who seek to control their wives instead of leading with love and consideration will end up hurting their wives and consequently their own selves. Marriages do not work well when God’s will is disregarded.

Many people are deceived to think a loving God should not be righteously strict enough in judgement to send the souls of sinful people to hell, but they’re not heeding His warnings! Though God should not be subject to the will and desire of His creatures, He shows his concern for us by warning us repeatedly (through prophets and prophecies). Therefore, do not be deceived into thinking our incredibly patient and forgiving Heavenly Father will pardon sin committed with reckless abandon on that fateful day. How sad and frightening will the reality be when His perfect record of our every move is used to accept some and reject others sans discrimination. Worldly power, influence, wealth, and all the good deeds we kept score of will not matter if we never committed to getting to know our Creator and His son Jesus the Christ.

Two thousand nineteen years later, almost the two thousand twentieth year, not one person can say that Jesus never existed. Historical accounts, timelines, and our measurement of time are all based in relation to the birth of Christ. Biblical genealogies lead up to Christ and end there and Jesus knew His lineage all the way back to Adam (Eve’s husband). Therefore, no matter how many distractions exist, those who know what year it is are without excuse.

As a whole, people lie all the time, even those who claim to be “religious”. People spread false information, but God cannot lie. That is the one thing He most assuredly CANNOT do…according to the Bible. God is a lot more real than most people think and He loves everyone! Please do not forget that. However, He will return to fix what He created. Those who love Him, and accept Him as their LORD, and savior (and as I understand it, their personal superhero), He knows them each by name (and will acknowledge them when He returns). Furthermore, He will save them from His fair and indiscriminate judgement.

If you do not know Him and you are trying to make sense of this world, question all things FAIRLY, and seek God first. When we don’t do this, we arrive at false conclusions and deny the very Intelligence that put us here on earth. God can and will reveal the reality of Himself to us if we sincerely accept Him into our lives. Ask Him to forgive you with an honest heart and to wash you in His innocent and sinless blood that was shed two thousand years ago. Don’t worry. You’re not bathing in a pool of blood like a psycho. Rather, He knew that the wages of sin is death. This is why we all die but that He would come to break the curse of sin and death.

Prior to Jesus who came as God in the flesh, we had to transfer our guilt and shame to a blameless animal and give it the death sentence we deserved for every count of sin against us. God knew we could never earn our way into eternal life in His presence. Nor could the counts of sin against us be written off without a perfect (complete and sufficient) sacrifice. The imperfect blood of even the purest animals were not enough to cover a multitude of human sins. They were, instead, a prophetic substitute for the sacrifice that would end all others.

This is the folly behind other religions. They assume that good deeds will make their followers worthy to enter a perfect kingdom, but here’s news for you. Those who do not meet a perfect standard will not enter a perfect Kingdom. Once imperfect, always imperfect. Consider the following example. Even if someone could earn a score of 100% on every test they ever took except one. Even if they took thousands of tests, they could only be 99.9% perfect. We could add more 9s, but they could never be perfect. Likewise, it doesn’t matter how good we think we are. All have sinned (even the “best” among us) and we are not worthy to enter the Kingdom of God on our own even if we achieved a so-called “Nirvana”. However, God made a way for us to write off any score lower than 100%. With His help, we could be made perfect.

Put another way, we are not able to withstand His perfect and Holy presence on our own. Therefore, how can we ever dwell with Him? How can we ever behold the splendor of a God whose overflowing power manifests itself as the brightest fire and light which we could never dream of comprehending with blemished minds and impure eyes? If His perfect light is incompatible and even hostile to the smallest ounce of sin and darkness within us, then what hope do we have without His grace and mercy?

He will certainly provide us with more than enough of those if we will only accept Him and seek to draw ever nearer to Him. He blesses those who choose to accept Him and earnestly try to keep His commandments by relying on His strength and guidance. Though life won’t always be easier (per se), believers in the very same Christ who died about 2000 years ago (specifically for our sin), will enjoy their development and the nearness of our Creator. When we give Him the chance He deserves, we always realize that when we were living in spiritual separation from Him, we were missing out on the greatest love that has ever existed! After all, God has loved us with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3) and before He formed us in our mothers’ wombs, He knew us (Jeremiah 1:5).

People often reject God because of a heart which they refuse to admit is broken. Perhaps an abusive relationship tainted their hope of a loving and trustworthy being. Perhaps a tragic loss of someone near and dear to them made them angry with the One who has power over death. Unforgiveness in our hearts can cause us to build walls. Past hurts can make us defensive. Past disappointments can make us unwilling to try something that we feel might be another dead end. Additionally, misperceptions of ourselves and God make us feel as though His laws are standards we can not meet. I’ve got great news for anyone reading this! God is love! Not in the way unbelievers and part-time Christian flip floppers might say it, but He embodies love in many ways such as His patience and gentleness with us (despite His awesome, fear-inducing power), and the sacrifice He made (in dying on a cross) so that we would never have to offer another sacrifice to Him or any false god ever again! We do not have to try and meet a perfect standard on our own. His blood washed all sin so that we don’t have to hit an imagined quota of “good deeds” to try and earn salvation. Remember, we’ll never be good enough on our own, but when we accept Jesus Christ, He makes us better than “good enough” and while we live our lives in this dark world full of lost souls in oblivious need of Him, He keeps us hopeful.

This is why the Bible is different from other religious texts. Though many will not readily admit it, it has indeed become mankind’s missing link to our special past. As a result of rejecting Biblical truth, we have no other ancient record with an equal wealth of information. As a consequence, we misuse and misinterpret evidence, not just mistakening it for proof (evidence is certainly NOT proof), but also, we give it precedence where it should only supplement our understanding. Where there are voids in our knowledge, we fill them with new and redacted speculations. In other words, we simply imagine things. Prehistory, therfore, does not exist except before all of creation, in the day when our all-powerful God existed solo and outside the very time, space, and material world He created.

If you still want to find missing links, then good luck to you. No one will ever find them outside of the Bible. Not only would truly prehistoric links be absent from the fossil records but prehistoric knowledge is a secret that may never be revealed. Either way, whether you’re a believer or not, if you aren’t simply satisfied with the existence of God, it will only lead you to a never ending quest for more imagined answers. Just keep in mind one path makes more sense and leads all who follow it to the truth. 😉

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