Does the Bible Encourage Slavery and Male Dominance?

Fact #1: Slave owners used a modified Bible to keep their slaves imprisoned. The “Slave Bible” had entire passages, chapters, and even books missing from it so that literate slave might only read the parts that would keep them enslaved.

Fact #2: The Bible has been misinterpreted many times by both men and women to suggest that God does not favor women. This is untrue. God is no respecter of persons. (cf. Acts 10:34-35)

For those of you who are just now learning about this, welcome to part of the truth. There are a lot of ways people have shown the evil in their hearts…and we all have a seed of evil in ours. If you don’t, then good for you. You don’t need Christ because you’re every bit as good as the son of God.

While many people of African are strong believers in God, there are also many who refuse to accept the Bible as truth because they believe it to be a white man’s book. This is false. It is also not a man’s book. There is a reason THAT particular book is the center of conflict. It’s NOT because it’s a collection of books that support slavery. It has been misused by racists, misogynists, imperialists, and those who the Bible would call workers of iniquity.

Many people have false ideas when it comes to the Bible, simply because they witnessed the misinterpretation of the Holy scriptures and even hypocrisy among those who claimed to be believers. Certain women and men who harken to are angered when the Bible is brought up. They feel it is a collection of books about male dominance. Scripture has been used against women. Most women to whom this applies couldn’t give me a single example of how the Buble empowers women (and it’s sad) because most Christian men know can give more examples of how the Bible empowers women than those who claimed to have read through it and decided it was a book that celebrates masculinity.

Let’s make something absolutely clear. The Bible is not a collection of books intended to to encourage hate. In fact, it teaches true love in many passages (too many to count). Nevertheless, it has been used and even made to seem as a book that incites hate. While we’re tuned in, let me explain a few things.

#1) The Bible was written by Hebrews (who were dark skinned) and a people who were much closer spiritually to God than any spiritualist today can ever claim to be. You can’t be more spiritual in this day and age with all the heavy distractions of work, technology, …etc. To even consider yourself spiritual is a confession that you are more than just a body with a brain that’s evolved to make all your decisions.

#2) Times have changed and people have. Modern Jews look different from ancient Hebrews, which makes many black people wonder if the Bible has ever included them. Modern Jews are part of the 12 tribes of Israel (Israel, who was first a curly haired and relatively dark skinned guy named Jacob before he reproduced to became a father of many Nations). Israel today is different from Biblical Israel. The Jews who get mainstream attention are the lighter skinned variants living in that country. There are also Jews who live in places like Ethiopia, who have never been to Israel, but have kept their way of life since Biblical times.

3) You’re living in a false reality. I’m glad this video shocks you. It shouldn’t, but you won’t wake up from the illusions you live in until you’ve been shocked enough by its evils and horrors. To this day, things that relate to the Bible are being corrupted to keep people distracted. For instance, the Hebrew calendar, a complex, but effective one was replaced by the Gregorian calendar (which led us to forget our special holidays and feasts). It seems like a small thing to change how people observe the passage of time, but think about it. First our months were replaced and our chronology was thrown off balance. Then we forgot our celebrations and adopted other holidays. We joined a new world whose citizens are kept disoriented because the enemy of our souls does not want us to reconnect with God. So don’t just row your boat down the same stream the vast majority of people are on. Wake up! It’s time to realize that something sinister has been happening under our noses since before we were born.

I remember as a kid, there was an African country called Zaire. Try to find that country on the map today. It’s not there. The name has changed! Most millenials wouldn’t know that because history can be rewritten in time for a new generation to be clueless about certain things. The Bible speaks about many places whose names have changed throughout history. One such place is Ethiopia, mentioned many more times in the Bible than you probably were aware, often under the names Midian, or Cush (which, like Zaire, existed on ancient maps). Much of history has changed to destroy the trail that would help us connect to our past.

Some slaves who read the Bible learned about the LORD. Some loved the LORD, but learned to fear their masters as they feared the LORD and without doubt, their experience of the LORD’s goodness was negatively affected by trauma.

On the other hand, many slaves did not give the Bible a chance because it had been misrepresented. I believe many women are traumatized by how it has been used as well, but I’m here to tell you that the Bible never encourages you to be powerless. The Bible does not want black men to ever feel inferior to a white man. The Bible does not want women to feel inferior to men. The Bible wants us to recognize that God’s original plans for us were to shine brightly on earth as His created image. The B in blue says “In the image of God He created them (human beings), male and female, He created them.”

If the Bible only wanted to elevate men, it would suggest that only we were created in God’s image, but this isn’t so. There are many more examples I can give you, but it’s time to wrap this up. Rest assured, I will post more insightful blogs to help us better understand the Bible and its message to the world.

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