My Prayer for the New Year!

Eternal God, Creator of space, matter, and time, you are AMAZING! Often times, your greatness compels us to find the most poetic words we can, but when we can’t find them, simple expressions of gratitude suffice. So we thank you Lord and bless your name. Somehow the little we do sincerely is enough in moments like these.

Father, you carried us safely from one year to the next, ensuring our victory over every circumstance we encountered. You loved us more than we could ever love you, and long ago you even paid a price we can never repay. Last year was tough, but you were faithful as always. Because of your grace, our hopes and dreams travel with us into a brand new year.

We believe that new blessings await us in 2019. Let your Holy Spirit dwell among those who yearn for it. Let this page help others find comfort and growth oh God. Lord, I pray that you do not suffer our feet to be moved, that you empower, and embolden us in 2019. Let us experience your goodness in a tremendous way in the mighty and precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Happy New Year Everyone!! 🙂

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