The Fundaments of Faith

As a person who grew up in the Christian faith, it may seem typical that I remained in it. Most people who grew up in a certain faith will retain their beliefs as adults. However, my story is not a typical one. In fact, when we look closely, every Christian journey is distinct. It is for this reason that we share testimonies. So here’s mine made brief:

During my early childhood, my parents placed a heavy emphasis on regular church attendance and devotions at home. For those who may not know, devotions are voluntary time dedicated to worship, prayer, and Bible study. As I entered into adolescence, I watched my parents split after 23 years of marriage. That was rough. I was only 12. For years, I struggled to make sense of a lot of things like my changing physiology and developing sexuality, what would happen next in my family, and what ideologies made most sense to me.

During college, I began to drift even more from the path that I knew was right. I sinned and fell short many times. Though I still attended church, I was making poor relationship choices with women. I was listening to the world and it cost me dearly. As a result of one particular soultie that I should not have made outside of marriage, I went from being a strong academic performer to failing almost every class for two semesters after she and I had broken up.

The Obscured Truth

I arrived at a point where I doubted God and His existence after a number of things had spiraled out of my control. By then, I had acquired knowledge that competed for my faith. Eversince, it has taken years to sift through the many lies I learned over the years–but–when I finally rediscovered the truth, about two years ago, my spirit instantly recognized it like never before. This is my testimony made brief so that you can understand just how the LORD prepared me to share my faith with others.

Quite frankly, there are a whole lot of distractions in this world. In fact, there are so many that the truth has become as a needle in a haystack. Most people are either in school or at work for much of the day leaving little time to meditate upon their origins and purpose, the nature of reality, and God. They get home and the television beckons their attention with its regularly scheduled programming. Viewers tune in and get their daily dose of visual gratification . While they watch, a phenomenon occurs called “the willfull suspension of disbelief” whereby viewers let their guards down and are distracted from learning more about God and themselves.

The Unchangeable Reality

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth to quote Genesis 1:1. He is ultimately la raison d’etre—the reason we exist. He made us wonderfully in His image. Unfortunately, there are influential entities (powers and principalities) that fight for our souls through lies and misguidance. Some people are knowingly influenced by them while the vast majority do not know. Do you think you’re here by accident? Do you in your heart of hearts truly believe “the Universe” could make something, anything (a car, a computer, a book with meaningful words, a living creature, etc.) appear out of nowhere? Yet this is one of the false teachings we learn from youth. It was mixed in with truth like wood pulp in cheese. Listen closely…EVERY complete and functional system has a maker every last one. Just as an abandoned building or even a lost wallet was made by someone, so too were you. Deep down, we all know (based on our countless observations). Builders make buildings, engineers make machines, artists make art, etc.

Since the book of Genesis was too simple for the first theoretical scientists, they must have felt intelligent people need big words and concepts to make sense of the world. It’s not enough for them to know they can walk, for instance, or eat. No. Each thing must be overanalyzed. After spending so much time with formulas and equations, some of them forget the joy of tasting a delicious meal and instead consider the force with which they must bite down to overcome the surface tension of a carrot. Their inability to simplify their equations has led them into endless systems of false discoveries and ongoing wild goose chases. They worship their pursuit of intelligence and run from self-evident truths. It’sincredble how many accolades have been awarded for inconclusive, unfinished work, many of which have later been disproven or redacted! That’s outrageous!

Biased Thinking

If we refuse to entertain the notion, that God originally created everything, then our refusal indicates a bias. Theorists in their folly try to persuade others of Godless origins. In fact they may counter that my unwillingness to entertain their folly is biased also, but it isn’t. Furthermore, even if it were, none of us have ever witnessed something make itself. So a “bias” in favor of God makes sense.

I love science and believe in it when it is based on true, observable, testable, and reliable observations. However, most theoretical scientists refuse to believe in God even when His involvement has been true, observable, testable, and reliable. Instead, they impose their rebellious ideas upon young, susceptible minds, teaching them to think outside the box of creationism and within the marble of insanity and reimagined realities. Free. . your. .mind.

Use of the Senses

If the eyes are the windows to the soul—and the forces of good and evil compete for that soul—then what we see can either be useful for learning or dangerous for the mind. With that said, distractions surround us, most of which attack the eyes first, followed by our other senses. For instance, television programs and generational music records capture the hearts and souls of young audiences, while video games, social environments, and social influencers help shape their thought processes. I am not saying these things are all bad, but that we must be careful. In this age of sensory and informational overload many have been conditioned to see past the truth.

Oh How the Misguided Misguide…

Some of the “greatest minds” presume to understand the rudiments of an event that allegedly occurred billions of years ago…but what is the basis of their understanding? The probabilities they fabricate…I mean calculate?! When has anyone ever observed a simple object appear out of nowhere (a ball, a sheet of paper, a hat…etc)? Never! Yet they dare to speculate that a complex, fully formed, and fully programmed cell appeared in the unfathomably distant past. We don’t have to be accredited scholars to know that mathematical probability can only be accurately derived from observed possibility. Since it is i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e   for even a crumpled piece of paper to appear out of nowhere without a causal agent let alone a fully formed cell, then the probability of it occurring in the future, or having occured in the past is absolute zero.

With that said, Genesis, is indeed the most accurate account of cosmic origin though subjects like “Evolutionary Biology” and “Theoretical Astrophysics” endeavor to push Godless creation stories upon susceptible minds. While creation myths may bear similarity to the first book of the Bible, it should be noted that they are counterfeits. Genesis is the only creation account that can be backed by real science and forensics. It is also the one account that begins the traceable geneologies of real people. Sadly, however, it’s hard to see this truth when we have been conditioned to look past it.

If the first book of the Bible is made to look false and full of contradictions, then less people will believe it. If those who believe it are mocked, then less people will be willing to join the laughing stock. This strategy has worked, but the bold still stand firm upon the truth. Moreover, knowing the truth liberates us!

A Call to Arm the Spirit

This walk is not for the faint of heart. It is for the bold. It is for those who seek wisdom, truth, and spiritual power. It is for those who want to escape their sensual reality and discover their individual purposes. What if believers would dare to prove the Bible’s validity whenever they could? What if they would introduce reality based critical thinking to their Biblical studies and teachings to help others see the consistency of the Bible as opposed to perceived contradictions in the Bible? Believe our efforts would encourage people to see beyond distraction  and misdirection? As a Christian writer who enjoys the clarity the LORD provides every time I ask for wisdom, I would love to see others learn and grow by asking the right questions with the right mindset. Come, let’sreason together. The Bible is one enormous collection of truths interspersed with riddles designed to make us acknowledge our limited understanding, recognize the holes in our thinking, and humbly seek the wisdom we lack. When the fundaments of our faith are firmly established, the nature of reality and the truth of God will become ever more clear to us.

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