Your Move

Has anyone noticed that God waits on us? Yes…almost like a waiter in a restaurant. He has an assortment of blessings in store for us, but we must place the order and even before that, we must be in the right spiritual state to place the order. David recognized this when he said in Psalm 23…”The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…” and everything leading up to and including “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies”, “You annoint my head with oil”, and “My cup runs over”. God wants us to discover and experience Him. He will gladly show us favor with blessings even in the midst of our haters. However, it’s high time we discovered that the first move is ours to make.

You see, God has already made moves ahead of us, so we can never truly make the original first move. Even so, He has given us the ability to initiate our encounters with Him. The LORD is not insecure. He knows some people will love Him and others will despise Him. Those are two of many possibilities that free will allows. Therefore, God is not downcast by rejection because He knows that He is awesome!

Whenever He has revealed Himself in the past, knees have bowed; for it is difficult to refute that the LORD is God in His glorious presence. When He returns again, it will be like times before. Every…single…knee…will bow. Every individual will understand that whether or not they served Him, He was still their God, their maker, and their superior. Until then, alhough He is our God, He was the first example that leaders can also serve. When He came in the form of Christ, He washed feet. He made breakfast. He multiplied loaves of bread and fish to feed a multitude. That same God waits for us to pray so that He can say “Yes” and “Amen” when we are in covenant with Him.

That’s powerful! What other deity is mindful of human beings and ever ready to say “So shall it be because I love you and you have kept covenant with me”? None. Still, we must remember the first move is ours to make. It’s up to us to believe, ask, seek, and knock. He knows that if He appears to the world every knee will indeed bow. One does not have to like Him to know that He is God.

Still, the LORD will not appear to us simply because we want Him to especially if it is outside of His perfect plan. He is an observer in that sense; the greatest scientist, having been fully aware of the Hawthorne effect (whereby individuals modify aspects of their behavior when they know they are being observed) even before we knew what to call it. He can not and will not be baited into revealing the fullness of His glory until the appointed time…because while He’s “away” or so it seems, we will be our truest selves.

Would we really choose God whole heartedly if He appeared majestically to us? Do all the young women who fawn over famous rock stars really love them? God wants us to seek Him in spirit and truth…not based on externally visible qualities but based on the qualities that make us better even if we don’t always agree with them. For instance, when God holds us accountable, He wants to bring us to a higher standard. It’s our move to get there. Will we commit and seek His strength to get there or will we be complacent with thoughts like “I’m good enough” or even “I’m not good enough and never will be so I’ll just stay where I am”.

When we draw nearer to God (the first move), He draws nearer to us (the second move). He wants us to take initiative. Therefore, it’s up to us.

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