Learning to Trust the LORD

It’s a tough thing to do, releasing the reigns, and letting God take over. It takes faith and counter-intuition. Our instincts  tell us that things only happen when we make them happen. It’s what we’ve seen our whole lives. Most things will not change when we want them to unless we cause them to. Several days ago, I came across the following scripture: 

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding…” -Proverbs 3:5

It wasn’t the first time I had read it, only the first time I saw it in the following light:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on y…o…u…

When we lean on ourselves, we are leaning on what our knowledge tells us. It’s not a bad thing to refer to memories and intelligence, but it is a bad thing when we are too afraid to step out in faith because of what we expect to happen. When Jesus walked on water toward His disciples who were in their boat, all but one knew they could   n o t   meet him upon the waters. Therefore, all but one remained on the vessel. It was Peter who boldly set foot upon the waters. At first, his faith supported him on the liquid surface for several feet. With the Christ in view, he knew he could do this. In that moment, his faith was greater than the combined faith of his eleven other companions…but when he looked away from Jesus, he was reminded of the impossibility of the feat. He was reminded of how things really should go. In that moment, he began to lean on his own understanding! Immediately, his body which had briefly defied natural laws resumed its obedience to them and he sank.

Peter cried out and Jesus rescued him without delay and asked him why he had doubted. Many fail to see God’s emotional intent in its full and glorious context. God was not admonishing Peter per se. We often forget that Christ is the visible image of the invisible God who also happens to be our Father. Peter, as a developing soul, needed to hear that question from Christ because it was actually encouragement. Jesus was telling him that he was doing so well. 

The Christian walk should be about the development of our souls and the foundation of that walk is faith. If we believe there’s no point, then there is no point. If we don’t believe Jesus Christ died for us and we were saved by His blood, then we aren’t saved. Now if we do believe there’s a point to all this, that we’re saved, and we’re sons and daughters of the Most High, then we should have faith in His promises and His power. 

When we believe in the LORD God Almighty, things begin to change. Things we thought were impossible become possible. Expectations we thought were not able to be met can be exceeded, but our understanding of how things should work in the natural world can be our biggest obstacle. Trust in the LORD and lean not on y…o…u… for His ways are higher than ours, but if we acknowledge Him in all our  ways (by our actions, in our speech…etc), He  w i l l    direct our paths.





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