Fear the LORD, Love and Obey Him.

The fear of the LORD is The beginning of wisdom, which entails hating evil and loving good. Fearing the LORD also means loving God and obeying Him…NOT the world. I love other people because God created EVERYONE (male and female) in His image, but this world as a whole is corrupt, and I can’t subscribe to its views on morality, justice, virtue, etc., because it picks and chooses its morals and defiles them. It acts as though human beings created virtue. It acts as though apart from God it knows why one thing should be right and another wrong.

This world makes people believe that right and wrong are always a matter of what’s fair for the majority. Unfortunately, we don’t even know what’s even good for us half the time! At one point in relatively recent human history, people thought lobotomies were good. Cocaine was used in Coka Cola because it was euphoric. Furthermore, half a century ago, people thought cigarettes were healthy! The world changes its stance on everything with time, but my God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Amen.

The world changes its stance based on times, and it succumbs to the fleshy and proud hearts of men (human beings). God’s law, however, is timeless and unchanging. People like to opine on Jesus’ character based on Biblical accounts they have heard, or half-read. “Oh Jesus was full of love.”, they’ll say in an effort to “educate” or inform someone who rebukes their sins or lifestyle in the name of Jesus. Indeed Christ was full of love, but love doesn’t accept sin. Love corrects as when a parent teaches a child that certain actions or behaviors can hurt them down the line if they don’t stop doing them (or repent).

Jesus Christ was indeed loving but also displayed righteous anger. He wasn’t afraid to flip tables if He had to…and when Christ returns, He will turn over the tables on every person who loves sin, wickedness, and death. He came to die for this world so that EVERYONE (who would believe in Him and turn from their selfish, fleshy, sinful ways) would be saved from the wrath of God. When He returns, however, He will not come to willingly give His life a second time. He will return in the fullness of His immeasurable power. For those who wish to war with God, the world’s ammo fired at once will not even be enough to scratch God.

For those who know that Jesus shares oneness with the Almighty LORD of Hosts if you’ve ever said something to this effect…”God was wrathful in the Old Testament, but so loving in the New…”, you missed the point. God was always loving. He is the manifestation of a love you and I cannot fathom nor live up to. God showed mercy throughout the Old Testament as well, but unlike a parent who fails to hold their children accountable, God follows through EVERY single time.

When Christ died, He died to save human souls. He did so because He knew we couldn’t live perfect lives in our current, fallen condition. He did this to give us a big chance. When He returns, He will do so with a vengeance upon the Devil, Powers, Principalities, Demons, and wicked souls who have all allied themselves with the forces of darkness to corrupt and destroy His creation (which includes you). Therefore, do not take part in the ways of darkness. Instead, walk in His light; walk in His consistent and predictable path.

The LORD’s way is straight but narrow. You can only walk along His path is you fix your eyes upon Him. When Jesus returns, He will punish according to the covenants God made with man and bless according to the same. He will show Himself to be the very same consistent God He has always been. Fear the LORD. His ways lead to life and victory. In the Old Testament, the tribes of Israel consistently succeeded in all they did when they followed Him. However, calamity always came when they drifted away and followed the ways of the world (its idolatry and immorality). Fearing God, hating evil, loving good, and obeying God’s law does not lead to destruction.

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