Our Underlying Problem is Sin

In light of the mass shootings that have taken place in recent weeks, months, years, and decades, my heart goes out to every family affected. But once we get past the moments of silence, it’s time to embark on the quest for truth. The underlying problem is not surface level mental illness. It is SIN!

Times have changed and humans have become increasingly desensitized, a bit less loving, and a bit more morally bankrupt (collectively). I guarantee the immediate response to mass shootings, race based killings, and unmerited violence will always be laced with fear and distrust which has only increased within us.

We find ourselves in these perpetual, recycled, and rebranded wars like the one on terror, wars that are truly spiritual in nature. However, the spirit of hate isn’t killed when a hateful person kills many, then takes her or his life. It doesn’t die when its host is killed or isolated from society. That spirit merely spreads to others. It has no physical form or body that can be attacked or arrested. The spirit of greed doesn’t stop when a glutton dies. The spirit of jealousy doesn’t die when envious people do, nor does the spirit of deceit when a habitual liar dies.

Our wars should be against sin. Behind the scenes the war on sin is fought upon the knees of prayerful and humble warriors. That’s a war fought against the spirits that dare to influence this world. The powers and principalities that rule. The very same which even non-believers refer to as “the powers that be”. Most people don’t care to see the truth because they prefer to deal with what they can see. They only perceive and believe with their eyes. Family, many of us have been seeing symptoms and our eyes remain fixated on those symptoms. Many among us regard the symptom as the problem when the problem is in fact much deeper.

I know the answer I share is unpopular. Notwithstanding this, “unpopular” answers should not be withheld when they’re true and need to be heard by everyone (self included). I strike an increasing lot as one without common sense when I touch upon these sensitve topics. For other topics, I’m often considered highly intelligent. This concept baffles me, but I’ve begun to gladly accept it.

I admit to knowing very little about anything at all, and virtually nothing of the grand scheme (which God knows fully). There is no shame in this confession, only abject humility regarding my own understanding. Anything less would undermine God and I refuse to be arrogant like those who deny God because they hate His ways. God is God. He should not be conformed to fit our ways, we should change and conform to His.

Human beings may be intelligent in our own ways, but we all should beware of the “Common sense”. There are times when it is (in fact) the better sense and times when it isn’t; for you see, it doesn’t have to be right…only popular (hence “common”).

Those who not only share with me the perspective that humankind is sinful, but boldly stand by it are increasingly rejected. We are considered weirdos, zealots, and even idiots, by those who favor more TV channels, more products, music, games, and distractions. All we do is speak an unwelcomed truth. People wish to understand the invisible drama at work, the battle among spirits, powers, and principalities, but when they realize the subject will take a “religious” tone, they stiffen up and become dismissive. They’re not ready for the real truth. We need only one channel for occasions like this. “God radio” (the spirit frequency).

I’ve told you these things, not to be annoying, negative, or intentionally controversial, but because everyone should prepare. The frightening truth is the Bible predicted all of this and its prophecies are very accurate…even when false prophets would make many think otherwise. Trust me, even the false prophets were predicted.

I tell you these things because even though one might still dream of better lives on earth as I still seek a better life for my family, this world will end at an unknown date. If you have F.O.M.O. (the fear of missing out), you should be afraid to miss out on a relationship with God. If you have FOMO, you already miss out on thousands of choices every second, so why not give up the sinful habits that take us no where good. Our ultimate hope lies in Jesus Christ’s free gift of salvation. He died so we wouldn’t have to be addicted to the pleasures and sins of the world.

While we were yet sinners, walking in darkness, Christ, knowing our natures and tendencies, our wicked thoughts, lusts, greed, jealousies, and insecurities…etc., died for us. Jesus, who history acknowledges as a real man was the son of God, prophesied in the scriptures that now constitute the “The Old Testament”. Throughout His life, He performed countless miracles, documented even in non-biblical sources.

The greatest act that He performed was the laying of His mortal life. God had chosen to manifest Himself as a mortal man so that the wages of sin would be recompensed upon one man. The wages of sin is death. Christ died so that we could all have a more abundant and fulfilling life and more life after this one. Therefore those who say “YOLO!” (You only live once” are wrong. For those who are “born again” in Christ shall live forever.

Please prepare for God. He’s so REAL, both beautiful and terrifying, loving yet stern…the perfect parent, one who gives authority, but ultimately possesses all of it. The breath you’ve taken and released isn’t even yours. It is by His grace that your next heartbeat has come. While we are alive and free to make choices, let’s make the right ones. God allows us freedom, but He will not allow anyone with the seed of darkness, who doesn’t seek His salvation to make it past this stage.

Would you like to know the difference between one who commits a heinous act and you? Only life experiences, choices, and grace. Some might argue genetic predisposition, and mental illness are to blame, but they’re seeing symptoms. They may even be perceiving the symptoms of symptoms just as a sore throat may be a symptom of excessive coughing which in turn is also a symptom of an underlying illness, but it isn’t the ultimate cause.

What if we could examine the life of the criminal with unbiased eyes (unaffected by anger, fear, trauma…etc.)? We might find that many deplorable people might have wrestled with anger from verbal and physical abuse, beem the victim of bullying, harassment, rejection, etc. There is always a cause and ultimately sin is at the heart of all wickedness.

The Bible is different from EVERY other collection of religious texts. It has a stronger focus on history than any other, and it is scientific. It does not agree with many scientific theories, but all science that has been proven true is supported by the Bible and also supports the Bible. I highly encourage everyone to read it, not so they can scoff at it, or say they’ve read it, but to try to find understanding and obtain wisdom.

The capacity for a human being to manifest evil is not surprising. While his or her actions might shock and traumatize, the Bible speaks of our capacity to act on evil urges. There is virtually no sin the Bible does not mention and condemn. So prepare yourself with its wisdom. The underlying problem is not mental illness, or predispositions. Those are merely symptoms of the problem of sin.

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