My Top Four Reasons to Believe in God

The Evidence

Every intricate system has a maker. God is the creator of this world. The universe did not create itself. Therefore, the Big Bang Theory does not have any part in Creation. If no one else will stand against this lie, then may the LORD give me strength to do so and reestablish the boundaries that ought to be. For He alone made all things and the evidence is all around us. A woman’s body can reproduce another human being after her likeness and that of her mate. Our existence is only made possible by this marvelous system which randomness could not have organized, nor billions of years allowed. Moreover, the collective intelligence of the world’s leading minds, combined with the help of advanced artificial intelligence could never produce a complex consciousness like myself from scratch. Yet miraculously, my parents reproduced me from their already prepared genetic material using a process programmed into their gametes–and by whom?

The language of DNA is found in every living creature. It is the programming language that the LORD God used for all life. He is the creator and coder of our reality. Therefore, He made our very existence possible.

The Logic

How can any reasoning mind refute the simple philosophy that anything in existence (besides an all powerful and infinite God) had to be have been made? We know that nothing pops into existence without rhyme, reason, or purpose. Therefore, in order to accept theories such as the Big Bang theory (emphasis on that very word), we have to make an exception to this fundamental principle. For when have we ever witnessed something appear out of nowhere let alone the tiniest—yet unfathomably intricate units of life, cells?

If God does not exist, then who created that famous first cell which appeared out of nowhere, somehow fully formed, programmed, and capable of reproducing during it’s short lifespan? Who made its food to fuel its existence? How did randomness determine the structure of the proteins contained in its food? Some might be tempted to say “the Universe” to mask the cognitive benightedness, but the simple truth is nothing makes itself. Perhaps some non-believers are apt to accredit the universe with creation because the universe does not care about sin. Therefore, they will have no accountability to the universe for the hearts they choose to break (through fornication). The universe will not judge man for his wickedness, greed, and egomania.

Many people want the Universe to be their God, but our feelings won’t change the fact that the God who made the Heavens and the earth is the only deity in existence. Our feelings do not change the fact that He is perfectly righteous, holy, and powerful. If we choose to believe in a cosmic bang that randomly brought a single cell into being, then who told its offspring to stop self dividing when they became larger creatures. Who helped them find mates of the same kind to have sex with in the vastness of this earth before they died? Who set the laws of reproduction such that only creatures of the same kind could interbreed? A chaotic universe should have allowed different kinds of creatures to intermingle. After all, if we give credence to the Theory of Evolution, we must believe that nature is still trying to optimize her designs …right? So why not allow humans to mate with fish? Perhaps before making space our final frontier, we would be able to colonize the seas.

Surely there is a God who ensured that there would always be a modicum of structure and order in this realm. He ensured that certain boundaries would exist no matter how much the mind of sinful man wished to abolish them. It is for this reason that same sex unions, for instance, are unfruitful. Partners in such unions who desire children must either adopt a child produced by the natural order or hack the natural order by obtaining a missing ingredient (a sperm or egg).

It is very logical for God to exist because without sinful man, this world is orderly. Observe the seasons and the behaviors of animals throughout the year. Observe how the world is still sustained by the obedience of the ants, bees, birds,…etc. Though the earth travails on account of man’s presence and his sin, much of the original order has stood the test of time to reveal the hand of God.

World Suffering

It is man’s lusts, and his tendency to evade accountability which has debased the earth. It began with the lust of the forbidden fruit. Eve ate then Adam followed. When God confronted them, they both shirked away from responsibility.

“…the man said, “The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I ate.” And the Lord God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?” The woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.” – Genesis 3:1

Adam blamed both God and Eve. Eve blamed the serpent who had tricked her.

To this day, our lusts drive every evil behavior imaginable. We lust for money, clothing and accessories, cars, people, houses, the latest phones etc., and the quicker we can get them, the better for us. Often we’re willing to do this even at someone else’s expense. We are so besotted with sin that at best, we like to imagine our actions do not affect anyone. At worst, we don’t care.

Allow me to go off on a slight tangent and talk about an event that occurred a few days before I wrote this blog. I was working at my ‘day job’ in the rental car business and an unreasonably demanding client stopped by–you know, the type who says “I’m not trying to be difficult”, when everything they do contradicts what they said. She had reserved a minivan and though we could not guarantee makes, models, nor features, she insisted on getting one with heated seats. Granted as customers, we want the best value we can get for our buck, she did not seem to understand how to politely ask for what she wanted. She did not treat any member of my team with respect. Instead, she felt as though yelling at the very people who were trying their best to provide her with a good rental experience was the appropriate course of action in order for her to get what she wanted. Needless to say my team and I took great care of her, but it never ceases to amaze me how even grown-ups will still throw fits in order to get something which often, in the grand scheme of things, is insignificant.For many of us it doesn’t matter how we treat others as long as we get what we want. Sadly, the customer I told you about is a much milder example of how egocentric we can be.

We need Him

Life is better with Him. Though many may beg to differ, time will reveal how desperately the world needs the LORD. Mankind is becoming increasingly depraved as he continues to redraw boundaries that should not be crossed and redefines what should be considered ethical and moral. This, of course, is to his own detriment, for God already established what is moral and what is not. Any violation of God’s laws or even the entertainment of such a thought constitutes sin and the wages of sin is death. It is important to believe in God because through His son Jesus the Christ, we have our only hope of salvation from the infinite death that is due us, but God is not a LORD of oppression. He desires to free us from spiritual bondage. He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for us and overcome the grave so that we could have new life in Him. Many of us may not realize or want to confess how imprisoned we are by our sexual addictions, fornication, homosexuality, greed, or even the mindset that we may have if we were ever victimized. But God wants to free us from all of these and if ever we trespassed against another person, He also wants to free us from the guilt of our trespasses. If, however, we pretend we do not need Him, then we become like the man or woman who says he or she does not need the other. Such a person may be more likely to end up alone. Men and women were created for each other and human beings were created for God.

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