My Vision for 2019

  • To walk boldly in faith
  • To inspire others to seek God
  • To more actively reach out to others inside and outside of my church for mentorship and fellowship. (To be mentored and to mentor)…”Iron sharpens Iron”
  • To release a paperback version of “The Serpent’s Lie” by January 31st…it is currently available as an ebook on,, and the Google Play store. In order to make it a paperback, however, I will just need to acquire an ISBN.
  • To release the sequel to “The Serpent’s Lie” this summer (it’s already in progress and near completion)
  • Soul Haven shall make BIG moves in 2019, but I certainly cannot do it without God and you! I endeavor to become the beacon of light that our Heavenly Father has called me to be. You have also been called to shine your light. Let’s shine together everyone!

Please note this blog may be subject to change as milestones are reached or new ideas are developed.

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