The Immortal Cell Conjecture

What if we had only one mortal cell in our bodies and 99.9% of our cells were immortal? Would we die? Not a chance! We would only have to wait for that one cell and all its descendants to die and the immortal cells would take over and sustain our existence forever.

Now let’s suppose that only 50% of our cells were immortal, would we die? Not likely. After all, our mortal cells can only self divide a certain number of times with little to no defects or copy errors before they eventually die. After dying, the mortal cells would leave the sustenance of our existence to our immortal cells.

At this time, let’s introduce a more extreme scenario. What if only one of our cells was immortal and the rest were mortal. Would we die? Perhaps…or maybe not. This is the mystery which we can call the Immortal Cell Conjecture because the conclusions are based off of incomplete information. Unfirtunately, an actual experiment is currently impossible. We do not have access to immortal cells, but we do have access to the power of critical thinking.

One immortal cell could theoretically make us immortal if it were given enough time to reproduce and replace dying and defective cells before the body died. So why does this matter?

Once we better understand the possible implications of one immortal cell inhabiting the body of a human being, we can also better understand what happened to Adam in the garden of Eden. By Adam, I do mean the earth, Adam (the man), Adam and Eve (the romantic couple), and mankind; for the name Adam means all of those. Furthermore, the earth, the man, the couple, and the entirety of mankind is affected by mortality.

After God created Adam, He placed him in the only garden which existed at the time. There were no other places like Eden in which fully grown trees and flowers existed. For God had only planted seeds and caused a mist to water the ground until man was available to till the soil. God gave Adam freedom to eat from any tree in the garden; any tree of his choosing, as often as he wanted. Only one tree was off limits; the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil.

God created Adam (which first meant earth) and extracted Eve from him. Thus “Male and female created He them, and blessed them, and called their name Adam in the day they were created.” (Genesis 5:2). Adam, however, was the one who named his wife’s Eve (which would mean “Mother of all living humans”). From there, they multiplied and Adam’s name also came to mean man and mankind.

When death entered the world, it had to affect every single cell in Adam. If one cell remained immortal, Adam may have remained immortal or even had an immortal child (if his spermatozoa for instance, had remained immortal). God could not allow that to happen especially after He forewarned Adam of the consequences for disobedience. The LORD was thorough in His punishment. Therefore, mortality was introduced to this world on a cellular level and this is why not one living thing is immortal.

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