Nobody is Going to Heaven

Nobody is going to Heaven and if you were ever told this, you were lied to. Many people think after death, those who are “saved” will go to Heaven. This is the result of a common misinterpretation of scripture.

Jesus said in John 14:3 that He would prepare a place for us so that where He is, there we might also be. We know Christ ascended into the Heavens. We should also know Christ was not just a teacher, a prophet, or just the begotten son of God, but also God Himself. Confused? Do not be. John Chapter 1 explains the relationship between God and Jesus from the very first verse…and if it’s still hard to fathom, don’t sweat it. We were never intended to fully understand God, but rest assured Jesus (more accurately Yashua) is God who saves [from “Yah” – which is a prefix for God and “shuah” – which has to do with salvation].

Jesus isn’t done with salvation. His death on the cross made it possible for humankind to spiritually approach our Heavenly Father. That was one step. There will be other times where Yahweh (a.k.a the great “I am”) assumes the identity of Yashuah (the identity “I Am savior”, or “God saves”) or as we more commonly know Him, “Jesus” (the Christ). For instance, after the prophesied rapture, the world will see the second coming of Christ. Then, we will experience 1000 years under perfect government while Satan, his angels, all powers, principalities, and demons, are locked away. At the end of the thousand year reign of Christ, Satan will be released one last time.

During this time, many, who have missed money, fame, power, sex, violence, and a false sense of freedom will side with a “god” who offers the possessions they dream of. After committing, God will once more rescue those who love rightrousness and then impose His final judgement.

As you see, salvation is both instant (upon the acceptance of Christ as our Lord and savior) and an ongoing process as we work out our salvation and God who began a good work in us continues to perfect it. Regardless, salvation does not entail that Heaven will ever become our dwelling place. So why did Jesus tell us that in His Father’s house were many mansions? Why did He tell us in John 14:3 He was going to prepare a place for us so that we could be where He is? Why did He ascend to be where He is and lead many to think we will also join Him there?

Jesus ascended to prepare a place for those who put their trust in Him. That place is currently in Heaven, but it will not stay there. Instead, it will be brought down to earth. This place is referred to as “the New Jerusalem” which will be lowered from Heaven and for one thousand years, Christ will show the world what His leadership is like. During that time, Satan and all of His demonic followers will be locked away while mankind enjoys peace and security, purity, virtue, and fellowship with God…but nobody is going to Heaven.

After Satan is released one last time to tempt the world, those who reject Christ will go to a place that was never intended for mankind, but was always intended to imprison evil. As for this earth, it will be completely destroyed and replaced with a new earth. So once again, who is going to Heaven? Will any human being who has ever lived get to dwell there?

Not a chance based on what we can glean from proper interpretation of scripture. Not one. Heaven on earth is a more accurate description of what we should expect when this world has seen its last day.

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