Faltering Between Opinions

God is a God of order. In the first book of Corinthians, the 14th chapter, and 33rd verse, we see that “God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.” In other words, God does not create chaos. This is not to say that He is incapable of creating chaos or causing confusion. He has done it in the past like when He confused the builders of the Tower of Babel, but even then, order still came out of the temporary confusion. Today, we have more than 6000 beautiful spoken languages—languages that are structured.  Languages are certainly not chaotic. In fact, they enable people (and even animals to exchange organized ideas and thoughts).

God creates order,  but chaos inevitably forms in His absence. If we consider the fact that nothing existed before God and everything else in existence today was ultimately created by Him, then we should know that apart from Him, nothing can exist. David spoke well in Psalm 54:4 when he said “the LORD is the sustainer of my soul”. David understood that God sustains our being.

So why do we falter between opinions? Either God is or isn’t! If we believe He is real, then we need to pursue Him. Psalms 78:23 says “The nearness of God is my good”. To be in Him is to have life and hope. Separating ourselves from Him leads to despair, self destruction, and doom.

Psalm 1 gives us an insight into two possible ways of living. One way is godly, and the other, ungodly. In verses 3 through 6, we learn that a godly person is as a fruitful tree planted by rivers of living water while the ungodly is like a chaff blown by wind. One is rooted and planted in the truth of God, and the identity He has given them; the other is not and does not submit to His law, meditate upon Him, and commit to obeying Him. Rather, the ungodly person listens to the world, (what others are doing, what others say is right, natural, healthy, morally correct, acceptable, and true).

Let’s stop faltering. Let’s stop wavering. If we are with God, then we are pro righteousness, pro-peace, pro-love, pro-order. If we are with the world, we are pro-sin (under the guise of “freedom”), pro-division (under the guise of factional “unity”), pro-instability (under the guys of “keeping an open mind”). Let’s always remember that we are in the world but not of it which means we are supposed to enjoy it and experience God’s grace, mercies, and love everyday. Even so, we are not supposed to get lost in sin. In fact, we should stand solidly upon our faith in Him.

In 1 Kings  18:21, Elijah came unto all the people of Israel who were living their carefree sinful lives and said, “How long do you falter between two opinions? if the LORD is God, follow him…”

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